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Summer Beauty Tips For Brides

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Getting married in the hot summer months may require some special beauty tips and tricks – staying fresh and beautiful in your bridal  gown will be easier when you use the right makeup and hair products.

When temperatures climb, it can be difficult to control the effects of humidity – and humidity is known to wreak havoc by melting makeup and creating frizz that ruins wedding hairstyles. However, there’s no need to panic – there are plenty of clever ways to avoid the detrimental effects of summer heat and humidity. Here are some practical ideas to try:

Makeup Tips For Hot Weather

Use A Primer

Adding another layer to your basic foundation may sound counterproductive, but a great primer can smooth your skin and keep your makeup looking great when the temperature climbs. Makeup primers are designed to extend the life of your foundation by giving your complexion a matte, oil-free finish. One of the most popular makeup primers is Smashbox Photo Finish.  These sorts of primers can make your skin look better in your wedding videos and photos – pores will look smaller, and makeup will adhere to the primer, giving your whole look better staying power.

You may also want to look into grabbing some Stila eyeshadow primer designed for the eyelids – if you’re planning on wearing eyeshadow, this product can keep it from smudging.

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Go Waterproof

Waterproof mascara is a no-brainer with a pristine white wedding dress and wedding veil – after all, many brides tear up as they say their vows. However, there is more to waterproof makeup than simply a coat of long-lasting mascara. You can also find waterproof (or water-resistant) eye shadows, eyeliners, and lipsticks.

Long-wearing cosmetics, such as Cover Girl’s affordable Outlast lipcolor (it comes with a glossy sealant to combat dryness) will require less touch-ups. One perfect wedding shade of Outlast lipstick is Moonlit Mauve, a cool, rosy pinkish-purple…

Gel blush or powder blush will also be better choices than cream blushes, which tend to smear in the heat. A light dusting of bronzer or peachy blush will warm the skin and add a little glow, without being too heavy or chalky for summertime.

Keep It Minimalist

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If you use primer properly, you can do a light, natural makeup that flatters your wedding dress, without worrying about makeup meltdown. In general, you can’t go wrong with gently flushed cheeks, rosy lips, and lightly defined eyes.

Classic wedding makeup shouldn’t be too glittery or shimmery – sparkly makeup can actually make you look older, as it calls attention to fine lines. Keep it classic and don’t overdo it – take some test shots with your camera (in different types of lighting) to gauge your results.

Don’t load on translucent powder – instead, use blotting papers to kill shine – Sephora Collection Matte Blotting Film will work well.

Haircare Tips

Battling humidity can be an issue for many women as they deal with their hair in the hot summer months. When it comes to wedding blowouts or up-dos, humidity can spoil the entire effect. If you want a perfect result, you may need the help of a professional stylist.In general, they will give you the sort of blowout that looks smooth and shiny for hours. However, getting the same results on your own is possible.

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If you’re doing your own hair, it may be easier to work with your hair’s own natural texture. Highlight your look with beach-y waves or tousled, romantic curls. Naturally straight hair can get a boost with a little light teasing at the crown. Here are a couple of products that work wonders:

  • Joico Humidity Blocker – This moisture-rich finishing spray acts as a barrier between your hair and the environment. This hairspray can be ideal last touch as you prepare to put on your white wedding dress, veil, or tiara.
  • Fekkai Advanced Brilliant Glossing Conditioner – Encapsulated olive oil is the secret of this conditioner’s humidity-fighting power. Designed to give you a sleek, shiny look that is soft to the touch, this conditioner will help you fight the effects of drying summer sun and frizz-creating humidity.

If you’re still searching for wedding dresses and wedding accessories at a bridal shop, consider your hot-weather makeup and hair as part of your overall look. Plan out some potential hair and makeup looks that will work with a variety of bridal gowns. Also, think about just how hot it’s going to be on your wedding day – will you be inside or outside (or both) ? Choose a wedding dress that offers comfort, as well as style. If you’re looking for wedding dresses in Toronto, you’re in luck – Best For Bride is right there to help you coordinate a stunning summer look for your wedding day.

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