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Planning a Destination Wedding


A destination wedding can be fun and exciting. However, it can also be a stressful adventure. If you are planning a destination wedding in the future, it is best to use the following tips throughout the planning process. They can help make the entire planning process simple and stress free.

Think about your Guest List

It is likely that with a destination wedding that you will have a fairly short guest list in mind. Most people will not be able to afford to travel to a wedding unless it is the wedding of a close loved one. You should keep this in mind when planning your wedding and when you consider using certain people during the ceremony.

Keep it Simple


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Remember that you will be traveling to your wedding rather than having everything brought to you. This means that you will be responsible for getting the dresses to the right location as well as setting up the decorations when you arrive. Since the day of the wedding is likely to be stressful enough as it is, you may want to consider toning it down a bit in the decoration department.

Plan Ahead

With any destination wedding, it is important that you plan ahead. You will need to know all the details regarding when to arrive and what to expect when you get there. If you are planning an impromptu wedding on the beach, make sure that you choose a location where you will know that you will have the space necessary to have the wedding ceremony performed.

Consider a joint wedding

If you have a friend who is also considering a destination wedding, it could be fun to join together in the planning process and have your weddings on the same day. This can be a fun way to share your weddings together and will help you both save some money in the process. You will be able to share the costs of the weddings and will be able to reuse the decorations that you have chosen.

Consider a Cruise


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A cruise is also a great way to have a destination wedding. They are very affordable and can be a great way to celebrate your honeymoon as well. Cruise weddings have shown to be a family friendly option for those who are looking for something different from a traditional wedding.


A destination wedding can be just as beautiful as any traditional wedding as long as you plan a bit in advance. You can have a formal wedding or something simple, just as you would back at home. While many people choose to have a simple wedding, there is no reason that a destination wedding can’t be a lavish affair as well. However, you should keep in mind that it will take a great deal of planning if you do go this route.

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3 thoughts on “Planning a Destination Wedding

  1. I feel so blessed reading this. Its saved some stress. The best advice I ever read about planning a destination wedding.

  2. I have never figured out how people can get these types of wedding planned from start to finish. So much planning must be done, THEN nothing can go wrong when you are at your destination. Very stressful to me.

  3. I think a destination wedding is one that is hardest to plan. These are good tips, but you really have to plan for the things that “might” happen.

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