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Ushers at Church Weddings for Brides and Grooms: Everything You Need to Know

Ushers at Church Weddings for Brides and Grooms: Everything You Need to Know

When you attend a church wedding, the ushers are there to help direct you. They seat the bridal party and guests and ensure everything goes smoothly during the ceremony. But did you know that ushers can also be used at non-church weddings? In this blog post, we’ll discuss the role of ushers at weddings and provide tips on choosing the right ones for your big day. So whether you’re getting married in a church or not, read on to learn more!

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Pros and Cons of Different Wedding Venues: Everything You Need To Know

Pros and Cons of Different Wedding Venues Everything You Need To Know

The overall impact of your wedding depends on the venue you pick. This is because your choice of location affects the theme, décor, lighting and other aspects of your wedding. It even affects your dress decision to a great extent. Hence, the venue decision isn’t one to take lightly. In fact, it is one of the first wedding planning decisions that every couple should make.

From indoor venues like barns, banquet halls and castles to outdoor venues like beaches and gardens, there are plenty of options to choose from. However, there are so many factors to consider when choosing your wedding venue. These include the following

  • Your budget
  • Expected number of guests
  • Accessibilty of location
  • Desired wedding theme
  • Style of wedding
  • Weather at the time of wedding

While these factors are important, this list isn’t exhaustive. There are many more aspects that you have to consider when choosing the venue.

Don’t worry if you are confused or overwhelmed by this. Fortunately, we have an easy way to help you narrow down your choices to the right type of venue for your wedding!

Take a look at our list of pros and cons for the different venue types. This will help you weigh each option against the others and eliminate or short-list the suggested venue type. This should allow you to recognize the best venue for your situation. So, let us take a look at the most popular venue types one by one.

Hotels/Banquet halls

hotel banquet hall gown
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How to match your bridesmaids dresses to your wedding style and venue

If you thought to choose the perfect wedding gown was a big challenge, wait till you start looking for your bridesmaids dresses!

Apart from your personal preferences, there are many other factors to consider. The dresses you choose should not only look good on the women who wear it, but they should also be suitable for the wedding theme.

In my previous post, we looked at how to choose wedding dresses for different wedding venues. Although not easy, it is possible to identify whether a dress is suitable for a wedding venue. Making the right pick is important. Unless the dress you choose matches the venue, you will not look like you belong. Meanwhile, it is equally important that this choice reflects your personality and personal style.

Once you make this decision, the next challenge is to choose bridesmaids dresses. These dresses should complement your wedding dress. After all, your bridesmaids contribute to the visual scenery at your wedding. Their outfits, hair, and makeup will make a difference to the impact of your wedding. Hence this task requires few hours of research and planning.

In today’s post, the fashion team at Best for Bride will tell you how to do it right. We will look at different wedding venues and wedding styles and explore appropriate bridesmaid dress styles for each of them. The accompanying pictures will give you a good idea of what we mean. I suggest that you use them as inspiration to plan your own wedding party look. So, let’s get started!

Formal wedding in a Church or house of worship

Church weddings are old-fashioned and definitely traditional. Most brides choose timeless, classic dress styles for these weddings. Veils, tiaras, and long trains are signature elements at a traditional church wedding.

Take cues from your own attire to choose a suitable style for your bridesmaids dresses. Aim for simplicity, but make sure their outfits reflect sophistication. Stay away from short hemlines or other revealing dress styles. These will look out of place in the setting. Structured silhouettes and classic dress styles are ideal.

Style suggestions: Full-length gowns in structured silhouettes look grand in traditional settings. Or go for a hemline that ends at the knee or below. Traditional cuts like the A-line, fit and flare or styles with a fitted bodice look stunning. Single solid colors are recommended. Fabrics like satin and chiffon are suitable. Considering the nature of the wedding, it is a good idea to pick classy accessories. Aim for a feminine, polished look with tasteful accessories, classic make-up, and traditional hairstyles.

This is the Mori Lee 121 Beaded Lace dress with cap-sleeves and illusion neckline is sophisticated with a fit and flare silhouette and satin waistband.

The 6740 A-line crepe gown from After Six bridesmaids collection is simple and uncluttered, but elegant. The classic neckline and sleeves render it suitable for a traditional wedding.

Ballroom wedding

A ballroom wedding is a formal affair, one that has a luxurious ambiance. Most brides make their choice between a modern, stylish silhouette and a traditional dress style like the ball gown for such weddings. Either way, the idea is to stand out from the rest of the crowd. Bridesmaids dresses in timeless, classic colors that flow to full-length will effectively complement your look.

Style Suggestions: Full-length gowns are an ideal bridesmaid dress style if your wedding is a formal affair. For a modern theme, choose dress details like off-the-shoulder or halter necklines. These features create a signature look and will stand out.

Chiffon is a fabric to consider, as it is comfortable to wear as well as dance in. You can also look for dresses with signature motifs in the bodice, or with features like ruffles or embellishments for a dressy look. Pay attention to the neckline and draping, as it can make a huge difference to the final result. Soft flowing solid colored gown packs a punch and will stand out in any setting.

The 6726 full-length A-line bridesmaid dress from After Six collection is glamorous and stylish, and thus perfect for a ballroom wedding. The soft tulle fabric makes the drape impeccable, and the scintillating silver bodice is dressy.

Elegant and attractive, the Mori Lee 141 chiffon full-length gown features an off-the-shoulder neckline detail. Additionally, thin spaghetti straps support the bodice.

Rustic wedding venues like barns

Characterized by the intimacy and casual nature of the venue and décor, these weddings continue to be a huge hit. The warm and cozy venue has a relaxed and laid-back effect. This is easily carried through when you choose lace bridal gowns and vintage-inspired dress styles. It is suggested to choose a relaxed dress silhouette to match the ambiance and formality of the event.

It isn’t too difficult to find bridesmaids dresses that are suitable for this type of venue. Take inspiration from vintage styles and also consider how practical a dress will be for the venue you have chosen.

Style suggestions: If you have chosen a lace wedding dress, why not put your girls in lace too? The textures will have a cohesive effect. You can vary the length and neckline from your gown, so the dresses aren’t too similar.

Although long gowns are fine, dresses with shorter hemlines that end at knee-length are better suited. You can also choose dresses in sturdy fabrics with lace accents in the bodice or skirt. These will be simple, but good-looking. Allow each bridesmaid to choose a suitable neckline from strapless to fully-covered. Not only will this have a mix and match effect, but it will also look elegant. Mix different colors from the same color family for a more interesting effect.

The Jasmine B173010 is a romantic dress with the criss-cross empire-waist bodice. The lace details in the dress and the embellished shoulder straps add textural finesse.

The 31034 from the Mori Lee collection features all-over lace and a stunning strapless bodice. With a short hemline and uncluttered look, the dress is suitable for a barn wedding or other rustic style affair.

Beach wedding

A beach wedding is casual and relaxed. Brides usually opt for unconventional choices when their wedding venue is a beach. You may be looking at soft, flowing gowns in light, breathable fabric for your own wedding dress. After all, this is both pretty and practical in the natural ambiance. It is also sensible to avoid a train and keep the hemline short for your own dress.

Use your own dress choice as the guide to finding bridesmaids dresses that go well with this theme. The last thing you want on your hands is a bridesmaid who trips and falls. So, long hemlines are definitely off the list. Keep it short and smart, and it will be functional.

Fun and flirty styles are ideal for beach bridesmaids. The weather will most likely be hot and humid. So, choose fabrics that do not show sweat and are comfortable in the heat. Experiment with soft, fluttering fabrics that look right in the natural environment. Go with bright, tropical colors or neutral shades to make them stand out. Muted colors can look washed out and too subtle in the natural background. So, avoid them.

If it is a destination wedding, don’t forget to pick dresses that travel well. Low-maintenance dresses that do not wrinkle easily are the best. It should be possible to easily press the dresses to look perfect, as your bridesmaids will have to transport their dresses on a flight. Find more tips on how to plan a destination wedding in this previous article.

Style suggestions: Both loosely draped and fitted silhouettes are equally suitable. A-line dress styles are the other popular choice. Mix and match necklines to make the overall effect more fun. Strapless, halter, one-shoulder, and sleeveless styles are usually perfect for the occasion. Dresses with soft ruffles and loose pleats add interesting texture.

Heavy embellishments will look out of place. Keep the accessories including jewelry and bouquets small. Bright floral bouquets in small sizes are usually beautiful in these settings. Choose flat heels or pumps that make it easy to walk over the uneven terrain.

Casual and light, the B173001 bridesmaid dress from the Jasmine collection is perfect for a beach wedding. The halter-style neckline is an extension of the draped chiffon bodice, and it adds to the overall casual nature.

Stylish and sexy, the Mori Lee 31043 is a smart, but practical dress for a beach wedding. The single shoulder-strap detail and criss-cross bodice add more charm to the dress.

Garden wedding

A garden wedding is the epitome of romance. With lush greenery in the natural background, little décor is needed to make it more attractive. The natural outdoors makes the entire mood light, fun, and relaxed. However, being an outdoor venue, there are more constraints than choosing dresses for indoor venues. Unless the wedding is in early spring, it can be warm and humid. Breathable fabrics are ideal in this scenario. Go with romantic, feminine patterns for the dress to be suitable for the natural vibe at this venue.

Style suggestions: Lace increases the feminine appeal of a dress, and is suitable for a garden wedding. Dresses with shorter hemlines are also very beautiful. Soft, flowy fabric with few embellishments look beautiful and attractive.

Keep the colors simple and soft, with pastels and other muted colors for a charming and elegant effect. Choose dresses that show off just enough skin to be feminine, but not provocative. Mix and match different necklines from strapless to cap-sleeves, so your bridesmaids can all pick styles that suit them best.

Perfect for spring, the Alfred Sung D724CP is a beautiful sateen twill dress with bright floral prints in the skirt. Set against a stark white bodice, the dress is representative of spring itself.

In an A-line silhouette with a strapless neckline, the 113 tulle Mori Lee bridesmaid dress is just right for an outdoor garden wedding.

City Hall Wedding

We haven’t seen brides with too many bridesmaids when they plan their wedding is at City Hall. Nevertheless, for the few that will be in the bridal party, you have to find a suitable, smart, and chic attire that makes them look special. The occasion is formal. So, a full-length gown or a cocktail dress that is well-tailored and structured would look good.

Style Suggestions: Always choose dresses with the definite structure for your bridesmaids. If you will be wearing a full-length wedding gown, go with long gowns with uncluttered embellishments for your bridesmaids. Equally suitable are dresses that end below knee-length and have a definite shape. Go with formal styles to keep it appropriate. Dresses with sleeves look good. Similarly, experiment with necklines that are stylish-but modest. Keep the accessories, hair, and makeup simple and uncluttered. Stay away from too much bling, as this can work against the look you want.

Smart and uncluttered, the color block feature of the 2956 from the Dessy Bridesmaid collection is a dress that is good for a City Hall wedding.

The Mori Lee 31042 features a sleeveless V-neckline with the criss-cross bodice, pleated skirt and zipper back.

While this guide will help you obtain a general idea of what should work at your wedding, remember that these are not the only options to explore. When choosing your bridesmaids dresses, do your research and shopping with an open mind. This will improve your chances of finding exactly what you want your favorite girls to wear on your special day.

At Best for Bride, we have an impressive range of bridesmaids dresses from world-class designer collections. Most dresses come in a whole range of colors, making it easy for you to find the dress you want. Start your research early, narrow down your choices, and consult your bridesmaids before you make your final decision. The earlier you get on with this task, the more time you will have to make a wise choice. Click on this link to go to our page of bridesmaids dress collections.

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Perfect Pairings—Matching your wedding dress style to your venue

Your wedding venue and wedding dress are very important factors, where the wedding theme is concerned. When you choose the right dress for the venue, the cohesive effect makes it all come together. This is beautiful as you will look like you belong there.


The wedding gown should look good. Nevertheless, it is equally important to be comfortable for the chosen venue. The weather and location are both relevant factors to make sure your dress is appropriate for the venue.

Fortunately, there is enough variety in wedding dress styles, to satisfy all these factors. Plan your shopping well, so you will have enough time to explore your options. You can then zero-in on a dress that ticks all the boxes.

Today, we will look at dress suggestions that are suitable for various types of venues. But before that, there are two main rules to keep in mind for an easy and practical dress search. Let me tell you what they are.

#Rule 1: Always go dress shopping after finalizing the venue

Begin your wedding dress shopping after you choose the venue, not before. This is because your dress should be comfortable as well as practical in the chosen setting. If you pick your dress first, there is a bigger risk of the dress not being suitable. This is especially if you have to choose a different venue, which can cause several other factors about the wedding to change. For instance, if the new venue has a staircase, a mermaid-style dress may be inconvenient to get around from one place to another.

#Rule 2: Always shop early

I can never stress enough the importance of shopping in advance. As soon as you have an idea of the type of wedding you want, shortlist venue choices. Next, start the research for your dress. Go shopping soon after you lay down the deposit for your venue. It will take time to narrow down your choices and locate the right boutiques. You should then book appointments.

Your task isn’t complete even after you choose the dress. Afterwards, you have to get your alterations done and buy accessories. All this can take anywhere between six and nine months. So, prepare early to do it right.

Now that you know these important rules, let us move on to the list of dresses we have compiled. Take a look at the different styles our fashion experts at Best for Bride suggest for different wedding venues.

Church wedding or wedding in a house of worship

This is the traditional type of wedding. Thus, it comes with a set of rules that the bride is expected to follow. The wedding is formal in nature. Since the guests realize this, they tend to dress their best when the function is held in a house of worship. Choose a dress with huge impact, to stand out against the crowd. A dress with a long train (chapel length or more) is ideal, as it looks grand in this setting. Traditional accessories like a veil are suitable for this venue.

Many traditional religious venues do not encourage revealing dress styles. So you may have to avoid strapless styles. Check with your chosen venue, in case of doubt. Either choose a dress with cap sleeves or longer sleeves, or add an accessory. You can wear a bolero or jacket for the ceremony over a strapless dress for the reception. Luxurious fabric finishes like satin or elegant classics like lace are suitable for this venue.

Style suggestions:

The Mori Lee 2875 is a cap-sleeve tulle gown with intricate embroidery on the bodice. It also has a luxurious ball gown skirt. The dress easily creates an impact with its elegant details. It features the right placement of beautiful embellishments along the neckline, sleeves and waistline. The modest details and majestic train make it suitable for a church venue.

This vintage-inspired lace wedding dress from the Mori Lee collection is an ideal choice for a formal church wedding. Lace details extend from the neckline along the fitted silhouette to knee-length, and make the gown a classic beauty. The illusion style neckline is modest, but stylish. The snug silhouette shows off the natural curves. This dress is bound to impress with its touch of vintage class.


Ballroom wedding

You have more flexibility when choosing a dress for any indoor venue other than a church. The choice should ultimately be based on the theme and formality of your chosen venue. Nevertheless, elegant and sophisticated dress styles are suitable for most indoor venues. Modern silhouettes and soft, luxurious fabric finishes look good on such occasions. Minimal details on the dress and simple, uncluttered styles are ideal for a modern, stylish look.

Style suggestions:

The 2880 Mori Lee Duchess satin dress is a dress that is ideal for a ballroom wedding. The scattering of intricate and ornate silver beading and embroidery in the bodice contrasts with the pristine white of the rest of the dress. The off-the-shoulder neckline detail adds a chic, modern look. It has a snug fitting silhouette, which makes this a dress just right for an intimate, formal indoor affair.

Next up, is a trumpet gown from the Sophia Tolli collection. It has beautiful details like metallic lace, a tiered skirt with lace trim and gorgeous sweetheart neckline that make it truly divine. The rich details in the bodice and skirt have a sophisticated effect. This renders the dress a perfect choice for an elegant ball room style reception.

Rustic venue like a barn

Venues like barns are intimate, warm and cozy. They are comfortable, with a relaxed and laid-back ambiance. When the dress you select reflects this effect, it will right for the venue of the event. Lace and chiffon are dress finishes that are ideal. Simple relaxed silhouettes that are not too tight or fitted are suitable. The sheath and A-line are examples. Short dress styles also look great. Accessories like the birdcage veil add a unique detail. Too many details and too ornate embellishments or big bold accessories will not compliment this theme.

Style Suggestions:

The 2816 from the Mori Lee collection has all-over Alencon lace details over soft satin. With cap-sleeves and a fit and flare silhouette, this dress has a vintage charm. Thus, it is just right for a barn style wedding. The soft white color of this dress will show up well against the characteristic warm yellow lights at a rustic venue.

The Mori Lee 6816 is another dress that is suitable for a rustic-style wedding. It has embroidered lace appliques on soft net in the bodice. This continues into the chiffon A-line skirt, with scintillating beaded straps that compliment it. The dress has just the right balance of details without being overwhelming or too elaborate.

Beach wedding

There are a number of factors to consider when you pick a dress for a venue like the beach. Airy and breathable light-weight fabrics are best suited for the natural ambiance. A long train is impractical due to the natural turf. Also, most beach wedding locations call for traveling. So, you need a light and minimal maintenance dress for easy of transport. Goddess-like styles are a big hit, as are dresses that do not feature a train. Take a look at our recommendations here.

Style Suggestions


A romantic, airy and light weight wedding dress, the Alfred Angelo 2564 is just right for your beach nuptials. It has just the right amount of details to make a statement. There are silver embellishments along the strapless sweetheart neckline and ruffles in the layered skirt. With a pleated criss-cross bodice and an empire waistline, the dress is remarkable and just right for the natural outdoors.

Modern, fun and flirty, the Mori Lee 6808 is a beautiful dress for a beach wedding. The simple A-line silhouette is embellished with a fully ruffled skirt. I like how this skirt resembles the ocean waves. It has an embellished bodice and a draped waistline, and looks as light as it actually is. The naturally textured look yields well to travel. It is a practical choice for a destination wedding at an exotic location. This Mori Lee masterpiece is definitely a dress to consider for the modern beach bride.

Garden wedding

Garden weddings have a warm, intimate feel. Hence, it is no wonder that this outdoor venue is one of the most romantic venues there is. Garden weddings are best held in spring and summer, when nature creates a glorious palette.

Remember that there are many natural elements to consider in the case of a garden wedding. Your dress should be both practical and comfortable. Fabrics that will not weigh you down are the best, and will let you move about the natural terrain conveniently. Also, delicate wedding dresses with lace and other soft and feminine elements look best in the natural greenery. Avoid heavy ball gowns and thickly layered skirts. Instead opt for soft lace or silky satin. Dresses with short hemlines are also ideal for the casual vibe at a garden wedding.

Style Suggestions

Here is a splendid dress from the Alfred Angelo collection. Designed in an A-line fashion, the 2565T is a net tea length dress. The silhouette and finish make it perfect for a warm spring or summer wedding. The plunging V-neckline with sheer modesty panel adds an element of mystique to the design. A scattering of lace appliques in the bodice and skirt create textural details to the dress. It is both a practical and pretty option for a fun garden wedding.

The 6796 Mori Lee dress in tulle is a delightfully attractive dress, that is buoyant and beautiful. It has light tiers that add drama to the slim ball gown silhouette. The dress is stylish without being overwhelming. Gentle criss-cross pleats in the bodice fashion an attractive sweetheart neckline. The only element of sparkle in the dress is the slender waistband. Airy and dramatic, this dress is just amazing for a garden wedding.

City hall wedding

If you will be saying your “I do’s” at City hall and having a small lunch afterwards, there are few rules to follow when choosing your dress. You can be as fashionable as you like. Or pick a dress that is as modern or as traditional as it gets! The trend, however, is to pick an outfit that is smart but dressy. In short, it should stand out and still make sure you look and feel like a bride! Here are some of our picks for this venue.

Style Suggestions

Here is a smart and minimalist, but interesting dress from the Sans Pareil collection. The 1034 has a sleeveless lace peplum top with frill detail at the waistline. Beneath the lace is a satin sheath that flows to floor length. The short train at the rear adds an essential traditional touch to this beautiful bridal gown.

Color your day with happiness, literally! Here is a colored wedding dress to do so. A dress like this 1007, from the Sans Pareil collection is ideal for a striking bridal look on your big day. With sheer cap sleeves and glittering crystal strands along the sweetheart bodice that thin towards the skirt, this dress is a real dazzler. Although it is different, it is attractive in a bridal way and the perfect outfit for your wedding at City Hall.

So, tell us, which of these wedding venues will you be wed at? And, which style of dress will you choose for your wedding day? Do let us know in the comments section below.

Best for Bride has the ideal range of wedding dresses for every venue and every wedding imaginable. Check out our collection online and shortlist your favorites. From modern and fashionable to classic and timeless, you can find the wedding dress of your dreams in our collection. Additional services like alterations and accessories are also available at Best for Bride, to meet every bridal need. Find out more about our services and collection range by visiting our website here.