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New Confetti Traditions for Weddings


For many years, it has been the tradition at weddings to through rice at the bride and groom as they are departing for their honeymoon celebration. However, in recent years, this tradition has somewhat become boring and couples are constantly looking for new ways to celebrate their union.

Over the years, there have been many things that have been used to replace rice throwing at wedding. Below are some of the most popular items as well as a couple that are fun and unique.



Instead of throwing rice, many couples have decided to use small containers of bubbles instead. These are great because there is very little work involved with them; you simply throw them into a pretty basket. Also, they do not cause a huge mess as other options do and kids love taking them home for later. This means that there will be very few left over that must then be disposed of or cleaned up.

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Although it may be more difficult to clean up, confetti can create a beautiful effect for the bride and groom’s departure. It can be created to match any wedding color theme and will be beautiful in pictures. Another fun idea would be to offer the guests party poppers instead that they can launch them as the bride and groom leave as well.



Balloons are not typically thought of as a wedding item, but they can make for a great way to celebrate as the bride and groom leave for their honeymoon. Each guest can be provided with a balloon that they will release as the bride and groom are exiting the building. Not only will this create some fantastic pictures, but it will be a nice memory of the wedding as well.

Silly String

If you are looking for a unique and fun idea, silly string can also be a fun addition to a wedding reception. Keep in mind that it will be extremely messy, but is also an option that can be very fun. To add even more fun, the bride and groom should have a can or two to defend themselves with as they are leaving as well.

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Rose Petals


This is another option that is inexpensive and fun. You can easily find a good number of options at your local flower shops for relatively little money. You can also choose flowers that match your wedding bouquet or the flowers in your wedding as well.


Throwing things at the bride and groom while they are leaving the wedding venue for their honeymoon is a tradition that most couples include with their wedding planning process. It is a fun tradition that can create great pictures and enjoyable memories.

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  1. Great idea absolutely love these! Im thinking to get dried rose petals that were can easily & cheaply order here in our village.

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