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Breaking wedding traditions: Bridesmaids in White

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If you thought that white was for the bride, it is no longer the case. Ever since Kate Middleton introduced us to her bridal entourage in white, it’s been a hit and more celebrities have followed suit.

One reason why white isn’t usually chosen for bridesmaids, is to avoid any confusion on who the bride is. Interestingly, this prompts us to take a closer look at the tradition of having bridesmaids in the first place. Did you know that bridesmaids originally had a far more important role in a wedding, than they do today? It was to protect the bride from evil spirits! In order to achieve this, bridesmaids were intended to dress just like the bride.

Where modern weddings are concerned, the last thing you want is to see the entire bridal party looking the same. So, while we toss superstition aside and step away from dressing up the bridesmaids to resemble the bride, let us not write off white as a dress color for the bridal party. Here is why!

White balances and blends with any color palette

White is refreshingly beautiful and renders a casual, relaxed vibe to the ceremony. This is a neutral that blends into any décor, and if you have some unusual color themes at your wedding, you can create a balance with white as your bridesmaids dress color. Also, with white, you will be spoilt for choices where the bouquets and rest of the colors in your wedding décor are concerned.

If you are having a white winter wedding, or a chic beach wedding, white for your bridesmaids would be a beautiful choice. White goes with white, but it would be an even better choice for your bridesmaids dresses if your wedding gown is in an uncoventional color. In this case, choose white and you needn’t worry about it clashing with the color of your wedding dress.

Factors to remember when choosing white for your bridesmaids

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If you’ve made your mind to go with white for your maids, remember that bridesmaids dresses come in varying shades of white, just like bridal dresses do. So, you have to choose from ivory, milky-white and diamond. Ensure that all your bridesmaids are in the same shade of white, so the look is cohesive.

If your bridal gown is in white, let your bridesmaids dresses be in a length that is different from yours. With the bride in a gorgeous gown, there is no chance of confusion. Nevertheless, choose a different silhouette and neckline pattern to keep it interesting and to add more visual interest. Another option is to choose the bridesmaids dresses in white lace or with ruffles, to add a dreamy and delicate touch to your wedding.This is perfect for an outdoor wedding, where the white will pop against the natural background.

At Best for Bride, we have a large collection of bridesmaids dresses, both in white and colors, to draw inspiration from, and to choose for your favorite girls on your big day. Visit us to browse our online gallery, for all your wedding shopping needs and for valuable wedding tips and advice.

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Wedding dress selection for Petite Brides made easy

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Women come in different shapes and sizes, with no two of them exactly alike. While it is important to find a beautiful wedding dress, it is also necessary that it suits your build if you are to look fabulous on your wedding day. Most dresses, including bridal gowns, are designed for the average woman, who is at least 165cm tall. It is not  as easy to find a dress that satisfies your preferences if you are on either end of the size spectrum, than if you are an average-sized woman. However, it is possible.

You may not have too many choices, but you can still find a fantastic dress, if you know what features would look best on you. Here, we will take a look at the dress styles that particularly favor petite brides.

Who is a petite bride?

Petite women have small body frames. They are short, with tiny waists. Petite sized dresses are designed and specially created for women who have a height of 160cm (5ft 3 in) or less.

A petite woman wouldn’t look good in a dress that isn’t designed for petite measurements. This is because, it isn’t easy to alter a regular dress to a petite size without introducing too many tucks and seams. This would spoil the overall finish, and the dress may not look elegant on a small-built woman.

What should petite brides look for in a dress?

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A petite bride would benefit from a dress that creates the illusion of few extra inches. This is possible by choosing a gown with a waistline above the natural waist. An empire waist gown, or one that gathers under the bust and flows into the skirt from a cleverly elevated waistline will elongate your torso.

Another pattern suitable for petites is the fit and flare style, where the dress snugly clings to the body all the way from the bust, to your waist and hips and flares out into a layered skirt at the knees. This creates the illusion of height. There is another benefit to choosing such a mermaid-inspired gown. With this pattern, you can flaunt your best feature—a slim, natural waist that many women would die for.

If you are petite, you are born to look gorgeous in a close-fitting sheath pattern. There aren’t many other body types who can carry off this look, like you can.

What to avoid in your wedding dress

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While details add splendor and sophistication, you should restrict the amount of embellishments if you are a petite bride. A detailed bodice would be great, but be wary of huge waistbands, bows or too many details in the skirt.

Avoid a dress with a dropped waist, or a heavily layered skirt that will drown you. Instead, look for ruffles that cascade down the side, or add texture to the bodice.

Your wedding day is all about looking glamorous and feeling so. Show off your best features—your well-toned shoulders, slim waist and huge smile, and you will be the perfectly petite bride.

For dresses that are exclusively designed for petite brides, check out our Perfectly Petite collection at BestforBride and make your pick.

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Latest bridesmaids dress trends that are worth a look

Your bridesmaids are not only your best girlfriends, they are also a crucial part of your wedding décor. Hence, their dress selection is a very important factor in your wedding. Make a wise choice and not only will your bridesmaids be happy about being a big part of your wedding day, your wedding décor will also be fresh and inspiring. Here we look at three noteworthy trends that can provide a refreshing look to your bridal party.

Off-the-shoulder neckline

This look has been a favorite on the runway this year. The neckline flatters almost every body type. Whether you choose a short dress or a long gown featuring an off-the-shoulder neckline for your bridesmaids, it will be sexy, sophisticated and stylish. A pretty dress like the Angelina Faccenda 20453 from the Mori Lee Collection, with a ruched bodice and embellishments on the straps, will have your bridesmaids eagerly looking forward to dressing up for your big day.


Ruffles on a gown add extra feminine appeal to the dress and the wearer. Whether you want ruffles in the neck details, throughout the bodice, or only in the skirt, there are no dearth of choices. Ruffles make a dress exciting and fun, by adding extra texture. You can have your ladies in full-bodied ruffle skirts, short frocks with ruffles in the bodice or just a layer of ruffles appearing somewhere along the neckline, to create a statement. Take a look at this super stylish ruffled dress from the Mori Lee Bridesmaids Fall 2014 collection. Don’t you think it will pep up your wedding day with both color and style?


There was a time when embellishments were restricted to wedding gowns, and bridesmaids dresses always looked the same. This is no longer the story. Today, embellished gowns for bridesmaids bring sparkle and shine to your wedding venue. You do not have to go over the top and find a dress that is decorated all over; a few subtle sparkling details can make all the difference between a boring dress and a fantastic one. Look at this stunning bridesmaid dress from the Mori Lee Spring 2015 collection. It brings together two of the trends we discussed. An off-the-shoulder neckline gives way to a ruched bodice, and the finishing touches of this spectacular dress are added by the perfect accessory, a scintillating waistband.

When your bridesmaids are entirely different from each other in looks, build and personality, satisfying all of them may be difficult. This is when you should consider going for diverse designs, tied together by a single element. This could be the color or design of the gown. A clever idea is to go with multi-way dresses that are versatile enough to allow your girls to wear it in the way that suits their body shape. This way they would all look different, yet the same!

Best for Bride has a vast collection with bridesmaids dresses of all types to choose from. Create an impact on your wedding day with unique bridesmaids dresses from our large collection.