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How to Survive a Bridal Show

A bridal show can be incredibly overwhelming for a couple and the ones that decide to accompany them. With so many vendors to visit, all vying for your attention and business, how do you choose?

Most companies will send you home with information about them, be it a pamphlet, a business card or a brochure of their services. Carry a file folder with you, and only accept these items from a company you would truly be interested in having be a part of your big day. This will help you keep organized and you’ll know you don’t have any literature from someone you thought was “just okay”.

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Be prepared to ask important questions. As professionals, they are all used to couples-to-be that have many questions about their products and services so don’t be too shy if you are interested. A couple of questions you may want to ask are:

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– How long they’ve been in business
– How many weddings they take on in a year
– If they do multiple weddings in one day (this one is incredibly important especially for makeup artists and photographers)
– Pricing packages and if they partner with any other service providers (many hairstylists and makeup artists work together and can usually even suggest a photographer)
– Contact information
– Previous reviews
– Do they have all the necessary certification they need

If you are pleased with the information they provide you with, ask them to set up a meeting in the coming weeks to discuss details of your wedding. Remember, you don’t have to book all your services in one day at a bridal show, but it is a good place to gather information and see which professionals work with others or who they recommend. Often times, wedding business is based on word of mouth from other professionals in the field.
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  1. Thank you for the list of questions all are noted. Please keep post some interesting ideas, I greatly appreciated all ideas you been shared! xoxox

  2. I never really thought about attending a bridal show. It is a great way to get to know the businesses in your area, however. At least they are right there ready to answer questions like the ones that you posted.

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