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What to Wear When Trying on Your Wedding Dress

The general rule is to have the same things on when you are trying on the dress as you will have on when you walk down the aisle. Women should not wear a bra that doesn’t really fit that they know they won’t wear on that special day. Don’t squeeze into underwear that doesn’t fit in hopes that you’ll lose that last 10 lbs. by the wedding day. Focus on finding the perfect dress that will flatter your figure. If you already have your wedding lingerie, you should wear that when trying on your dresses.

Selecting a bra to wear on your wedding day can depend on the wedding dress. Therefore, picking on out to wear when shopping for wedding dresses on can be tricky. You may want to wear a strapless bra even if you are not certain you will wear a strapless wedding gown. A simple, strapless bra is less likely to interfere with getting an accurate view of what the wedding gowns will look like. If you don’t want to wear a strapless bra, consider taking one along in case you want to try out that gorgeous strapless gown without bra straps showing. If you are certain that you will never wear a strapless wedding gown, then wear a regular bra similar to what you expect to be wearing on your wedding day.

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If you are planning on wearing shapewear under the wedding dress on the day of the wedding, you will need to have it to try on wedding gowns. Like the bra, you might not be sure what type you will wear until you have a dress. Some women only wear one type of shapewear. Wear the kind that you feel you will most likely wear on your wedding day. Do not wear shapewear that would replace the bra if you know you won’t wear that at your wedding.

Simple, plain white underwear is best for trying on wedding dresses. Wear the panties that you plan on wearing on your wedding day if you already have them. That way, you can see if they would cause panty lines and need to be replaced.

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Women often forget to bring shoes that match the height of the shoes that they plan on wearing for the wedding. If you know you will wear heels, don’t wear flats or sandals to try on wedding dresses. You want to get as accurate a picture as you can as to how the wedding dress will look. Wear your hair up if you know you will during your wedding. Bring a hairclip or ponytail holder if you aren’t sure and want  to get an idea of how an updo hairstyle would look with that dress.

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Don’t wear makeup. There’s no need to be stressed out about one more thing such as the possibility of leaving a makeup stain on a brand new wedding dress. You have enough on your plate. Make things easier on yourself and skip the makeup for the day. Visit Best for Bride for more tips to ensure you find the perfect wedding dress.

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  1. This all makes perfect sense. The dress is only going to fit if you are standing in the same underwear that you plan to wear at your wedding.

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