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Trends we love: 3D Wedding Dresses

There are some trends that stay for a while and are then forgotten, and then there are others that make the cut and live on to be all-time favorites. One such trend that has picked up momentum and was a designer favorite on the bridal runways this year is 3D wedding dresses.

3D embellishments add an endearing charm to a wedding dress, whether it is modern or traditional in style. Whimsical motifs like butterflies and flowers scattered across gowns of various lengths and patterns to create strikingly attractive designs that every bride would love to dress in. The Fashionista website highlights this trend with the Angel Sanchez’s futuristic wedding gown design for Spring 2016.

While that particular design may be suitable for a bold bride with its contemporary cuts and adventurous wavy layers of tulle fabric, there are plenty of gowns with 3D embellishments that are a safer choice. Let us take a look at some of our favorites that make the list.

Jasmine Collection Couture Spring-T172010

Spectacular Alencon floral lace appliques spread throughout the length of this A-line gown, embracing it all over the bodice and fanning out into dainty clusters along the skirt. The differing textures of the lace and tulle cause the floral motifs to stand out in 3D style. The appliques are further embellished with sparkling stones and tiny crystals that add a scintillating effect to the dreamy designs. Featuring a stunning sweetheart neckline and highlighting the waist with a waistband in a deeper color, the dress is nothing short of perfection itself.

Mori Lee 2676 Embroidered Venice Lace appliques on net gown

How feminine and delicate is this net wedding gown. Classic Venice lace appliques with intricate beading form clusters of floral extravaganza throughout the length of this gown. Softly framing the strapless neckline is a beautiful band of sparkling stones. The dress also has a removable waistband and the fit and flare design is slimming, thus allowing you to show off your stylish side.

Y11561 Teal from Sophia Tolli

Not all designs can look both feminine and bold at the same time, but Teal does. A luxurious spread of lace motifs engulf the bodice and sweep over the layered skirt, forming a pronounced 3D effect that cannot be missed. The softly scintillating crystal beaded waistband, stylish scalloped hemline and dreamy illusion neckline are additional features that make this gown a masterpiece.

Alfred Angelo 2522 gown with simplistic 3D motif

Some dresses have the ability to create magic with just a few elements placed at the right places. This Alfred Angelo achieves this effect, with just a few striking elements. On the skirt is a spectacular 3D embroidered motif that makes this dress stand out with striking effect. This well-balanced motif n the pleated ball gown skirt matches the beautiful waistband and glittering shoulder straps, that add the finishing touches to the modern fitted gown.

Do you love this 3D trend as much as we do? If you do, take a look at more spectacular wedding gowns from our wide wedding collection at Best for Bride. Be the epitome of grace and make a style statement on your wedding day with a befitting choice that is perfect for your big day.

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Breaking wedding traditions: Say Yes to colorful Wedding dresses

When we think of a wedding dress, isn’t it a long flowing white gown that pops into mind?

White wedding dresses have been popular for more than a century now, that it is impossible to imagine a bride in anything but white. While the length, style and design of the gown may vary, white is invariably the first color choice in wedding dresses.

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But, what if you are a rebel bride who doesn’t care for fashion rules? Or what if you feel that it would be nice to surprise everyone by not wearing white to your wedding? Or it could simply be that you want to dress for your big day in your favorite color, which isn’t white?

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We say, go ahead! You will certainly not be the first bride to sport a colored wedding gown. Do it right, and you can even be the prettiest bride your guests have set eyes upon. Here is why we love colored wedding dresses, and why you should try it too.

You can wear a color that matches your personality

We identify with certain colors because they are a reflection of our personality. Whether your passionate nature is defined by fiery red or your level-headed approach to life is characterized by cool blue, you can show off your true persona by choosing a colored wedding gown. While white is beautiful and has an endearing charm to it, it may not be a true expression of who you are. So, be bold and try out a colored wedding dress. Who knows, you may love it more than you expected.

Make your wedding more memorable

Just when everyone was expecting you to walk down the aisle in a pretty white wedding gown, you appear in a different color. Watch your wedding guests look amazed already. If there is one way to make sure your wedding is remembered, it is by choosing a unique wedding dress. It will be anything but common.

Colorful wedding dresses can be classic

You do not have to compromise on missing details on your wedding dress, just because you choose a colored one. There are many designer collections that focus on colorful wedding dresses, and you can find one in the silhouette that you desire without much ado. Just like with a regular wedding dress, you can also customize your colored wedding dress to meet your expectations.

This unconventional choice tells the world who you are

While many women try to stand out from the crowd, it isn’t unusual to find them going by tradition where their weddings are concerned. A bride who is confident of herself and is bold enough to proclaim that she is different, will be comfortable in a colorful wedding dress. If you are certain of yourself, and love a colored dress, don’t hesitate to choose it because it isn’t white. Go ahead and add a dose of drama to your wedding.

So, do you think a colorful wedding dress is for you, or do you dread the very idea?

Whether you want a bold and colorful wedding dress, or prefer a traditional white one, find your choice at Best for Bride.

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Lace Wedding Dresses

Is there any fabric more romantic than lace? It’s no accident that so many wedding dresses have lace accents and overlay. Lace wedding dresses can have subtle accents of delicate lace, thick, textured lace, or a combination of lace varieties. Here are some tips for choosing a lace wedding dress.

Several designers are creating wedding gowns that are completely covered in lace as part of their latest collections. The dresses may have a simple, sheath silhouette, a gown with a flared skirt, or form-fitting dresses. Since lace wedding dresses come in the full array of available wedding dress styles, the bride may want to begin her selection by deciding which wedding dress styles would be most flattering for her body type. If she can choose whether she wants a sheath, mermaid, ball gown,  or A-line dress, she can focus her search for the perfect wedding dress.

Traditionally, lace is delicate and flowery. Bold lace makes a statement. Claire Pettibone designed such a dress. The Guipure lace sheath dress has thick lines and a large lace design that covers the entire dress. It’s a sophisticated mix of the striking lines and flowing fabric.

Sheath dresses are a common style for lace wedding gowns. Sheath dresses that have a full lace overlay have an outer layer of lace over the entire dress. The underlying fabric keeps the dress from being too transparent. The intricate design of the lace can be a nice balance with the simple silhouette of the sheath dress.

Mermaid wedding dresses fit snuggly at the top with a skirt that flares outward from thighs. Lace lends itself well for creating beautiful effects for both an overlay over the form-fitting top or as part of the flared, flowing skirt.

Most lace wedding gowns have a layer of lace over a more substantial fabric. This helps with durability as well as preventing the gown from being revealing. Some designers embrace the transparent nature of lace to create cutouts that show the skin through the lace.

Risqué wedding dresses might have designs where part of the gown is only lace. An example of this are the wedding dresses that have a bodice that resembles a bustier. A few modern bustier wedding dresses use lace as the primary fabric for the bodice.

With the DIY trend, some brides use lace appliqués to create their own cutouts. This commonly is done on the sleeves if the sleeves are plain. Brides should take care when adding appliqués to other portions of the dress. A misplaced cutout can render the gown too revealing. She may need to rush to find a seamstress who can fix her blunder or be uncomfortable during the big day.

The disadvantages of lace is it’s delicate nature. The lace can get snagged and tear. It’s an important consideration when choosing a dress that has a full layer of lace. The bride may want to restrict her bridal jewelry to earrings and necklaces and forego the bracelets that might catch on the fabric.

For more helpful information about choosing the perfect wedding dress, please visit the Best for Bride blog.