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Tips to help you Relax and De-stress before your wedding

woman-387510_1280Your engagement is an exciting time, but it can be very stressful too. Wedding planning can leave you feeling overwhelmed, tired and anxious. Before the stress wreaks havoc and turns you into a Bridezilla, stop and take control. Here are some simple tips to help you relieve yourself of wedding planning stress, and make the process easy and manageable.

Plan wisely

It may seem that there is no end to the tasks you have to handle ahead of your wedding, but it isn’t that bad. All you have to do is take it easy and come up with a good plan that can be executed within the available time. Think of the whole wedding planning as a series of small projects, and divide it into small tasks.

Spend some time sorting all that you have to do into lists, and determine the best time to work on each list. Allot the tasks in these lists to each day, week and month. Set reasonable time limits to complete each one. Also set aside some extra time with no designated tasks, so you can use this time for anything that you complete as per plan.

Enlist help

Don’t worry about doing everything yourself. If your parents, friends or relatives offer help, accept it graciously. Can you afford a wedding planner? If yes, enjoy the privilege. Else, consider delegating certain tasks to “part-time” planners, who can expertly handle these jobs. This may be drafting your wedding invitation, decorating the venue, or finding the right vendors to cater to your event. While they do charge a fee for their service, it is worth it. You can supervise the job, but step away from micromanaging as this will again cause unnecessary stress.

Plan your deadlines well-ahead of the big day

This particularly relates to getting your wedding dress, accessories, invitations and bookings done. Draw up the vendor contracts well-ahead of time, book your band or DJ as early as possible and get your honeymoon tickets quickly. While signing contracts, remember to check for what their back-up plan is in case of an emergency. Knowing that there is a Plan B will reduce your anxiety, especially if any aspect of the wedding worries you excessively.

Set aside time to relax and pamper yourself

Make sure that you enjoy this time before your wedding, and prioritize your well-being and health. Treat yourself to a facial or massage. Attend a regular workout or yoga class to get in shape.

A well-rested bride is a happy bride, so don’t skimp on sleep. Also, find time to get together with the people you love. Enjoy your wedding shopping, and don’t rush through things that are important to you. If you feel overwhelmed at any time, pour out your worries to your mother or friend. It’ll help you relax, and they’ll probably have suggestions that you never thought of.

In all the frenzy leading up to the wedding, don’t miss out on the excitement of being a couple in love. Make time for each other, and not let it be entirely about the wedding. Relish every moment, and tackle every situation with a clear head. Look forward to a wonderful wedding day, and it will be just what you dreamed it to be.

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The Right steps to finding the Best wedding planner

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The term “wedding planner” broadly encompasses a number of services. Who you choose to hire for your wedding, should depend on what you want them to do. You can select between full service wedding planners and partial services. Either way, the final intention is to reduce your stress as the big day approaches, and have everything on track, in time.

We will now look at how you can find the right wedding planner from the numerous options available.

Full-service planner, a “day of” coordinator or Part-time Professional

If you want a professional to handle all the details of your wedding and you can afford it, choose a full-service planner. They will take care of all tasks including hiring and decorating the venue, creating invitations, booking the florists, caterers and band, all the way up to sending your thank you notes.

A day-of coordinator will take charge for everything on your actual wedding day. If you prefer to plan and execute everything yourself, but want help on the day, this is the ideal choice for you. Part-time professionals can help you perform chosen tasks. For example, you can hire them for décor suggestions, assistance with booking vendors etc. They charge a flat fee for the service they provide, and it is hence less expensive than a full-service planner.

Factors to account for when booking the service

The most important factor when booking a planner is your budget. A full-service planner is expensive, and they may cost up to 10 to 20% of your total budget. A “day-of” coordinator charges a flat fee for his job, and relieves you of the pressure of handling things on the day.

Compare costs of various planners and shortlist the option/options that seem ideal. Make sure that the names on the list are all professionals who are experienced and well-trained. The next part is conducting interviews to zero-in on the right choice.

Interviews and decisions

At the interview, obtain references of past weddings your wedding planner has conducted. Ask them how they work, how they handle emergencies and what ideas they can contribute to your wedding. The basic idea of this discussion is to determine how well the two of you can work together.

You will be spending a lot of time with your wedding planner, so it is important that you strike a rapport right from the start. You should be comfortable discussing your ideas, and he/she should welcome your ideas and be ready to build on it. If you are struggling to convince him/her of what you want, it is obviously not the right choice.

Discuss what will be included in the cost and make sure all the terms and conditions are included in the contract. Once you have finalized everything and your wedding planner has begun the planning process, be in touch regularly and ask for updates on the progress. With the right person to help you, you can be certain that your dream of having the perfect wedding will be realized with no difficulty.

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Five Reasons to Hire a Wedding Planner

You are newly engaged and you’ve set the date for your wedding, but you haven’t decided yet whether or not you’ll hire a wedding planner. Maybe you can do it all yourself, but you’ve considered getting a little help. Here’s five reasons why you should consider hiring a professional.

They Are Mindful of Your Budget

If you set a budget with a planner, they won’t go over what you’ve laid out for them. When you are planning everything yourself, it may seem easy to justify some additional costs here and there but those costs can very quickly add up.

They Leave You Stress Free

Wedding planning should be enjoyable, not stressful. A wedding planner will make sure everything is booked and all suppliers get paid on time so you don’t have to worry about deadlines and whether or not you are missing something. Spend that time looking for dresses with your bridesmaids instead!

Your Wedding is in Another City

Sometimes if you are having a destination wedding at an all-inclusive resort, a wedding planner may be provided, but if one isn’t, make sure you hire one. It can be difficult enough to plan your wedding from another city yourself, but with help it will be much easier.

You Have a Vision You Want to Make Reality

Wedding planners know where to find the supplies you want for your wedding. Whether it’s a theme they need to accommodate or you want your reception to look like the inside of an ice palace, they know exactly how to bring what you are imagining to life.

You Deserve Perfection!

It’s your wedding day, and everything should be just as you imagined it. You don’t want stress to leave you drained leading up to the big day, and a wedding planner has done dozens to hundreds of weddings before, so you are in good hands with a professional. Just do your research and find someone who fits the style you are looking for.

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Wedding Planning – How to done right


So, at last you have made up your mind to settle down with your partner, making your relationship official by holding a beautiful ring exchange event. Have in mind that there are so many crucial things to be done and decision to be mad. So get ready and start planning for your big event as early as possible. It wouldn’t be appropriate to make rush decisions in the last me.

To plan your wedding well, with equal attention being focused on all segments of your marriage, it is ideal to come up with a good plan. If you want your day to be complete without hiccups, a wedding planning checklist is essential. Once you start to list things down, you will discover that there are so many things to taken care of, which you might have ignored because of the excitement.

Listed below are some tips that you can have in your wedding planning checklist.




You have to come up with a budget for a number of reasons. Invitation cards, catering, after party and weddings in general are quite expensive, but the more you keep track of the money to be spent the more likely you are to stick with the budget you have set. Ensure that you put your budget into segments so you know you are being realistic, and then you can reallocate cash if you get a good bargain on the cake. You can also cut down cost by using wedding rental services.


On your big day, there will be probably some uninvited guest who will top up on your guest list. When busy look for the right wedding barn you should start by listing the people you are planning to invite. You will need to be figure out the numbers so as to get catering quotes, for venue size, and with the steps involved in the wedding planning process, so it is a good idea to come up with a list early enough.

Wedding Date

Instead of having one specific date set in your head, come up with several options. This will be much easier when you are trying to create the ideal barn for your reception. The more recognition you give to your guests the better, if you seek advice from family and friends, then you can settle on one. Once you have settled on a date, don’t make adjustments for anyone. It will be way more difficult than pleasing the person, and definitely three are some people who will not attend regardless.