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6 Quick Wins to Get Organized For Your Wedding

The key to success for anything these days is substantial planning, and weddings are no different. It is inevitable, something minor will go wrong at every single wedding, but do not fret. But with plenty of planning between you and your partner you can avoid any serious problems occurring.

Congratulations, you are engaged, but get a move on!

Your family and friends are now more than aware that you are both engaged and are undoubtedly incredibly happy for you. Nevertheless, this does not mean you can sit around wedding for the wedding day to come! You both have a lot of work to do and the wedding unfortunately wont plan itself, even though you may wish it would. Do not wait around until 3 to 4 months before your wedding to get everything done and planned, a wedding can take a year to plan properly, so get a move on.

Keep track of your planning with a calendar or diary.

So by now you have more than likely established a wedding date. It is now important to start setting out specific dates as to when you want certain things completed. This will include things such as venue or reception hall reservations, invitations to be sent out, wedding dress fittings and so on. If you aim to have as much done and completed in the first few months of your engagement, the last months on the run up to your big day will not be as stressful.

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Make time to discuss your wedding details.

It is no secret that most of us live hectic lives, dinner dates, family, work, and everything else in between, but even so, it is important that you set some time aside in which you can discuss any wedding plans and details. Sit down with your partner and get planning. This also prevents any possible cause for confusion, for example the groom believes he needs to call the car rental company, but the bride has already done it.

Share your responsibilities and duties together.

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It is no secret that you will be sharing your responsibilities and duties soon enough as husband and wife, so perhaps it is time to prepare for that experience while planning your big day together. It is important that you are both involved in the planning journey. To do this, make a list of what needs to be done and taken care of, then split the list between you both. Ladies, this is a great way to encourage the groom to help and be involved, rather than forcing them to feel the need to help. Of course, your groom is probably far from interest in what flowers you wish to carry down the aisle so perhaps leave that task for yourself. Nevertheless, ensuring that your husband to be is involved will make him feel like it is his wedding too.

Communication is the key.

Alright, so you have split your duties (fairly, we hope!) but we cannot stress enough that communication is now the key. If you are sharing tasks and duties, you are also sharing the finer details, so make sure you are both communication and let one another know if a task has been completed or not. Or perhaps you need help with a particular duty, do not be scared to ask, after all you are a team!

Remember to be reasonable.

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Let us be honest, you never really liked the grooms choice of suit, and perhaps he does not like your choice of cake either. You will soon discover you may both want different things, which means you both need to be willing and flexible enough to accommodate to each others wants. If you honestly do not a particular something, be clear with your objection and come up with another solution.

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  1. Organization is such an important thing. Not only will it allow you to use your time wisely, it also is good for remembering every little detail.

  2. You made my day!! It’s such a good way to learn about organizing wedding. I’m trying to plan my wedding! I just got engaged on Christmas Eve :)

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