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Wedding Reception Lighting Ideas


Standard lighting or uniform candle light throughout the room are common lighting practices. However, there are many options for highlighting certain objects or using colored lighting. Couples can get creative with lighting for the reception. The lighting should enhance the celebration. These wedding reception lighting ideas may provide inspiration for how to use lighting to improve the reception atmosphere.

Light can be used to draw attention to particular objects at the reception such as the wedding cake. Consider what areas of the reception venue that should be brighter than other areas. Lighting above the guest tables might be focused on the centerpiece. The wedding party table might be lit to be brighter than some other areas of the room.

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Colored lighting is popular for wedding receptions. A color wash is the use of colored light throughout the room. For example, a blue color wash with candlelight on tables can create a cool, romantic environment. Keep in mind how color affects people. While many may find blue light to be relaxing, a red or orange color wash may be too intense for some guests. Green light tends to be less than flattering. A soft rose color wash may be ideal for dinner.

Unusual types of lights can add personality and flair to the room. Some couples have used a collection of mismatched lighting to add flair to the wedding reception decor. Various lights hung as an intentional collection of lights can make a unique chandelier. Paper lanterns in the wedding colors can be used to add color accents to the room.

Lighting can be incorporated into the centerpieces. Candlelight is romantic and traditional for centerpieces. Other options are available if the couple wishes to have a less traditional approach to wedding reception decor. A fun centerpiece is a glass vase filled with clear marbles and battery powered LED lights. The lights can be clear or colored to match the wedding reception decor.

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Hanging candles over the tables can be used as creative centerpieces. Alone or with flowers, the hanging candles can be a great way to have elaborate centerpieces without taking up table space. For long tables, the candles can be hung along the length of the center of the tables.

Many people use string lights for receptions. Some couples may shy away from using string lights since they have been used so often. It is true that they may not be viewed as purely innovative due to their common use. However, string lights can still be used to create romantic lighting. One couple made a canopy of string lights for an outdoor wedding. The small lights resembled a starry sky. String lights can be wrapped around forms or chandeliers for a new look. String with colored bulbs can create a unique effect.

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Gobos are stencils that are put over lights to cast an design. Wedding motifs are popular gobos for wedding reception lighting. For more ideas on how to create the perfect wedding reception, browse the Best for Bride blog.

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  1. These are all great ideas. I like using candlelight because it adds a nice ambiance to the event!

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