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5 Unconventional Honeymoon Ideas and Destinations

Do you find that the allure of Hawaii or an all-inclusive beach vacation just isn’t what you are interested in doing for your honeymoon? We feel you. Honeymoons are not “one size fits all”! That’s why we’ve compiled a list of five unconventional honeymoon ideas and destinations.

Road Tripping

Pack your car and head out on the open road! Whether you have a destination in mind or not, it’s not how you get there, but the journey you have. Some road trippers like to map things out and find places like B&Bs or national parks to stay, and others like to throw their maps away and let the open road take them wherever it wants.

Explore Your Wild Side

Nothing says ‘exotic’ like a trip to South Africa or Kenya where you can go on safari and see majestic and beautiful animals in their native habitats instead of behind bars at a zoo. From luxury safari lodges to accommodations with thatched roofs, there will always be something exciting to see or do if you take your honeymoon on safari.

Honeymoon Fit for a King and Queen

Explore the multitude of castles offered in England, Ireland and Scotland that have been turned into luxurious getaways for couples looking to do something a little different. If that’s not quite your cup of tea, plan a honeymoon that includes visiting historic castles in various locations across the country; travel by train (very affordable) to allow yourselves more time to focus on one another and the scenery.

Cozy Up in an Ice Hotel

You’ll want to stay snuggled close in these accommodations that can be found seasonally in Quebec, Canada, Norway, Finland, Romania and Sweden, owners of the worlds largest ice hotel. With many different activities and classes available at the hotel, you’ll never be bored (but you may be a little chilly sometimes)!

Giving Back Honeymoon

If you’ve ever wanted to help your fellow man, consider taking a ‘giving back honeymoon’ and work with an organization to visit a part of the world in need. Many charities are more than happy to help you arrange a giving back trip, and you’ll feel better having known that you were able to provide for someone who otherwise would have gone without.

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5 Reasons We Love Winter Weddings

Winter isn’t usually a brides ideal time to get married, but there are so many reasons why we love winter weddings that it was hard to pick just five! If you aren’t sure when to hold your wedding, check out why we think a winter wedding is not only elegant, but festive and magical.

Many Vendors to Choose From

Not only will most vendors, suppliers and reception halls be available for any winter date you are thinking of, you’ll likely get a great price reduction as well. The winter months are a great option for the couple that is on a budget, but even if you aren’t, saving a little money by picking a wedding date in December, January or February will give you even more to spend on other things.

Seasonal Decor Looks So Chic

Think crystals, bare trees covered in ice and snow and even snowflakes. Place holders could be made out of a pinecone with a piece of sparkly paper with your guests name on it. Use lighting to your advantage and even add some blue lights to make everything feel like a warm ice palace.

Bridal Accessories Are Endless

Remember to think warm: there are so many choices when it comes to winter bridal accessories! Capes, faux fur stoles, hand warmers, gloves and so much more immediately come to mind as the perfect accent for a winter bride.

Any Color Palette Works

It’s true! You don’t have to think just blue or black for a winter wedding; any color palette works! Whether you want to keep with the winter theme and use black as a standout amongst white and cream colors and crystals, or heat everything up with a gorgeous red, the choices are completely up to you.

Comfort Foods

Serving (and eating!) comfort foods at your wedding will never feel so right! Your bar could offer after eight hot chocolate (that’s a hot chocolate with a shot of creme de menthe, topped with whipped cream!) and you could think about serving a creamy soup or stew, lasagna, shepard’s pie or casserole.

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When You’d Rather Have Cash

Some engaged couples move in together long before they are married and have everything they need, not having to rely on bridal shower and wedding gifts to furnish their homes with a brand new toaster or the newest in entertainment. But many couples, however, struggle with the topic of how to ask for cash from their guests instead of gifts – here are some tips.

First off, it is perfectly acceptable for engaged couples to accept cash gifts if they are not the ones asking for it. Traditional wedding etiquette admonishes asking for cash, but if a wedding guest asks the engaged couple what they’d like, the best way is to tell them that you are thinking of saving for something special, such as an upcoming honeymoon.

Don’t just forgo the wedding registry – there’s always an option to include what you’d like as a gift without going to a department store and scanning towels and linens for people who want to buy you something or give you more than “just cash”. Some people believe that giving a physical gift is tradition at a wedding, so expect that you may get a new shower curtain or something decorative, but there are also sites that allow you to ask for items such as gift cards or cash towards a big purchase or a honeymoon.

One such site is called Tendr where guests can pick cards to send with their well wishes and cash, and they can even use all major credit cards. It doesn’t cost you anything to receive funds and it only costs them 2.7% and $1 for every transaction; likely cheaper than buying a card at a store. The site also tracks all of your gifts received so that you can thank the people who sent them.

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