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Your wedding invitation checklist

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You have endless options to choose from when creating your wedding invitation. While you can be creative with words and make a remarkable invitation that allows your guests a sneak peek into what to expect, it is also necessary that it conveys all the essential information about your wedding. After all, this card is their go-to reference for everything related to the wedding; and you have to do it right.

To make things easy, we have created this checklist to help you make sure you haven’t left out any necessary details that your guests may seek.

Focus on the Four W’s

The basic idea of any invitation is to answer the four questions – Who, What, When and Where. Before you set off choosing stationery or making an impact with words, ensure that you explicitly answer all four of these questions, and the major portion of your invitation checklist is already covered!

Who: It is a good idea to start your invitation with the names of who is hosting the wedding (either your names or your parents names). Include the last names of both bride and groom in the card, so the guests clearly know whose wedding they’ve been invited to.

What: Next, inform them that the event is a “wedding,” using your choice of words.

When: To answer this question, cite the day, date and time of the event. You should either use a.m / p.m or in the morning / evening, to avoid any possible confusion.

Where: Provide the complete address of the location, including name of venue and street address, so your guests have no trouble locating it even when they are from out-of-town. You can add a location map as an insert, but since this can get lost it is ideal to have the address in the body of the invitation itself. If both the wedding and the reception are at the same venue, you can use a single invitation. Else, a separate card for each event, which clearly lists the specific venue address would be the sensible approach.

Guide to the Type of Ceremony

Specifying this will allow your guests to know whether they are to attend a formal ceremony in a house of worship, or an informal one. Leave no scope for confusion on whether they are invited to the wedding ceremony, or only to the reception. It also helps if you indicate whether it is a black-tie event or a casual ceremony, so they can dress appropriately.

Reply Request

It is a good idea to encourage your guests to confirm attendance, by clearly asking them on your invitation card. For this, include an R.S.V.P line on the lower left corner of the card, with the correspondence address, email or phone number cited clearly. Specify the month and date by which they should respond, so you have time to plan the rest of the arrangements.

Once you’ve accounted for all these details in your wedding invitation, enjoy selecting fancy stationery and spurning words to create a charming invitation. Best for Bride is your one-stop destination for the perfect selection of invitation cards to help you with this. Visit us to find invitation cards, and everything else you need for your wedding.

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Tips to look great in your wedding pictures

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Once your wedding day is over, it is the wedding photographs that will help you remember your lifetime event. These photos will be viewed again and again, not just by you, but by friends, relatives and even the next generations. You have to look great in the pictures, and making sure you do is not just the responsibility of the photographer, but yours too.

These tips will help you make sure that you photograph well on your wedding day. Check them out.

Relax and remember that you needn’t smile in all the pictures

With hundreds of clicks during the course of a single day, it is unlikely that you will be able to smile naturally through all of them. If there is one thing that spoils a picture, it is an unnatural smile. With jaws and cheeks hurting from smiling, you are bound to end up with a limp smile shortly. It is good if you realize this and do not attempt to keep at it. So, what do you do? Be happy, and let your joy radiate to your eyes. Your happiness is bound to be captured, even without the smile.

Make-up appropriately

The effect of your make-up may look very different when captured on camera. This is especially true if you use bronzer or spray tan. Make sure that you select your makeup appropriately, so you do not end up looking orange or yellow in the pictures. Check out old pictures of when you were in the same makeup and dress for your wedding accordingly.

Be yourself to look your best

Although you may be tempted to put on a Hollywood pose, or fake a smile in the hope of getting a great photograph, remember that you will only love the ones in which you look yourself. Breathe easy, relax your face and look natural; it will turn out great.

Mind your posture

The hectic pace of everything happening around you will cause tension to build up in your shoulders and back over the course of the day. You may find yourself stooping, shrinking or slouching as exhaustion gets to you. Remember that this will be visible in the pictures too. So, focus on your posture always. Pull your stomach in, keep your shoulders taut and chest forward. Relax when you feel tired, but take a deep breath and pull yourself up when it is time to shoot.

Experiment with different locations and times of the day

Make sure you have your pictures taken at various locations, and that you have your bridal photos shot in the day and the evening. You will then have a number of pictures to choose from, and you may even be pleasantly surprised to find some of them better than you anticipated.

While you are busy capturing the biggest event in your life, don’t forget to enjoy the experience. Looking fantastic on your wedding day will help you look fabulous in your wedding photos too. We, at BestforBride can help you choose the wedding gown that will do this for you. Visit us online to see our extensive collection of wedding gowns, and also for valuable wedding advice.

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Latest bridesmaids dress trends that are worth a look

Your bridesmaids are not only your best girlfriends, they are also a crucial part of your wedding décor. Hence, their dress selection is a very important factor in your wedding. Make a wise choice and not only will your bridesmaids be happy about being a big part of your wedding day, your wedding décor will also be fresh and inspiring. Here we look at three noteworthy trends that can provide a refreshing look to your bridal party.

Off-the-shoulder neckline

This look has been a favorite on the runway this year. The neckline flatters almost every body type. Whether you choose a short dress or a long gown featuring an off-the-shoulder neckline for your bridesmaids, it will be sexy, sophisticated and stylish. A pretty dress like the Angelina Faccenda 20453 from the Mori Lee Collection, with a ruched bodice and embellishments on the straps, will have your bridesmaids eagerly looking forward to dressing up for your big day.


Ruffles on a gown add extra feminine appeal to the dress and the wearer. Whether you want ruffles in the neck details, throughout the bodice, or only in the skirt, there are no dearth of choices. Ruffles make a dress exciting and fun, by adding extra texture. You can have your ladies in full-bodied ruffle skirts, short frocks with ruffles in the bodice or just a layer of ruffles appearing somewhere along the neckline, to create a statement. Take a look at this super stylish ruffled dress from the Mori Lee Bridesmaids Fall 2014 collection. Don’t you think it will pep up your wedding day with both color and style?


There was a time when embellishments were restricted to wedding gowns, and bridesmaids dresses always looked the same. This is no longer the story. Today, embellished gowns for bridesmaids bring sparkle and shine to your wedding venue. You do not have to go over the top and find a dress that is decorated all over; a few subtle sparkling details can make all the difference between a boring dress and a fantastic one. Look at this stunning bridesmaid dress from the Mori Lee Spring 2015 collection. It brings together two of the trends we discussed. An off-the-shoulder neckline gives way to a ruched bodice, and the finishing touches of this spectacular dress are added by the perfect accessory, a scintillating waistband.

When your bridesmaids are entirely different from each other in looks, build and personality, satisfying all of them may be difficult. This is when you should consider going for diverse designs, tied together by a single element. This could be the color or design of the gown. A clever idea is to go with multi-way dresses that are versatile enough to allow your girls to wear it in the way that suits their body shape. This way they would all look different, yet the same!

Best for Bride has a vast collection with bridesmaids dresses of all types to choose from. Create an impact on your wedding day with unique bridesmaids dresses from our large collection.

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Tips for Planning an Amazing Winter Wedding

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Spring and summer have always been the traditional wedding seasons. While this may be the popular choice for obvious reasons, there is something special and endearing about getting married in winter. The dropping temperatures and snowy landscape of this season create a splendid fairytale feel, making it perfect for a romantic wedding. If you are one of those daring couples who wish to embrace the beauty of winter and get married amidst the magic of snow and ice, here are some tips to make your winter wedding amazing.

The benefits of planning a winter wedding

The best part of a winter wedding is that you will face fewer hassles when booking the venue. It is also likely that this will extend to the caterers, photographers and band on the date you desire, as you wouldn’t have to compete for dates during this season.

Take advantage of the seasonal elements

winterwonderaThe winter scene is fresh and captivating. You can work this natural factor into your wedding décor. Although it may not be practical to have your party outdoors, you can find a venue that overlooks a wintry landscape to add to your décor. While it isn’t necessary to go with the natural winter wonderland palette of white, gold and silver, you can always embrace the natural esthetics and elements of this season. Consider using bold colors; say red, navy or purple, to create a spectacular setting against the white backdrop.

Make use of snowflakes, pine cones, icicles, snowmen and similar winter-themed decorative elements in your wedding invitations, centerpieces, party décor and favors. Dress up your venue with a roaring fire, plenty of candles and lush, soft textured textiles and you will have a warm and cozy setting.

Dressing up as a gorgeous winter bride with a fantastic entourage

Winter is the time to bring on layered gowns, long sleeved dresses, heavy fabrics, fur capes and perhaps experiment with a color beside traditional white. Choose a dress whose hemline grazes the ground, and it will keep you warm. If you have an outdoor ceremony, it is wise to avoid a long train that will be dragged through wet ground. Decide on appropriate footwear that will keep you comfortable in the cold, should you have to be outside even for a short while.

For yourself, as well as your bridesmaids, you can choose dresses in heavy fabrics like satin, crepe and velvet. How about adding a coat or gloves to your attire? This way, you can keep it on or take it off, based on your comfort. There are no hard and fast rules. You can even choose a dramatic dress, with ruffles or soft waves that are reminiscent of the delicate nature of snow. It will help you beautifully fit into the season this way.

Best for Bride has a fantastic selection of dresses perfect for a winter wedding; ones that will help transform you into a spectacular bride on your snowy wedding day. Visit us today to view our vast wedding collection and for more wedding advice and options.