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3 Quick Steps to Choosing Your Wedding Cake

What can be more fun that trying on wedding dress all day? Choosing your wedding cake! Granted, trying out multiple samples is a guaranteed way to ensure that you won’t be fitting into your dress, but either way, browsing through countless designs and styles along with taste testing so many flavors is certainly a great aspect about getting married.

With such a wide variety of different wedding cakes readily available, it can often become a little confusing or even stressful when it comes down to choosing the right cake for you. The 3 key points to consider when it comes to your cake are size, design and flavor.


The flavor of your wedding cake is very unlikely to affect the visual aspects of your cake, so theory there is no issue with having your dream wedding cake layered with indulgent, rich chocolate with a traditional yet classic white iced decorative finish. Before committing to a particular flavor straight off the list, why not arrange with your cake maker a tasting session with  flavors you would like to try (remember to try as many as possible!).

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Some couples like to keep their wedding cake as the primary dessert when it comes to the celebration dinner, but if you are choosing to have your cake and a separate dessert, it is often recommended that you choose two separates flavors for both. This will allow you to cater for more people, for example, individuals may not like your chocolate filled wedding cake could choose something else to eat.


Depending entirely on how many guests you plan on inviting should reflect on the size of your wedding cake. Nevertheless, if you are not inviting a lot of people to your celebrations but would still like a large impressive cake, opting for fake tiers is always an option and provides the illusion of a larger, fuller cake.

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If your wedding cake is on part of your budget list, choosing a small three tier cake can be a lot friendlier when it comes to your cash flow. With three tiers staggered above one another it creates an illusion of a larger cake.


If you are looking to match your wedding cake with the rest of your theme, it may be an idea to choose your reception and flower details before ordering your cake. It is far easier for a cake maker to work off the current designs, style and colors of your theme if you have already established them beforehand. It also means you can bring samples for your cake maker to work with. You may want to base the design of your wedding cake to mirror the details or style of your wedding dress, the reception decorations (including flowers) or even the invitations you are planning to send out.

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If you are planning on a bespoke design for your wedding cake, you can always ask your cake maker for a detailed sketch before you commit. This will help give you an idea of what to expect and also allows for you to mark down any alterations you may want. Nevertheless, your wedding cake should be personal to you and your partner, allow your cake to stand out as a centerpiece at your reception and remember to have fun with it.Ultimately, your wedding cake should look and taste beautiful and provide a fabulous centerpiece and talking point at your reception.

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  1. What I think is weird, is the fact that the last 3 weddings I was at, the cake was not one of the featured things. I mean, the cakes looked great, but it didn’t seem like many people cared about them.

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