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Top 5 Luxury Hen Weekends

Luxury Hen Weekends


Barcelona has the unique mix of culture, beauty, food and a great nightlife. It is the perfect place to visit for a hen weekend. You can start off during the day seeing the sights such as ‘La Sagrada Familia’, the various example of Gaudi architecture, the Olympic stadium and take a trip on the cable car high above the city. There is a huge choice of restaurants and bars for the evening from traditional Spanish Tapas to Italian and Chinese. At night the club called ‘Razzmatazz’ is must; it is one of the premier clubs in Europe and is easily accessed via the city underground train system.

Spa Weekend

If you prefer a more relaxed and chilled out luxury hen weekends then a spa break will definitely suit you more. Why not visit a 5* hotel in the countryside and sample some of the best spa treatments available from aromatherapy to mud baths and body wraps. At night you can go for a nice meal followed by some drinks and leave your weekend feeling more refreshed that when you arrived.

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Llama Trekking

For an unusual weekend why not try Llama trekking! Yes I being perfectly serious llama trekking is a legitimate hen weekend activity. Unfortunately you don’t get to actually ride them though, you strap bags to the llamas and walk alongside them whilst enjoying an alcoholic beverage or five. It would certainly be an unusual story to tell the children but certainly isn’t for people who enjoy a relaxing weekend.

Cocktail Making

The perfect way of mixing an enjoyable activity with lots of alcohol is cocktail making. Almost any bar worth their salt will have an event like this on if you give them a call. It is lots of fun and the perfect way for you to learn how to make your favourite whether it be a Mojito or a Manhattan. You’ll probably come away from it wanting to buy your own spirits a cocktail shaker to do them at home.

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Murder Mystery Weekend

A murder mystery weekend is perhaps the most exciting of all the ideas so long as you make sure it is at a good hotel. In Stratford-upon-Avon there in an excellent hotel next to where Shakespeare was born which really pushes the boat out when it comes to murder mystery weekends, they hire the best actors and have great storylines which you really get involved with. Accommodation and a nice big 4 course meal is all included in the price with plenty of time during the day to do your own thing.

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