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You must consider these Fun Wedding Ideas

Weddings do not have to be boring; there are a number of fun wedding ideas that could be incorporated in order to make sure that everyone will have a good time.

Weddings in order to be fun has to be able to involve the guests, there should be an event or activity that people can enjoy.

1. Consider hiring a tribal-ethnic band to do a performance during the wedding.

The wedding could be a bit more fun, if there is something exotic and something new that people can dance with. World music performers can provide some much needed entertainment for wedding guests especially for those who are bored.

World Music is very convincing and persuasive and organic music can engage people to interact.

2. Include a poetry reading collaboration during the wedding.

Have some poet friends prepare poetry, or ask them to create a 3 sentence poetry that they can read for the bride and the groom. Have them read their work together with a guitar or saxophone accompaniment to add creativity and joy to the wedding.

3. Enlist your grandparents to become flower girls


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This will make the wedding event fun, memorable and interesting and will add a good comic twist that will provide comedic relief to guests. This can make guests feel comfortable and have something to talk about with each other.

4. Allow the guest to give a song request that they would like to hear on the RSVP wedding invite.


5. Hire a food truck or snack bar for late night activities

This will help the guests feel more comfortable, the food truck can serve coffee, waffles or hotdogs as well as hot soup for those who intend to stay longer.



6. Provide your own beer bar

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Guest are going to love beer bar, if you can manage with the budget you can also offer cocktails and other liquor that guests are going to appreciate.

7.  The bridesmaids could be asked to wear different color for their dress instead of matching ones. The wedding event will look more festive this way.


8. Instead of using a traditional bouquet of flowers, you can use pine tree seedlings as the bouquet. The bride can keep it and plant it and will be a memorable piece for the wedding.

9. Decorate the bathrooms with childhood photos of the bride and the groom. This will make people smile for a moment and this will add an interesting accent to the entire wedding.


10. Put crayons or colorful chalk at the children’s table. Give them a space where they can express themselves. This will make the children creative and this will divert their attention and cause them to feel happy even while attending an adult event.

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This will make the guest feel comfortable in the wedding area.


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  1. Wow, how fun it is! I Love my grandparents so much and gonna reach them if they are willing to be part of my wed as our flower girl LOL this is Amazing. We will have a simple garden wedding in our backyard and also will try to apply some of these ideas. Thanks Xoxo

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