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Wedding Favours to Please Wedding Guests

Wedding favours are gifts couples give away share their happiness and good luck with their wedding guests. Although these are the least details in the wedding planning, these wedding tokens should be selected thoughtfully to give their recipients much pleasure.

Should You Get Expensive Items?

Expensive does not always mean it is the best; unless you are having a million dollar wedding, guests will expect something pricey and custom made and they do no expect that you entirely copy celebrity weddings. But there is no reason why you can’t give away nice wedding favors to thank your guests for celebrating your wedding. So should you get expensive items? Yes if you can afford it and no if you are on a shoestring budget.

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There should be no stopping you from buying expensive items. If you can give away Italian coffee presses for 25 guests, why not? This will surely make them happy and they will actually keep and use this. So it is not a waste of money, right? But if you have 300 guests, the idea won’t work. Stick to your budget and choose items your wedding guests can enjoy and use.

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Get into the Groove of the Wedding Theme

Reinforcing the wedding theme in the wedding favours, keeps you focused in the choice of items to give to your guests. Whether it is a spring or summer wedding, a fairy tale or a beach wedding, there are practical favours to choose from a wide range of selections.

Guests appreciate unique wedding favours they can display on their bric-a-brac shelves. Giving them something that would look pretty on a shelf will definitely bowl them over. For a summer-themed wedding, giving away felt butterfly ring candle holders or miniature wooden bird houses gives your wedding summer theme a big boost.

If you are having a spring wedding, botanical garden votive candle holders, floating orchid candle holders or attractive flower card holders are practical favours to use and to cherish. Autumn theme weddings and winter weddings have their set of wedding giveaways from adorable bottle stoppers to key chains. Just focus on your wedding theme and the items that would please your guests.

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Where to Shop

Instead of wasting your time looking around for your wedding tokens/favours, your bridal store can supply everything you need form wedding cakes, wedding getaways to wedding favours. Shopping for your wedding needs in one shop, takes off a lot of stress off the wedding preparations because you deal with only one provider and you can work together to synchronize activities for your pre and post wedding details.

You can also browse the internet for more ideas for items you want to give your wedding guests. Shopping online makes it easier to compare prices and most often suppliers are ready to give discounts on bulk purchases. Local stores also have websites, so check them out. You might catch a promo and freebies on certain days. You can also visit the stores to inspect the items first hand before finalizing your order.

Thank your wedding guests with wedding favours to please them. It’s your wedding and you want it to be a well-remembered event. Choose the items that are practical or decorative. Either way, they have great uses.

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