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Unique Wedding Receptions

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Will Diana and Drew win a thousand-dollar gift certificate for a wedding gown and bridesmaid dresses?

Instead of a formal dinner or buffet, why not go for a whole new type of wedding reception? Many couples want the traditional church wedding, but not the same expected wedding reception. They want something unusual and deeply personal.

A campfire reception is not only unique and fun but also helps the bride and groom save money. The menu should be pure childhood fun. Consider burger sliders and grilled cheese sandwiches. S’mores make the perfect dessert for campfire receptions. Actually, s’mores bars are a hot new trend for Indian wedding receptions. You can be cutting edge with graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate.

Believe it or not, another hot trend is the barn reception. With the rise in rustic chic wedding, the barn is the perfect venue to create a setting defined as country elegance. You can retain the country, down-home feel or merge glamour and rustic appeal. One couple draped white fabric from the roof and hung crystal chandeliers in the barn. The clashing styles of country rustic and romantic elegance somehow merges into an amazingly beautiful venue.

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Are you and your betrothed wine aficionados? A wine tasting reception may be the ideal twist for your special day. Offer each guest samples of three or more wines. You may want to provide note cards with information about each wine. The guests may really appreciate being invited to share your interests and learn more about wine.

Wedding food trucks are a popular alternative or addition to regular catering. Instead of having a sit down dinner, you may want to create a street fair party. Include fair foods like funnel cakes and cotton candy. You might want to set up game booths and a photo booth to reflect the street fair atmosphere.

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Do you love horses? Have you always wanted to ride in a hot air balloon? Would you want your reception surrounded by animals such as renting a venue at a zoo or aquarium? You can make your wedding reception to be the perfect complement to your big day. Share an adventure with your guest. Depending on the activities, you may want to urge people to dress casually for the reception. You’ll want to encourage everyone to participate and enjoy the day with you.

There are so many ways to make a truly memorable wedding reception. If you are looking for ideas, create a list of your favorite hobbies, activities, and interests. Have you and your beloved been more likely to watch football together than go dancing? If your wedding reception resembles a huge Superbowl party, it become more meaningful and special for you and your guests than the traditional wedding reception that is just like every other wedding reception.

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For more ways to create the perfect wedding reception, visit the Best for Bride blog. There you will find many great tips for making your dreams come true on your special day.

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  1. I just attended a barn wedding/reception last week. I loved it. It was so warm and cozy with all the decor and everything cowboy related.

  2. I have heard of bachelor parties that are like little adventures, but not receptions. That is a good idea!

    1. I am not sure that I could get my friends to agree to something like this to setup the reception this way.

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