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Creative Guest Book Ideas

Want more than just the usual glided edged guest book that you can buy in any store for your wedding? Need something creative but aren’t sure what you are looking for? Check out our creative guest book ideas to add a personal touch to your wedding!

Letters to the Bride and Groom

Leave a vintage typewriter with a stack of paper inviting guests to type out some messages, words of wisdom or advice they have for a newly married couple. You’ll love being able to go back and read what they wrote for you and what they had to say on your wedding day.

Wedding Mad Libs

You can get these from a lot of online wedding stores or you can create your own. Instead of having a guest book, leave the mad libs on the tables at every place setting and have a box where your guests can drop off the mas libs when they’re done. You’ll love reading them!

Puzzle Pieces

If you are a couple that loves puzzles, you can have a photo of the two of you made into a puzzle by many online companies. You can let guests write on the backs of the pieces and you can put the puzzle together upside down to read all of the notes written to you. Fun, a little challenging and definitely unique!

Photo Frames

Instead of having a photo of yourselves, you can always have a custom poster made with your names and wedding date on it for your guests to sign around. This will give you something to hang up next to a wedding photo and you’ll be able to have all the well wishes on display.

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Head Table, Kings Table or Sweetheart Table

If you don’t recognize one or more of the table settings in the headline, you aren’t alone. Many engaged couples tend to agree to whatever layout the facility catering their reception would like to do, but the style they do it in (usually head table style) is not the only style available when organizing a reception.

Head Table

This traditional table layout is one that everyone is probably the most familiar with. The tables set up in the front of the room allow all of your guests to see you and your bridal party, but they actually aren’t very comfortable to sit at. It’s hard to carry a conversation with anyone but the person sitting beside you and if anyone in your wedding party has a plus one, chances are they’re at another table with some strangers. While the most popular, a head table is not ideal for all couples.

Kings Table

A kings table is either a large round or rectangular table (depending on the amount of people) in the middle of the reception hall designed to cater to the entire bridal party, their plus ones, and sometimes even the parents of the bride and groom. This gives everyone a chance to interact much more easily with one another and not feel like they are presiding over people at the front of the room.

Sweetheart Table

A sweetheart table is a great idea for a bride and groom who would like to let their bridal party sit with their plus ones. This table designed only for the bride and groom can be decorated in whichever style is chosen and will give the newly-married couple some time to talk about their day as well as enjoy a romantic first dinner as husband and wife.

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Reception Dinner: Plated VS. Buffet

One of the first things a couple has to decide on while choosing a venue is what kind of food service they’ll be having during their wedding reception. This is a debate for many couples, and something that wedding planners are asked repeatedly about but when it comes down to it, there’s no right or wrong answer. What may be perfect for one couple in a certain setting may not be what another couple wanted in another setting. We’ve broken down the advantages and disadvantages of both plated and buffet service to help you decide.



– Provides an elegant, upscale dining experience
– Easier service for those with children and the elderly
– Portion control (numbers of guests are calculated in advance and enough food is provided)
– Set menu allows for wine pairings if desired


– The cost associated with plated dinners is usually higher when factoring in wait staff wages
– Not all meal cards are returned by attending guests
– Some meal items your guests may not like



– Easier to plan if you do not have a wedding planner
– Offer a variety of foods for different tastes
– No (or minimal) wait staff required by the venue


– Need a large area to accommodate a buffet-style set up
– Buffets can sometimes appear tacky or ‘cheap’ to attending guests
– It can be a long line for the buffet and it can be hard on those who are differently abled, elderly or with children
– If you have too much food you are wasting money but if you don’t have enough food you risk your guests going hungry and you looking like someone who couldn’t provide adequately for their guests

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