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5 Ways to Customise Your Wedding Invitations

Personalisation is a big trend right now in the wedding world – particularly where invitations are concerned. Brides want their wedding invitations to scream individuality. This can be difficult to come by when many cards come pre-printed or in limited designs even when custom ordering them. There are some great, easy ways to personalise your wedding invitations, though, no matter whether you order custom designs or pick up a box of invitations at a retail store.

Sending a Message in a Bottle
For a unique wedding invitation, try sending your information in bottles. You can get small bottles for just a little money at crafts stores and create beautiful invitations with them. Simply write your information on pieces of paper that will fit into the bottle when rolled up, add a little sand or some faux pearls inside the bottle, replace the cork, and ship in a box that will cushion is properly. This can be done for the same cost as custom invitations – often even less.

Digital Age Needlework
Embroidery is a nice detail that can be worked into wedding invitations. You don’t have to take the days upon days it would cost you to do this by hand, though. Look for heavy, cardstock-like paper and use a modern sewing machine that has an embroidery function. If you want to go all out and embroider all of the information on the card, the sky is the limit. If you need to save some time, simply print up the rest of the information on the card and embroider only the names of the couple marrying at the top and perhaps a nice, clean border. This is perfect for a wedding with a traditional or old-fashioned theme.

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Let Out Your Inner Artist
Draw something, if you happen to have a bit of artistic talent. Whether you want to make your own invitations from scratch or have them pre-printed, drawing a little something on each one is a great way to put your own touch on them. It doesn’t have to be something complicated, fancy, or time-consuming. Just quickly sketch something in the corner or on the back of the invites for your guests to find when they open it up. This can be anything from a caricature of the recipient to something that you love or that goes along with your wedding theme.

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Giving Your Guests a Little Surprise
If you have ordered plain invitations through a printing company, you don’t have to forego personalisation. One wonderful way to personalise pre-printed invitations is by using glitter and confetti. No, not the sand-like flakes that stick to everything and hang around your house for months. Shaped glitter and confetti can be found in hundreds of varieties now. You can choose something that is generically wedding-related, such as silver wedding bells or tiny brides and grooms, or confetti that is related to your wedding’s theme, whether your theme is anything from tropical or Wizard of Oz. Whatever you do, don’t glue it, though. Simply sprinkle a bit in the envelope with the invitation so that its recipient receives a cute surprise.

Samantha is a creative designer and part time printing assistant specialising in printing Sydney and surrounding areas. One of their specialties is custom wedding invitations, with some great designs available for your special day.

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  1. We made our own pocket style lace detail invitation but love your ideas on sharing Wedding Invitations tips these should be a very helpful too. :-)Thank you so much…

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