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How to Stay Calm on Your Wedding Day

So your big day is coming up and you already are beginning to feel the stirring of pre-wedding jitters. Whether they are brought on because everyone keeps asking you about how excited you are for the big day, or you are someone who just isn’t used to “all eyes on you”, we have some helpful tips and tricks to stay calm and relaxed on your wedding day.

Eat Breakfast

Our parents always told us it was the most important meal of the day, and on your wedding it’s no different. Due to nervousness you may not feel like eating, but if you force yourself to have a little bit, you’ll be thanking yourself later. Even try having a fruit smoothie instead of your coffee so your body can have the nutrients it needs to keep you going until the reception dinner.

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Make a Schedule

Making a schedule (even if you don’t adhere to it by the minute) will give you something to focus your attention on. Don’t hold yourself to it every second of the day though, because if you do, you’ll be stressing more about the schedule than enjoying your big day.

Have an Emergency Kit

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You never know when you might need a Tide to Go pen to get an accidental stain out of your wedding dress, or when a safety pin might come in handy. Make a small emergency kit that you can fit in a small purse in case you need anything during your day. Items may include a bleach pen, needle and thread, safety pins, Tylenol, mints, superglue and more.

Expect the Unexpected

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It may be inclement weather or someone getting sick on the day of your wedding, but never let the unexpected get to you or ruin your day. Keeping an upbeat and positive attitude even if it’s pouring outside will ensure that you still have an enjoyable time regardless of what happens. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

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  1. Even though this is a very good list of tips about staying calm, it can be very difficult when you finally get to the day you are going to be married. Nerves and other anxious feelings are going to flow regardless of what you do. Be cool, breath and hopefully you won’t pass out 🙂

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