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Wedding Rules that Should Be Broken

Old wedding traditions can feel like rules that must be followed. Some wedding rules can rob the bride and groom of a joyful moment. Consider how important following these rules are. If the groom sees the bride before the wedding, will she melt like the wicked witch after a bucket of water has been thrown on her? Does everyone needs to have that huge, white wedding that starts the couple with a nice pile of debt? The couple needs to decide what they want and make their special day as they would want it to be. Here are some traditional rules that you may not want to follow.

Rule 1: “The groom is not allowed to see the bride before the wedding.”

Couples may find that seeing each other and spending a brief moment alone away from the crowd before the wedding was a significant benefit. Many times, the wedding becomes a sequence of events and stressors. It becomes easy for the bride and groom to be distracted by Aunt Minnie’s emotional rant, what flower arrangement the florist forgot, or the bridesmaids bickering. The meaning of the moment and the emotional connection can be lost in the shuffle. Taking time to be excited together and connect emotionally before the ceremony can be priceless.

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Rule 2: “Keep everything for a lifetime of memories!”

Well-meaning people advise the bride and groom to keep all the decorations so that they have something to remember the big day. Some brides toss a secondary bouquet so that they can keep the first. Instead of keeping everything, why not try to share it with others who could use it? Allow everything possible to get a second home and second life and meaning to someone else. Your memories aren’t housed in the bouquet, vase, or candle. Photographs and videos are nice keepsakes to cherish. Wedding decorations are more likely to take up space and gather dust rather than be of any use to the newlyweds.

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Rule 3: “Follow family traditions.”

The couple may feel honored to keep the family wedding traditions alive, or they may not. If the family tradition does not reflect the kind of wedding the couple wants to have, they should be made to feel guilty for making their wedding more personal. However, some families may try to issue a guilt trip to the bride and groom for not doing things exactly how the past generations have done things. If the couple feels that they do not want to follow the family traditions, they need to set that boundary and stick to it. What you do at your wedding may become the next family tradition.

Rule 4: “Weddings are elaborate, expensive formal affairs.”

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A simple wedding can be just as lovely and meaningful as an expensive wedding. Many couples are opting for a small, simple event. Outdoor weddings such as a wedding in the garden or on the beach are often kept simple with few decorations. However, they also can be quite elaborate. The couple needs to decide what kind of wedding they want and what they can afford. Keeping things small and sweet can make the event seem more intimate and loving without the need for showy, grand decor. For more tips about making your wedding day special, visit Best for Bride blog.

3 thoughts on “Wedding Rules that Should Be Broken

  1. Its killing me lol, my mom wishes to keep a wedding tradition, i’m getting married. Simplest wedding and meaningful are supposed to happen. Listed above are useful guidelines, as what she expected!!!

  2. Very good points on all of these “rules”. I understand that some might want to follow these rules, but that does not mean all brides are in line to do the same. Thanks for posting this!

  3. Even though you say you can break the “groom seeing the bride before the wedding” rule, I feel like that is a great tradition that should be held onto.

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