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Beat the post-wedding blues with these tips

Just when you thought that you’d be the happiest woman alive, you suddenly find yourself feeling let down and moody after your wedding day!

This is a very real scenario, and many brides suffer from post-wedding blues. So, don’t feel alone if you suddenly find yourself emotional and perhaps bored, now that your wedding is over. It is only normal,as that the past few months have been all about the wedding, and you feel lost , now that the honeymoon is also over and you have nothing to plan.


Just as we’ve been with you during every stage of your wedding planning, we have the solution for this issue too. So, read on and find out how you can fill that gaping hole and rediscover your joy.

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  1. Identify your newly discovered skills and find an outlet for it.

Wedding planning helps many a bride discover passions that she never knew, existed. Your wedding may have helped you recognize how super-organized you are, or brought out your creative side while searching for party favors. Was there anything interesting that you found during your wedding planning, but couldn’t try your hand at? Well, this is the time to put that idea or skill to use. Get started on a new hobby or create a project plan for what you can next organize. It could be your home, your office or even a party. Stop contemplating over what to do, and get down to doing it Now!

  1. Sort out those gifts and write your thank you notes

A good bride would have her thank you notes underway, from the day she started receiving gifts. If you have already written all of them, now is the time to send them out. If you are yet to begin the task, make that next on your agenda. Write out heartfelt thank you notes, send them out, and then get around to organizing your gifts and putting them to use.

  1. Make up for all that stress during the wedding planning stage

Many couples put their romance and date nights on hold, once they’re in the wedding planning frenzy. Now that the wedding is out of the way, and your honeymoon is over, make time to enjoy your marriage and rekindle your romance. Spend your free hours planning what to do together, watch movies, visit nearby attractions, play games or simply spend time talking. After all the wedding stress, you deserve some “We time.” Also, don’t forget to relax on your own. Catch up on that new bestselling novel, visit a spa, or watch the television series that you missed during your engagement.

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4.Get in touch with your friends

You may have been too busy during the last year or so, to keep up with friends like you normally did. Use this new found time to get back in touch. Meet them over coffee, or over the weekend. Not only will it be fun to spend some girly time discussing your honeymoon, it will also help you relive the excitement of being newly married, yet again.

  1. Throw a party

If you really miss all the noise and action of wedding planning, throw a party for your best friends at your new home. It will be a chance to get back in action and put your organization skills into practice once again. Additionally, you can use the new gifts you received to host it. It will also give you something to look forward to, after the wedding, and will ease your boredom.

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5 thoughts on “Beat the post-wedding blues with these tips

  1. Getting together with your close friends is a great idea. The party is usually so big and such a major event in your life, I can see how you might feel a little “down”, when it is all over.

  2. Do you really think that you will be feeling down after something huge like this in your life?

    1. I didn’t think I would but when all of the partying and honeymoon was done, I really missed the entire thing.

  3. Great tips as always. I appreciate the amount of information that I have found here in terms of planning my wedding.

  4. When all the fun is over, it is back to real life and that is hard for some people to handle. Good tips!

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