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New Confetti Traditions for Weddings


For many years, it has been the tradition at weddings to through rice at the bride and groom as they are departing for their honeymoon celebration. However, in recent years, this tradition has somewhat become boring and couples are constantly looking for new ways to celebrate their union.

Over the years, there have been many things that have been used to replace rice throwing at wedding. Below are some of the most popular items as well as a couple that are fun and unique.



Instead of throwing rice, many couples have decided to use small containers of bubbles instead. These are great because there is very little work involved with them; you simply throw them into a pretty basket. Also, they do not cause a huge mess as other options do and kids love taking them home for later. This means that there will be very few left over that must then be disposed of or cleaned up.


Although it may be more difficult to clean up, confetti can create a beautiful effect for the bride and groom’s departure. It can be created to match any wedding color theme and will be beautiful in pictures. Another fun idea would be to offer the guests party poppers instead that they can launch them as the bride and groom leave as well.



Balloons are not typically thought of as a wedding item, but they can make for a great way to celebrate as the bride and groom leave for their honeymoon. Each guest can be provided with a balloon that they will release as the bride and groom are exiting the building. Not only will this create some fantastic pictures, but it will be a nice memory of the wedding as well.

Silly String

If you are looking for a unique and fun idea, silly string can also be a fun addition to a wedding reception. Keep in mind that it will be extremely messy, but is also an option that can be very fun. To add even more fun, the bride and groom should have a can or two to defend themselves with as they are leaving as well.

Rose Petals


This is another option that is inexpensive and fun. You can easily find a good number of options at your local flower shops for relatively little money. You can also choose flowers that match your wedding bouquet or the flowers in your wedding as well.


Throwing things at the bride and groom while they are leaving the wedding venue for their honeymoon is a tradition that most couples include with their wedding planning process. It is a fun tradition that can create great pictures and enjoyable memories.

Best for Bride

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The True Meaning behind Wedding Favors

The tradition of giving favors to wedding guests goes back centuries and was to thank guests for making the occasion special. We proceed with this custom today however wedding favors differ impressively, so what were the first wedding favors which were given hundreds of years prior? This article takes a gander at the history and hugeness of wedding favors.


In days passed by, European blue-bloods, especially those from Italy and France, would give every visitor a sugared delicacy in a trinket box. Sugar symbolized riches and sovereignty and was a lavish thing. The trinket boxes were made of porcelain or metal and enriched with valuable stones. They contained these sugared desserts known as Bonbonnieres. Extra minutes sugar got to be less expensive and to a lesser extent an extravagance. Subsequently, the act of giving wedding favors spread to those of lowlier means thus was no more elite to the rich.

As time went on, Bonbonnieres were supplanted by almonds and these were given to wedding visitors. In the thirteenth century, the almonds got to be sugar covered and were known as Jordan almonds. These favors are still normally given at today’s weddings.


Weddings were seen as a lucky event, so the spouse and husband to be would give their visitors five Bonbonnieres or Jordan almonds as a method for offering this good fortune. These five desserts were to speak to great well-being, riches, ripeness, bliss and long life.

The wedding support additionally went about as a memento of the event and still does today, something which the visitors could take away and recollect the day by the kind of wedding favors utilized today change significantly, yet the custom still proceeds with and is famous amongst societies around the world.

These days the sort of support given to visitors may rotate around the topic of the wedding or maybe identify with the spouse and grooms way of life, there truly is no restriction. And giving embellishment to the tables, the wedding favors might likewise give a wellspring of excitement to the visitors or an argument.

The convention of giving favors was not constrained to weddings. At other extraordinary events and birthdays, visitors were given a trinket of the occasion. Giving favors was a motion of much obliged and was an imperative piece of any wedding or extraordinary event.


There truly is no restriction to what you can give visitors as supports nowadays. Despite the fact that the custom of giving a blessing to say ‘thank you’ to the visitor proceeds there is no formal rules to what the favors ought to be There is a gigantic decision of ready-made wedding favors to purchase or you can make your own, which ever you pick it ought to be close to home to you and your wedding.

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Trends in Wedding Favors

Wedding favors are an age old tradition of offering small gifts as a gesture of appreciation to guests at your wedding. Over the years the styles and types of wedding favors have changed and it’s become increasingly difficult to keep up with what’s ‘in’ and what isn’t. It is important to note that although favor trends come and go you should always aim to personalise the gifts. If you have received wedding favors before you may have found that they aren’t always particularly useful and sometimes just end up as drawer fillers at home. For your own wedding day you’re going to want something that they’ll keep as a memento, that is why personalisation is great. Jonathan Goodyear who has worked for a number of wedding planners in Johannesburg says that “don’t look for just another generic gift; look for something that relates to you and the style of the wedding- a little something to remember it by” so bear this in mind when you’re searching for your favors.

 Aqueous Bunting Banner - wedding favors

In their earlier days, wedding favors were given among European aristocrats and the gift was usually sugar cubes in trinket boxes. Back then sugar represented wealth and was much more costly than today. This wouldn’t go down too well with your guests in a modern setting but a sugar filled treat will. Chocolates, cakes, and other sweets will always win people over and can easily be customized to match your wedding style and personality. They are a timeless gift that can be enjoyed by anyone.

If you’re looking for a gift that is a little more long term than something like chocolates then succulents are 2013s newest trend. These plants have thicker, fleshier parts than normal meaning that they can better retain water making them very easy to care for. So how can they be personalized? You can swap and match their containers as you choose, or maybe even purchase containers with the individual names of your guests or something unique on each one. The choice is yours. These wonderful gifts will be able to be enjoyed by anyone and won’t find their way into the bin.

This one is a little unusual, but if you’re looking for a unique favor it might be for you. Blankets, throws and pashminas will be a welcome gift for your guests, especially if the wedding is on a cold winter’s day. Conversely if it’s a hot summer’s day, present your guests with fans to keep them cool. To personalize why not try having the bride and grooms initials embroidered onto the blanket, or put onto the fan? This is another gift that can be used time and time again, long after the wedding is over.

On your wedding day give a little something to someone or somewhere that needs it most. You can choose a charity that is closest to your heart and give favors that are symbols of that charity. Many different charities offer different types of favors for a donation, so check what your preferred charity has to offer.

These are just some routes you could go down when choosing your wedding favour, but there are no rules. Try and keep it unique and personal, something you would like to receive on a wedding day and make sure it reflects your wedding!

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Arriving in Style: How to Make the Perfect Entrance to Your Wedding

For many brides, their wedding day is the best (and busiest) day of their lives. With schedules to stick to, guests to organise and the added pressure of looking beautiful it’s not surprising that certain aspects take a ‘back seat’. According to a survey on Canadian wedding trends, transportation to the wedding is one of the lowest costs averaging at around $570 – behind DJ’s/musicians for the reception, flowers and less than half of the cost of the wedding gown and bands.

But when you think about it, getting to the wedding on time is really one of the most important things about the day. And finding the balance between reliable, affordable, practical transport and a unique, memorable method of arriving in style is a challenge for any bride. Here are some transportation ideas for your big day.

Bridal Dresses by Sophia Tolli
Bridal Dress by Sophia Tolli

Air Travel

What could be more glamorous than arriving at your wedding in your very own chartered helicopter or hot air balloon? This would be especially impressive if you were having an outdoor wedding and your guests could watch you descend from the skies. It might sound like something reserved typically for the rich and famous, but it’s not as unusual or as expensive as you may think. Many wedding venues have permission for aircrafts to land within their grounds and with typical helicopters seating up to six people you can take your bridesmaids along for the ride.

What could be more romantic than you and your new husband exiting your wedding in a hot air balloon, toasting your marriage as you sail through the skies?

Tip: Local air travel laws can apply when travelling by air and there will be restrictions about landing as you will need a certain amount of open space to land safely. Check this thoroughly with your wedding venue and charter company before booking.

Alfred Angelo Disney Bridal Dresses
Alfred Angelo Disney Bridal Dress

Horse and Carriage

Arrive at your wedding in true fairytale fashion by opting for this classy, traditional mode of transport. At typical prices running between $500-1000 depending on the type of carriage, distance and length of service, a horse and carriage is certainly within the ‘average’ remit for transportation prices and offers a certain charm to the day. The only down side is that they can be very weather dependent unless you opt for a carriage with an extendable roof.

Tip: If you like the idea of a horse and carriage but would prefer something a little different and contemporary then there are a range of customised carriages in a variety of colours and styles – including replicas of the infamous Cinderella ball carriage. A cheaper and quirkier version of the horse and carriage (becoming increasingly popular with metropolitan weddings) is a pedicab – picture a bicycle where the horse would usually be! Or, alternatively, ditch the carriage and arrive on a finely dressed white horse – a popular mode of transport for Hindu weddings. If you plan to do this then be sure to get acquainted with the saddle in the weeks before your wedding.

Bridesmaids Gowns by Mori Lee
Bridesmaids Gown by Mori Lee

Car or Motorcycle

Arriving by car is still the most common and convenient way to make your arrival. Whilst the popularity of vintage, classic wedding cars such as the Rolls Royce Phantom and Bentley S2 remains high, many couples are now thinking outside of the box when it comes to picking their cars. The key is to pair your vehicle with the theme of the wedding – for a traditional, white wedding then you may still opt for a classic car or perhaps something chic and elegant like an stretch limo, but if you’re wedding is a quirkier affair then your car should reflect this. Many people now use vintage vehicles of another variety – think old VW beetles and even retro campervans. If you want to add a touch of style to the day then why not opt for a super sports car like a Lamborghini Gallardo – there’ll be no excuse for being late in one of those.

If you’re feeling brave then opt for a motorcycle arrival – the same rules apply when choosing the type of bike that you’d like to arrive on. If your dress is a reasonable size then you could even squeeze into a sidecar. Just watch the helmet on newly styled hair.

Tip: If you plan to hire a car then you should decide whether or not you’d like to also hire a driver or if someone in your wedding party will drive. If this is the case then you’ll need to ensure that any liability/insurance issues are covered upon hiring the vehicles.

Alfred Angelo Disney Bridesmaid Dresses
Alfred Angelo Disney Bridesmaid Dress

By Boat

With more and more couples opting for a beach wedding in exotic locales, it would be a shame not to make the most of the stunning scenery by arriving on a high powered speedboat or luxurious yacht. Many stately wedding venues also include some sort of lake so a gondola or old fashioned rowing boat would also add an elegant, romantic effect.

Tip: If you’re someone who suffers from seasickness then arriving by boat (particularly on the ocean) might not combine well with your pre-wedding jitters. As a rule, speedboats tend to go too fast for you to notice the motion of the ocean too much but with that speed comes the inevitable damage to make up and up-do’s.

Party Bus

Why not start the celebration early by inviting up to 60 of you guests to travel with you to the venue on a party bus. These buses complete with disco lights, music and bars, have been popular since 2007 and are undoubtedly the best way to hold a mobile celebration. They have high ceilings, seating and a bathroom on board so there’ll be no worrying about the ladies crumpling their dresses.

Tip: If you plan to enjoy a few celebratory glasses of champagne on board then check that the bus company you hire from are licensed with the local authority to ensure that you receive the best quality service.