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How to choose accessories to complete your wedding look By Medge Ross from letmetrendchicevent

Weddings are among the most important ceremonies. Adorning yourself in a cohesive and complete manner is one of the indicators of how special you consider the occasion. Several tips for brides can be helpful when choosing accessories to complete their bridal look.

Consider the Gown Color

To achieve a complete bridal look using accessories, one must first consider the color of their gown. Brides have different color choices but most go for white. Therefore, the accessories must be selected depending on the gown color preferred. Even when the choice is a white gown, there are different shades of the color, which may result in a change of the accessories selected. For instance, a pure white bridal gown should result in the selection of jewelry with silver plating and cooler tones. However, for those going for cream or warmer ivory color, accessories with gold or rose gold will be effective in creating a complete bridal look.



The accessories will also depend on the neckline of the dress. Some brides go for strapless dresses. If this is the case, one should select matching necklaces and earring set. The choice also provides an opportunity to be creative as one can select either gentle drop earrings or studs. However, one should select either the earring or necklace to the statement as combining both may result in one looking cluttered and overbearing. Even for gowns with a neckline, there are variations that may result in changes in the way they are accessorized. For instance, those with narrow V-neck, high neck, and thick straps, calls for one to avoid large statement necklaces .

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Selecting additional accessories

Most brides focus on the necklaces, earrings, and hair when selecting accessories. However, there are additional accessories that one can select to instill a level of personality in the gown. For example, one can add a belt or sash to depending on the desired look such as emphasizing the curves. This case, one can choose a traditional sash or metallic belt with a careful section of the sizes since thin belts are perfect for those with a short torso while wide belts suit those with a long torso. However, when choosing the additional accessories, one should stick to the rules by avoiding extras that will overpower the gown.

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The hair is another important indicator, particularly of the jewelry that one should wear. Small studs are perfect when leaving your hair down with a statement necklace complimenting to create a perfect look. However, shiny long earrings can also be selected to sparkle in the tresses when one does not want to wear a statement necklace. Even as this is the case, statement earrings are perfect for up-dos. Consequently, for hair that is held up, dramatic accessories such as chandelier danglers will still be perfect. An important consideration is that one should avoid choosing accessories that mimic the embellishment on the dress in an effort to match them.

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Veil choice

The veil also contributes to the attainment of the complete look when selected to complement the bridal gown. The fabric of gown should be the indicator of the kind of veil to wear. For instance, a satin gown combines with a satin edge veil will create the desired look while a veil having scattered crystal will be suitable for a sparkly gown. The combination of laces on the gown and veil should also be considered to ensure one strikes the right balance (MacCarthy). Matching the laces on the veil and gown can create a complete enough look. However, heavy laces on the veil and gown may overpower the bride.

Minimize the accessories

Accessories are essential components for the bride to achieve the complete look. However, be careful not to overdo them. Therefore, after selecting the gown, one should determine the standout features then work to have accessories that complete them, particularly for the embellished dresses. The selected veil, tiara, belt or sash, necklace or earring should not overpower the features of the gown. Therefore, pieces that create a clutter should be minimized or let out altogether.

While these tips are essential to creating a complete bridal look, the bride should remember she is at the center of all these. Consequently, the quest for the bling should not overpower the need to emphasize her personality.

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Article written by Medge Ross @letmetrendchicevent. Medge is the founder of personal stylist specialist for special occasion and wedding. Get more fashion or wedding solutions at

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  1. I am going to be having a neckline that would be simple and since my dress has a racer back or a halter type look, the neckline is going to be sexy!

    1. I feel the same way. I love that look and there is no need to add any accessory to the neckline at that point.

  2. Great tips! I really needed this. the planning part of my wedding was starting to get to me.

  3. With so much neckline, typically, I would think that having a nice necklace or accessory is a great idea to fill the space.

  4. It was recommended to me to have a personal stylist for my wedding planning and such. Is that really something I should worry about?

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