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Five alternative wedding dress ideas

alternative wedding dress ideas

Wedding dresses are the most important element of any wedding for a bride. From a young age young girls dream about their fairytale dress, but this fairytale dress can differ from one bride to the next. In recent years there has been an emerging trend for brides to pick out alternative dresses to fit in with a specific “theme”. Alternative wedding dresses don’t just look great but they can also be much more cost effective for brides. To give you some inspiration for your alternative simple wedding dress here are five inspiring ideas.


Steampunk is a relatively underground subculture that seems to thrive among the gaming and sci-fi community. Steampunk incorporates the fashion elements of the Victorian industrial revolution with modern day fashion to give a distinguished quirky look. Many weddings with a steampunk theme have taken place recently, resulting in many dress designers using the subculture as inspiration. Steampunk wedding dresses are average priced in relation to the regular wedding dress, with dress prices starting at $900. Why not try it, after all, even in the darkness there is beauty.


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Vintage fashion has become incredibly popular in mainstream fashion over recent years, with the likes of Alexa Chung and Kate Moss heading a rise in demand for vintage. With this rise in demand for vintage there has also been a rise in demand for vintage wedding dresses, with companies popping up selling vintage dresses exclusively.  Vintage dresses can be sourced from around the world and are normally adapted to make them perfect for you. If you are looking for wedding dresses at affordable prices vintage is the best way to go, prices start at £400 but prices will start to fluctuate if you start looking at designer.

Goth Style

The gothic subculture was founded in the late 1970’s and still lives strong today. The fashion incorporates a dark colours, pale make up and extravagant dress codes. Gothic wedding dresses don’t necessarily have to appeal to the “Goth”, the dresses look elegant, sexy and give a different feel to your bridal outfit. Gothic clothing adds a touch of mystique to alternative wedding dress options. Embrace intricate lace details and corsets for a unique and alluring bridal look that transcends traditional norms. Gothic wedding dresses can come in a variation of colours including deep red, black and scarlet, the dresses tend to have a Victorian inspired look and really will wow your wedding guests and groom.

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The medieval dress is probably the most outlandish wedding dress suggestion on the list. It may sound a bit “fancy dress” but these dresses really can look stunning in the right setting. Medieval dress colours consist of opulent gold’s, greens and reds that are on stunning silks and laces that make for truly stunning dresses. Medieval style dresses are perfect for those castle based venues, making your wedding a true, fairytale wedding.

Homemade wedding dresses

Homemade wedding dresses are a great way to save money and maintain full control of your wedding dress design. Many brides won’t be able to produce such a quality piece that a professional wedding dress designer could, but at the same time can’t afford their prices. With this in mind, why not consider buying a pre owned wedding dress that you can tweak and customise to make it special to you. A homemade wedding dress will live on in the memory of you and your guests, plus it will always hold that extra sentimental value.

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  1. This is helpful thanks. I want my wedding keep it simple a wedding gown intricate lace can give almost anything a vintage touch. Vintage them also for the venue I want my big day some old-fashioned flair. Just sharing thanks 🙂

  2. Nice ideas and advice, so professional thank you, thank you for this post. I would not be afraid to stand up for myself to the tailor/seamstress though.

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