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Are Wedding Programs Necessary?

Wedding programs provide a list of the parts of the ceremony and details such as the members of the bridal party. In a small, casual wedding, the wedding program may seem unnecessary. Perhaps, it is. It’s not right or wrong to have a wedding program. The choice is up to the bride and groom. Wedding programs can be helpful if the ceremony is long or the audience may not know all the members of the bridal party. Some couples include a thank you to the vendors. Are wedding programs necessary?

If the wedding is a large, formal wedding in which everyone in attendance doesn’t know the members of the bridal party, the wedding programs are an initial introduction. The guests may appreciate being able to follow along with a program for a lengthy ceremony. If there are several participants in the wedding ceremony such as a soloist, organist, or other individuals, including their names in the programs is proper wedding etiquette. You wouldn’t want any of the people who help make your wedding special to end up feeling slighted or ignored. Also, guests may want to know who the people are who are participating. It helps create ties that help everyone feel included.

A traditional program lists the components of the ceremony such as the music, vows, unity ceremony, etc. The program does not need to be detailed. Some people take a lighthearted approach to the program and list the events as: “We get married. Everyone parties.”

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Wedding ceremony programs can be a beautiful touch to a wedding. Even if you don’t feel like a wedding program is absolutely necessary for your wedding, you may want to look at different types of wedding programs before deciding whether or not to have one. Etsy, the website specializing in handcrafted goods, sells some gorgeous handmade wedding programs. There is a wide variety of styles of wedding programs that can be purchased through Best for Bride.

If you know you want programs, you may want to ask about them when ordering your invitations. The programs do not need to be coordinated with your wedding invitations, but you may like that consistency. The program can be true to your theme. If you browse the wedding programs sold through Best for Bride, you can see that programs can be any style from rustic to classical. Brides and grooms who are having destination weddings or a wedding at a historical location may want to add some details about the location in the wedding programs.

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Humorous programs are popular for couples who love to laugh and share the joy of the moment. The programs might include a comic about marriage or joke about the couple. One couple put the line: “So you’re about to sit through a wedding” on the front page of their wedding programs.

Some couples include nice little stories in the wedding programs such as how they met or how he proposed. A favorite program or dedications to deceased relatives might be included. If you are on a tight budget, you may want to consult with the printer to find out how much the printing costs per page before deciding how much to add to the program.

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For more wedding tips to help create the perfect wedding, please visit the Best for Bride blog. We have some helpful advice for choosing a wedding gown, selecting invitations, and many other wedding planning decisions.

3 thoughts on “Are Wedding Programs Necessary?

  1. This is something we considered, but for our wedding, I do not think they would fit the rest of the decor and other plans we have.

  2. Our wedding planner asked about these and I personally do not think they are something that you must have.

  3. I thought about this. It would make things easier to plan out, PLUS the guests would know what is coming up next and they can be prepared as well!

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