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Wedding dress tips for brides in their forties

It isn’t unusual to find brides who wait till they are in their forties to tie the knot. Our opinion is that forty is the new twenty, and many women look their best at this age. So, if you are a bride in your 40’s, plan your wedding just like you would when you were in your twenties or thirties.

This article is dedicated to those of you beautiful women who are worried about the appropriate wedding attire when you plan your wedding when you are in your forties. So, here goes.

40s wedding

Go with your figure and personal style, instead of your age

If anything should determine the style of your wedding dress, it has to be your body shape. Follow the general guidelines of finding a silhouette that will bring out your best features while hiding the less attractive features. Here is an easy guide:

  • Hourglass shapes can carry off almost any dress
  • Apple and pear shaped women would look good in ball gowns
  • A-line dresses look good on almost every structure
  • Fit and flare gowns look best on hourglass figures
  • If you are petite, choose dresses that emphasize your upper body and make you look taller
  • If you are plus-sized, avoid sheath and empire-waist gowns

Choose a color that you like for your wedding gown

This article on The Guardian suggests that brides in their 40’s usually do not prefer white wedding gowns and equate typical wedding gowns to elaborate costumes. If this is the case for you, don’t feel obliged to wear white. Instead, choose an elegant gown in a color that complements your skin tone. Your wedding is all about you. So, whether you prefer a colored wedding dress or an elaborately embellished one, go with what you like.

Don’t worry about rules and how to fit in

There are no rights and wrongs in wedding fashion, or rules that say you have to go with a classic choice if you are in your forties. What looks good on one woman may not be the right choice for another. So, go with your instinct. If you are a bride who looks twenty, don’t hesitate to wear a dress that is designed for a twenty-year old. If your choices are mature and you prefer simple elegant dresses, go for it.

Pay attention to alterations

Don’t just settle for what you find off-the-rack. Set aside a part of your dress budget to alter your dress well. Wearing a well-fitted dress will itself make you look and feel fabulous. So, engage the services of a professional seamstress and make sure your dress fits you. If you aren’t comfortable with low cut necklines or strapless wedding gowns, remember that you can always customize a dress that you like. Just keep an open mind and let your bridal consultant help you find one that will make you a beautiful bride on your big day.

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Prepare for your wedding dress appointment: 5 Things to take along

via Best for Bride

Wedding dress shopping is exciting and finding the right wedding dress is something every bride eagerly looks forward to. However, before you begin wedding shopping, you need to do some research.

This will help you shortlist the desired silhouettes, dress patterns, fabric choices and most importantly, allow you to fix your budget. Once you have a good picture of what you want and what you don’t, you are set to go shopping. Call up the bridal boutique and fix your appointment, rope in your best friends to accompany you, and get set to attend your appointment.

Now, do you just walk in on the day of your appointment? Not quite. It isn’t a good idea to simply go for your appointment without a few essential items. Let us look at what these are.

Photos for inspiration

You may have seen a fabulous gown in a magazine or on the internet, that you are dying to try. Print out a picture, and better still take down the dress number and other information pertaining to the gown. This will allow your bridal consultant to locate that dress for you. When possible, inform the boutique of the dresses that you would like to check out, when you fix your appointment. This way, it is likely they will have it in their inventory in time for your appointment.

If your vision of “the dress” includes bits and pieces from various other gowns, take prints of all these gowns along, and share your ideas with your consultant. She will be able to help you find one that matches your expectations.

Suitable inner wear

A strapless bra is absolutely necessary for your bridal appointment, since it is the only one that works with strapless gowns, spaghetti straps, deep cut necklines or halter style dresses. Without this, you may not be able to visualize the actual look of the gown. If you will be wearing inner shape-wear on your big day, make sure you take this along as well.

A camera

Looking at yourself in the mirror is not good enough. Snap a few pictures on a camera or your phone and look at it to understand how you actually look from different angles, before you finalize your dress.


Although you may not have your wedding shoes yet, it is a good idea to wear shoes with the same heel height that you will be wearing to your wedding. This will allow you to see how the dress falls, and determine the length to which the hemline should be altered.

Heirlooms, accessories and hairstyle

Will you be wearing a family heirloom such as a veil or a headpiece? Or perhaps, you have already decided on the jewelry that you will be wearing on your wedding day. If so, bring these along, so you can decide whether it goes well with the dress you chose, or you have to continue looking. Also wear a hairstyle similar to what you will don on your wedding day, so you can see if a dress matches your look.

With these essential things in hand, you are all set for your wedding dress shopping. So, get ready to have the best time shopping. Check out our wedding dress collection for inspiration, and fix your appointment with Best for Bride to have the best wedding shopping experience ever.