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5 reasons why we love illusion necklines

Dreamy, feminine wedding dresses are always a favorite. Illusion necklines are a fantastic trend that add a beautiful touch to even the simplest wedding gown. There is something endearing about a white gown with delicate details like lace on sheer fabric. It is both sexy and classic. It is no wonder that more and more brides prefer this design in their wedding dresses.

Here are five reasons why this fashion trend is one of our favorites.

#1 It is a superb option for women who dread strapless designs

Not every bride is comfortable in a strapless dress. Although it may look great, strapless wedding gowns are not high on comfort. The neckline may shift and unless it is perfectly fitted, a bride may keep tugging at it and look uncomfortable throughout the day. Illusion necklines allow brides to carry off the strapless style with a supporting element that is both stylish and beautiful. So, it is a strapless, with straps; could it get any better than that?

#2 Illusion necklines are subtly sexy

You can be sexy without exposing any skin, and this is one trait of illusion necklines. Illusion necklines add instant glamour to your bridal look. Not only do you look more sexy because of the sheer layer, it is a tasteful choice that is appropriate for almost any type of wedding. The demure bride’s femininity is played up and her charm is enhanced manifold with this pattern. Gowns that feature illusion work at the back as well, are a sight to behold. Sheer fabric in the neckline and back instantly make it more sexy, and render a picture-perfect charm.

#3 Illusion necklines eliminate the need for a necklace

The details of these dress necklines are usually so fantastic, that you do not need a necklace to draw attention to your neck and decolletage. Not only can you thus save hours of time searching for the perfect necklace, you can still sport a one-of-a-kind look. For the simpler versions, where the neckline is just a sheer fabric layer without embellishments, you can pair it with a necklace and dress it up.

#4 Illusion necklines suit both mature and young brides

The sheer layer of an illusion gown may be paired with any neckline on the bodice. There are options that end high, or plunge generously at the cleavage. There are enough options in all silhouettes, fabric and designs to suit every bride, whether she is in her twenties or forties, or is slim or curvy.

#5 The details on sheer are fantastic, but not overbearing

The beauty of this neckline is that it brings together fantastic details that subtly enhance the beauty of a gown. When the details are on a sheer layer, they are more visible, and classic. The same details that would look overwhelming on a thicker fabric gown, look pleasant on an illusion neckline. Sparkling accents can be kept to a minimum or used suitably, and it can still look picture perfect.

Do you love this trend as much as we do?

Visit our bridal collection at Best for Bride for a beautiful selection of bridal gowns with illusion necklines, to make your pick today.

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Step up the drama with a gorgeous back design for your wedding dress

Your wedding is a day when you should look splendid in every way. While you may have chosen a great wedding dress with fantastic detailing on the bodice and skirt, have you paid attention to what is on the back of the dress? If you haven’t, you simply should! After all, your guests will be facing your back for quite some time, during your wedding ceremony..

Gone are the days when the back of a wedding dress was a simple corset or a closed zipper. Today, the trend is to look dramatic from every angle, including the back. Don’t worry about your veil getting in the way of looking glamorous from the back. Either keep it short, avoid it altogether, or take it off after the ceremony, so you can flaunt the gorgeous details at the back of your wedding dress.

As the TLC website mentions, wedding designers have been creative with crafting dramatic wedding dress backs, as this is what brides are after.

So, here are some of our favorites from the collection at Best for Bride, to inspire you. Get ready to swoon!

Mon Cheri Sophia Tolli Y21519

This masterpiece from the Sophia Tolli collection uses a simple element to add drama to the traditional wedding gown. A generously cut out keyhole back flaunted by floral motifs allows the bride to show off her sexy back, when she styles her hair in a pretty up-do, or when it falls to shoulder length.

Mori Lee 2719 Spring 2015

Spectacular Alencon lace motifs span the back of this majestic wedding dress from the Mori Lee collection. Sheer cutouts at either side join to form a strand of fabric buttons at the center and springs of floral clusters border this line. If there is a design that your guests won’t mind staring at throughout the ceremony, it has to be one like this.

Jasmine Couture Spring 2015 – T172011

Don’t you feel comfortable exposing your back with an illusion design? Don’t let that keep you from looking great, for here is a fantastic choice for a modest look that is still stunning. Beautiful fans of Venice lace dance in rhythm throughout the back of this beautiful gown, culminating in a strand of silky satin buttons at the center. Simplistic, yet elegant, it is a perfect choice for the bride who aims for an elegant wedding day look.

Mori Lee 2684 Tulle Wedding Gown

There are few dresses that get all the details perfect, as does this Tulle wedding gown from the Mori Lee Collection. Enhancing the illusion neckline effect of the splendid wedding dress, is a back that has a rich scattering of sparkle. The sheer lace illusion is spectacular and the contrasting shimmer adds extra pizzazz to the striking ball gown.

Weren’t these dresses gorgeous? The good news is that this is only the icing on the cake. We have many more fantastic dresses with exquisite back details in our collection at Best for Bride. Visit our online gallery and find the one that is your favorite.

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5 Non-traditional wedding dresses for the bold bride

All of us love the beautiful ball gown. Nonetheless, a bride in a different bridal outfit is refreshing, and let’s face it, we all do like the drama of something unique.

Brides today have it easy, with ace designers bringing forth many a wedding dress that makes it distinct. Whether it is the color, the fabric, the design or even the patterns on it, a bride can choose to show off her personality through the wedding dress she wears on the most important day of her life.

Let us look at some of the brilliant and unusual wedding dresses we have in our Alfred Angelo collection at Best for Bride. Which one will you love the most?



What do you think of this Grecian goddess inspired Alfred Angelo 2515 gown from the 2015 bridal collection? Everything from the criss-cross draped bodice to the sheer lace that begins at the corner of the bodice and extends into a low cut sheer back, makes this dreamy gown an exquisite piece. The light, breezy nature of the chiffon gown renders it an ideal choice for a beach wedding. The gathered A-line skirt is a universal choice that will suit any body type.



The new Alfred Angelo collection is all about surprises, as this fabulous wedding dress proves again. The 2512 NT modern fit gown from the 2015 collection is a masterpiece of glamour. The snugly fitting sweetheart neckline frames the bust and a moonstone style waistband that is thicker to one side of the torso are both stylish. There is no beating the perfectly executed high-low hemline with scalloped lace details. Now, if you want a more traditional look for the ceremony, it is possible with the detachable skirt that can be bought with the dress. Isn’t that a brilliant way to take you from morning to evening?



Now, here is a dress for the bride who wants to make sure she is the star of the day. This Alfred Angelo 2483 wedding dress from the 2015 collection will ensure that no bridesmaid nor wedding guest steals your thunder. Featuring a horsehair crumb catcher neckline and an asymmetrically layered skirt, the dress is poufy, but with personality. We can see many younger brides falling in love with this dress, and yes, it is the right choice if you want everyone’s jaw to drop as you make your appearance. The high-low hemline has a casual look, and the crisp layers that spread throughout the length add a mesmerizing touch to this wedding dress.



Bewitching and distinct, this black and white wedding 2455 wedding gown from the 2014 collection is unusually interesting. We’ve seen many colored wedding dresses before, but not many create an impact as powerful as this gown does. The sprinkling of black appliques on a pristine white base, all the way down the bodice to the dropped waist, and the culmination in a foam of white spray is fascinating. The sleeves too have black lace appliques to complete the effect.

So, what do you think of these unusually exciting wedding dresses? Will you be bold enough to try any of these yourself? To check out even more unique wedding gowns, check out our bridal gallery on Best for Bride.