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Cost-cutting ideas for your wedding


Weddings are expensive affairs, but with smart planning, you have scope to cut your wedding costs. A few small adjustments that won’t make any significant difference to the overall picture will help you save money. Even so, you can still have the fantastic wedding you wished for.

Let us look at some ideas that will help you make this possible.

Venue and date

Weekend weddings are the costliest. Consider getting married on a weekday, and you can cut expenses. Make it a long weekend by getting married on Friday instead of Saturday.

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Summer and spring are peak wedding seasons. Get married in fall or winter, and you can book your chosen venue at an off-peak season rate, and save up to 15%. Use it to splurge on your honeymoon. An added bonus is that it is easier to book your favorite vendors and venue, as there is lesser competition for dates in winter.

Look for venues that already look good with the available details, so you won’t have to spend too much on dressing it up. This is easier if your wedding theme is rustic or casual.

Cut down guests

Excuse children and coworkers from your wedding list, and you will cut your guest list considerably. Keep the ceremony small, but meaningful, by having those who really matter to you in it. Similarly stick to the essential number of attendants at your wedding. This will help you cut down on bouquet and boutenniere costs, dressing up expenses, favors, accommodation and transportation.

Look for all-inclusive or discount deals


This may not allow you to have all the details you wanted in your wedding, but remember that all-inclusive packages and discount deals are way cheaper than when you make separate arrangements for everything. If you can get a discount voucher for your wedding accessories when you buy your wedding gown, it is a good deal that will allow you to save some money.

Also check out gowns in the clearance and discount section, and find one that is cheaper, yet works. Similarly, if a wedding venue comes with an on-site co-ordinator, you can have them do necessary arrangements at a reduced cost than if you hired someone just for the job.

Opt for seasonal elements

Where flower and food choices for your reception are concerned, you can snag a better bargain by going for what is in-season and available locally. There are plenty of flowers that make spectacular bouquets and centerpieces, and you needn’t always choose the exotic varieties for it to look attractive. Think out of the box, and you may be able to create a unique statement without breaking the bank. Reduce the height of centerpieces and use colorful and cost-effective flowers like carnations that aren’t expensive, but still impress.

Master the art of DIY


There are some things you shouldn’t attempt, like altering your wedding dress, unless you know what you are doing. But, there is plenty you can do otherwise, and save some money without hiring someone to do it for you. These include your makeup and hairstyle, finding party favors and writing thank-you notes. Ask your friends or family to pitch-in and help. Search for bargains and bulk deals for party favors, customize them yourself and avoid spending a fortune.

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A guide to the flowers for your summer wedding

There are a few advantages to planning your wedding with flowers that are available locally and are in season. Firstly, these will be budget-friendly choices. Secondly, since there is no shipping involved, you do not have to worry about not receiving the flowers or your bouquet ending up looking different from your idea. The third and final factor is that you make an environment-friendly choice when you opt for locally available and seasonal flowers, as the exotic varieties are usually grown in greenhouses.

If you are planning a summer wedding, here are a list of summer flowers and also few tips to help you choose from them.


Tips to choose the right flowers for summer

In summer, the temperatures are high. This means your flowers will wilt quickly. This is an important factor to consider if you have an outdoor wedding planned, as nothing ruins the ambiance of a wedding like wilted and tired looking blooms.

When you choose your flowers for your wedding, pay attention to the following:

  • Choose flowers that are locally available. These will be accustomed to the weather conditions and will stay fresh longer. Also, they can be cut just on time, and so will remain fresh longer.
  • When choosing flowers, look for those with a waxy texture. These flowers do not wilt easily.
  • Keep the flowers and bouquets out of the sun. If your ceremony is outdoors, make sure that the floral centerpieces and any other floral décor in the shade.
  • Handle the flowers with care. This is something you should follow all-year round, but flowers are more prone to getting crumpled and looking tired when the weather is hot and the moisture is low.
  • Keep a spray bottle at hand and spray your wedding bouquet every now and then, so it remains fresh throughout the day.
  • For centerpieces, consider potted plants or place cut flowers in water, so they look fresh throughout the function.

Flowers that are suitable for summer

There are two types of flowers that are best suited for your summer wedding: those that are available all-year round and those that bloom in summer. The benefits of choosing such varieties of flowers are that these flowers are used to the warm weather and so make the best choices.

Depending on your wedding venue, you may like to talk to your florist and find out which of these can be locally sourced and make your choice accordingly.

  • Garden roses: These are our summer favorites and are available in many colors including orange, rose and white.


  • Chamomile daisies: Cheery summer flowers that make spectacular fillers, you can use these anywhere.


  • Sunflowers: For a wedding palette that has yellow, sunflowers are the perfect choice that add big bright pops of tropical cheer.


  • Dahlias: Less is more when you go with dahlias. They add texture and quickly add bulk to a wedding bouquet without compromising on beauty.


For more floral inspiration and to look at some spectacular wedding bouquet designs, visit us at Best for Bride.