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Flower Girl Fun

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It is extremely popular to include children in the wedding party and this can easily create a huge amount of charm and innocence to the ceremony. One of the most likely people that you will include in this area is a young girl who will play the role of flower girl. While this can be a fun and wonderful addition to your wedding, there are some things that you can do to make the adventure easier for both you and the little girl that you have chosen.


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One of the most important things that you can do with your flower girl is to rehearse. She will feel much more comfortable is she knows what she is supposed to do when it comes time for the wedding. This is also a great time to explain to her how you would like her to throw out her petals. You may also want to get her parents involved so that they can practice at home before the big day.

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Keep an Open Mind

Kids will be kids and you never really know how they will react to something until it has already happened. Be prepared for your flower girl to be frightened of the whole ordeal and be ready with a plan to help her carry out her duties. It is also likely that some unexpected things might happen with your flower girl during the wedding. Some little girls have refused to throw out their flower petals during a wedding at all, opting to hang onto them instead. Try not to panic if this happens to you, it will create some fun wedding memories in the future.


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One idea that may be helpful is to have someone that the little girl is familiar with, like her parents or grandparents, sit on the outside of the aisle so that she can see them when she enters the venue. This way she can focus on getting to that person rather than worrying about the other people in the room. It will be easy for little children to develop stage fright in this situation and having someone there that they know can make them feel more comfortable.

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It is also a good idea to give her a small gift to hold onto before the wedding. This could be a small toy that she can play with and hide in her basket when it is time to walk down the aisle. This can help keep her occupied while she is waiting for her turn and may help ease some of the nerves that she may be feeling.


Having a flower girl as a part of your wedding party can be fun and very special. If you choose a small girl to do the honors, it may be a good idea to select an older girl who can also help her out. Having a set of sisters or cousins complete the task together can also be a fun adventure and make for some adorable pictures.

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2 thoughts on “Flower Girl Fun

  1. A wedding are about love, family and happiness. Even kids are being goofy and not following the exact format that is what makes memories!!

  2. A young girl to do the flowers can really add to the event, as long as they are willing to help you out 🙂 Having a girl that you know is a good idea because they will generally listen to you and get the task done just right.

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