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How to save on Wedding dress alterations

It is very unlikely that you will find a wedding dress that fits you perfectly. Any dress you buy off-the-rack will require minimum alterations, so it is just right for you. Hence, it is necessary that you set aside a part of your wedding dress budget to account for alteration costs.

The amount you will have to pay for altering your dress depends on the extent of work that has to be done. So, the less work your dress requires, the lesser you will have to pay to get it done.

Keep this factor in mind.

Let us now look at how you can minimize your wedding dress alteration costs, by first choosing your dress properly.

Choose a size that is closest to your actual measurements

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When the dress size is accurately chosen, it will require minimum work to fit perfectly. When you choose a dress that is much bigger, remember that the measurements will be bigger not just for the sides, but for the neckline, the shoulders and the bust. So, just taking the sides in will not do. You should ideally choose one that is no more than one or two sizes bigger, so altering it won’t be too difficult.

Simpler gowns are easier to alter

The more embellishments the gown has, the more difficult it will be to replicate the look when it is altered. So, you will have to pay for the effort that goes in. A gown that has less detailing, or doesn’t need much work around the embellishments, can save you some money.

Also remember that the more fabric a gown involves, the more work it will correspond to. So, it is only logical that a ball gown skirt will cost more than an A-line skirt when being altered.

Customizing is costly

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If you are certain that you want your wedding dress to sport a certain neckline or have sleeves, it is better to look at gowns that already have this feature, than choosing another and having it customized with this factor. Transforming a gown to look different is expensive, and it may sometimes end up losing its original charm in the process.

Look for versatile features

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A gown with a corset-back usually requires little to no changes in the bodice to fit you, when chosen in the right size. Where the skirt is concerned, it will be easier to shorten a wedding gown that doesn’t have too many details at the hemline, as it can be cut to the right length without worrying about losing any details. If you choose a longer gown with an embellished hemline, it will have to be shortened by taking fabric out at the waist, and this takes more effort and time.

On a final note, remember that wedding dresses are complex garments, and not everyone may be able to work on it. In your attempt to save money, don’t make the mistake of entrusting the job to someone who isn’t familiar with wedding gowns. Keep the above points in mind when buying your wedding dress and have the alterations done by a professional seamstress, so your wedding gown will look just right for your big day.

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Beginner’s Guide: How to Embellish a Wedding Dress – Everything You Need To Know

wedding dress styles lace white wedding dress

More and more couples are using their creativity to enhance the wedding with DIY decorations and centerpieces. The DIY trend isn’t stopping with decorations. Brides are always on the hunt of how to embellish a wedding dress and adding details in different ways to give it a personal touch. They might add fantastic little details such as beads or appliqués. Whether it is a smidge more lace or covering the entire bodice with beading, the options are endless to customize the bridal dress.

There are several advantages when you embellish a wedding dress. Let us look at what they are.

Different advantages of adding wedding gown embellishments

When you embellish a wedding dress, your bridal gown will look more expensive

Beginner’s Guide: How to Embellish a Wedding Dress - Everything You Need To Know

Embellishments can be used to upgrade the overall look of a simple and inexpensive wedding dress. Brides will know that an embellished gown can be pricey. So, if you are on a budget but want to enjoy the look for less, embellishments are the way to go. With the right choice of embellishments, you can add a gaudy touch to a simple wedding gown and make it look more expensive than what you actually paid for it.

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Delicate and dainty lace dresses for a charming bridal look

There is an enduring and timeless charm that is unique to lace. Lace in a wedding dress, however small it may be, accentuates femininity and is always elegant.

Today’s wedding dresses bring you countless choices in lace details. With elaborate gowns entirely engulfed in lace, to lace forming few delicate details, or striking motifs encrusted with crystal beading and metallic embroidery in the bodice or skirt alone, there is no limit to what you can do with lace.

Here, let us look at some fabulous lace gowns, to understand how the placement of lace in different locations creates a specific look.

Lace in the neckline and sleeves

A neckline may be created with just lace, or with lace over sheer. The latter acts as an embellished neckline, that renders a modest touch to an otherwise revealing neckline. Scalloped lace edges generate a sophisticated look, and even a simple bateau or scoop neckline can look spectacular with this additional detail. High necklines with lace and encrusted with crystal eliminate the need for a necklace.

Similarly, lace can be used to define the sleeve borders, or even create the sleeves and add a whimsical touch, whether it is cap-sleeves, three-fourth sleeves or even full-sleeves.

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In this lovely MoriLee dress, Venice lace appliques border a sheer neckline and form cap sleeves, adding extra charm to the overall look.

Lace either in the bodice or in the skirt

If you do not want lace details to entirely define your wedding gown, you can choose between gowns that employ lace to embellish the bodice, or limit it to the layers of the skirt. Embellished lace is a modern trend, and it adds subtle charm to the dress without overwhelming details. A dress with lace either in the bodice or skirt looks glamorous when paired with satin or silk in the other half, while it is classic and elegant when mixed with tulle or organza.

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In this fantastic MoriLee ball gown, lace overlays engulf the bodice, while the skirt is in delicate layers of tulle. The additional embellishments and the basque waist work well with the lace to create an ultra-feminine and royal look.

Lace on the hemline

Pure lace, or lace overlays in the hemline add a feathery touch to any gown. Pretty lace scallops that cascade over a wide hemline look exquisitely ornate. While some gowns may feature lace all over the skirt, there are also others with clusters of floral lace motifs decorating the skirt and train, and spreading out in thicker bunches over the hemline.

All-over lace

For those brides who simply love lace, and can’t get enough of it, you can opt for dresses with all-over lace. With embellishments and bold as well as delicate floral motifs dancing along the entire length of the bodice, skirt, sleeves and train, you will be a mesmerizing sight in lace. With such a spectacular gown, go easy with the accessories and let the dress do the talking.

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This MoriLee mermaid gown with all over Chantilly lace boasts of a sheer mock bolero, and three-quarter sleeves that will render you the epitome of grace.

To learn more about these wonderful masterpieces in lace, as well as check out more gowns featuring this detail, check out the unique bridal collection at Best for Bride.

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Shapes of Sweet Bliss at your wedding: A guide to classic Cake Shapes

If there is a wedding decision which allows the couple to have a lot of fun with, it has to be selecting the wedding cake. Wedding cakes today, are true works of art, and while you dream up your vision of sugary goodness, your wedding baker will do all the hard work to make it real.

More and more couples are going for elegant, striking tiered wedding cakes, that form the canvas for elaborate decorations matching the wedding décor, or even the details of the bridal dress. While the classic round white wedding cake has been around for a while, there are more shapes and designs to experiment with. Let us take a look at the most popular wedding cake shapes and some spectacular cakes crafted in these shapes.


Best for Bride
Best for Bride

The traditional wedding cake is round and simple. However, this simple shape forms the backdrop for a range of patterns, textures and colors. Beautiful round cakes with each layer designed uniquely, or decorated with pretty details like ribbons, pearls or flowers would be magnificent when done by an expert baker.

Sometimes, less is more! Simply changing the colors of the various tiers to tie it to the wedding décor, and adding the couple’s initials or an interesting cake topper are all it takes to make it a masterpiece.



Square wedding cakes look modern and add a touch of sophistication. The tiers may be layered one beneath the other, but when each layer is placed at a right angle to the above layer, it creates more visual interest. You can opt to soften the edges or use embellishments like flowers or ribbons to accentuate the angular effect. For an even more modern take on this style, you can choose pentagons, hexagons or other polygons to create a striking appearance.


Also known as the scallop shape, this is a soft, charming shape which is the perfect choice for an outdoor or garden theme wedding. A cake in this shape doesn’t require too much help to create an impact on the table. It looks splendid when encrusted with beads, pearls, ribbons and minimum embellishments, which still allow the shape to show through.

Mix and match

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The current trend is to mix two or more shapes in alternate layers to create a stunning wedding cake. The most commonly mixed shapes are square and round, and the result is a striking sculpture that really captures everyone’s attention.

Topsy turvy cakes

This design is the go-to choice for many young couples. It is modern and makes a bold, quirky statement. The layers of the tiered cake are asymmetrical, and look wild with geometrical patterns and colorful textured frosting. It is a good choice for a fun, casual party, but may not be the best for traditional affairs.

Best for Bride offers you the best in cake designs, and can customize your wedding cake to be all that you ever wanted. Check out our online gallery for a sample of the designs we can do for your wedding day.