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A handful of tips to select appetizers for your winter wedding

Winter is cold, but winter weddings are cool. It isn’t too difficult to come up with a perfect party plan for a winter wedding, and with a little attention, you can make sure that your wedding will find its place in your guests’ memories.

Food is an important part of every wedding, and what you serve during the cocktail hour at your winter wedding kick starts the festive feast you’ve planned ahead. The better you plan your appetizers, the more excited your guests will be to see what is on the menu for the rest of the evening.

Here are some ideas to inspire you when planning your hors d’ouvres for your white wintry wedding.

Bring color to the table

Winter is synonymous with white. Warm up the ambiance with bright tropical colored fruit and vegetables in your appetizers. We are thinking cherry tomatoes, kale, pumpkin, carrots, strawberries, chocolate and salmon. The more colorful your entrees are, the better they will be received. Not all these choices are available in winter, so the idea is to plan well ahead of time. They can then be freshly frozen and used to add those bright pops of color to your winter menu.

Choose proteins that help against the cold

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Don’t we all feel more hungry in winter? So, make sure your appetizers are loaded up on proteins like ham, fish, shell fish and meat, which will help your guests withstand the cold better. They are also more filling, and you can indulge your creative juices in determining the shapes and forms in which they come to the table.

Cheese and cheesy treats are a must


Make the most of the various local cheese varieties, and also splurge on few exotic choices. Cheesy treats like cheese pastries and mini-omelets will also be a huge hit. Check out this idea of parmesan and black pepper shortbread cookies on I am certain these delicious treats will be both practical and appealing.

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Explore the flavors of Asia


Spicy, succulent meat and vegetables packed with aromatic spices are the trademark of Asian fare. The best time to indulge in this rich fare is when the weather is cold, and the warmth of the spices make you cozy. Sesame chicken, prawn crackers, chicken tikka, kebabs and satay are all great options that your guests will love. Treat the vegetarians at your party to vegetable versions like samosas, tofu cakes and dumplings, and nobody will be disappointed.

Cocoa and coffee bars


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Although there will be drinks flowing during the evening, adding a hot chocolate and coffee bar to your reception will provide your guests the perfect accompaniment for their tasty appetizers. You don’t have to make an elaborate arrangement, just a miniature station with the basic hot drinks will suffice. If there are teenagers and younger children attending the reception, it will be a great option for them as well.

By now, it is likely that you will have found some practical and interesting ideas for your wedding reception. For more advice and tips on how to plan your wedding right, continue visiting us at Best for Bride.

3 thoughts on “A handful of tips to select appetizers for your winter wedding

  1. Coffee bar sounds like a great idea. We are getting married next winter…time to start planning!

  2. This type of thing makes me happy that we hired a wedding planner that knew what she was doing. All I wanted to do was pick out the dress and the venue, the rest was up to her.

  3. Cheese for the winter is a must. Since I live in Wisconsin, that is something expected as an appetizer these days.

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