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The Beauty of Shopping for Plus Size Wedding Dresses

Every woman dreams of being a bride someday. For every little girl, making this dream a reality is perhaps the most meaningful of all. This is the reason why even at a young age, girls already plan their weddings – designs of bridesmaid dresses, wedding gowns and wedding bouquets in Toronto or elsewhere, among others.

Also, bride-to-be’s wish that they would have the perfect, hourglass-y figure should this day happen. Above all, women wish that they will have the 36-24-36 vital statistics. That way, they can get the perfect wedding gown – just what’s needed to make this already-perfect day more memorable.

plus size bridal gown

But that is not always the case. Even then, this should not be reason enough to be wistful. This is, after all, still the most important day of your life. Good thing that today, there are already hundreds of bridal shops and boutiques that specialize in the designing of plus size wedding dresses. Yes ladies, society has opened up and is now welcoming the idea that sexy women need not be skinny. Society has now acknowledged that voluptuous women are also beautiful – and it is because of this notion that that plus size wedding dresses are becoming more and more popular.

If you happen to be one of those women who will need plus size wedding dresses, don’t fret. There are several choices for you out there. Surely, you will never run out of bridal boutiques that will carry this line.

So why exactly are plus size wedding dresses becoming more and more popular? Well…

First, it is because of the preference of men. Women, on a large part, want to be desired by men. Interestingly, statistics suggest that 80 percent of men prefer voluptuous women. They do not like the skinny, anorexic-looking supermodels who have been donning the catwalks and filling the pages of every glossy magazine there is.

As such, it is no wonder that more and more women are looking for plus size wedding dresses – a size 14 is said to be the average size for a 5’4″ American woman. Of course, you know that a size 14 is plus size. Interestingly enough, a size 14 is said to be sex icon Marilyn Monroe’s size. Now, isn’t that reason enough to be thankful that you’ll be browsing for plus size wedding dresses?

Second, plus size wedding dresses – and any other dress for that matter – is about confidence. It is not an easy thing to carry a plus size dress. Therefore, those who are able to do this are certainly not anyone’s ordinary girl. Those who are able to carry plus size wedding dresses are those who are confident about themselves. It takes grace and poise to carry oversized dresses despite one’s bulk.

plus size bridal gown

That being said, it is clear then that if you are on your way to shopping for plus size wedding dresses, then you are one hell of a voluptuous and confident woman. This is something to be proud of. Consequently, this is the essence and the beauty of shopping for plus size wedding dresses!

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Your Guide in Choosing Plus Size Wedding Dresses

Women dream of being a bride someday – most women, that is. Women want to find the one person whom they will spend their forever with. Therefore, when they finally find that person, they want to plan and have the best wedding ever. Everything should be perfect – for instance the wedding cakes and wedding flowers – Toronto or elsewhere.

Women also dream that when their wedding day comes, they would be in perfect shape. This means that for many women, they want to have bodies like supermodels so they can don their favorite dream Vera Wang gown. It is not always part of this dream to be looking for plus size wedding dresses.

plus size wedding dress

But things don’t always turn out the way we want them to be. In the wedding parlance, most particularly in the department of wedding dresses, sometimes you don’t get to shop for petite sizes. Sometimes, you get so voluptuous and you get no choice but choose among plus size wedding dresses.

If this happens, there’s no need to fret. There is no need to feel devastated. After all, voluptuous women are seen as sexy and more preferred by men. After all, society has acknowledged this burgeoning market and more and more bridal shops are catering to plus size wedding dresses.

So how do you exactly choose your plus size wedding gown? Here are a few points:

1. Consider your body shape.

Remember that being “heavily-built” is not tantamount to being ugly. Instead, it means that although your choices of wedding gowns could get limited, you still can look super on the most important day of your life.

If you are an inverted triangle, for instance, then go for plus size wedding dresses that do not emphasize your shoulders. If you are pear-shaped, then you should focus your search on frocks that would not make your hips and thighs prominent.

plus size wedding dress

Your designer will know all about this so it really pays to ask their opinion. After all, they are the experts in this field.

2. Go for simple elegance.

Do not be one of those bride-to-be’s who want all the frills and details in their gowns. Else, you risk looking more bulky and heavier. Choose from among plus size wedding dresses that have minimal ruffles and laces. Too much of these stuff could only add more volume to your already voluptuous figure.

But simplicity should not mean boring. You could be simple yet elegant. Choose this combination. The internet is a rich resource of styles that will fall under this category. Plus, you could always ask your designer or bridal boutique to recommend a style for you. Once again, they are in the business of turning pretty ladies into the most stunning of princesses. And if they are really good at what they do, they can execute this job regardless of your body size and shape! If they are really good at this business, they can make any voluptuous woman look super – even if she’s donning one of those plus size wedding dresses!

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The Ideal Wedding Dress for the Petite Bride

Magazine and fashion articles usually pay more attention in giving tips in looking for plus size wedding dresses. This is because the world today has acknowledged the growing number of more voluptuous women. But if you think that only the “fuller brides” experience pains in looking for their wedding dress, then you are mistaken. Petite women also find it hard to look for their ideal dress.

bridal dress

Oftentimes, it is always an issue of getting right length vis-a-vis the right fit. More often than not, waists are too wide, or lengths are too long.

Therefore, it is important for you to get the correct style. Otherwise, you may be unnecessarily adding on more weight or are accidentally making you look like “child” bride. You wouldn’t want this to happen, would you?

So here are a few wedding dress tips for you, the petite bride:

The Empire Cut This cut puts the waistline just below your bust. While this cut is flattering for any body size, this is also great for the petite bride because it makes you look taller. The attention is drawn upward and so there’s much to see from your “empire waist” to your hem. To make your wedding dress “more perfect” add spaghetti straps to this style so you’ll be able to flaunt those toned arms.

wedding gown

Just one little note if you want this style of wedding gown. As the empire waist hides your stomach, your guests might think that you got married because you are pregnant. If you don’t want to deal with this type of unnecessary stress, you can either opt for another style of wedding dress, or give out more extravagant wedding favors!

The Column Style This style is fitted at the bodice and comes with a straight skirt. To make this style of wedding dress work best with your petite physique, get one that wraps in front. This way, the draping length will add more inches of height.

The A-Line An A-line style is also a great wedding dress choice. This cut is simply described as having a fitted bodice and an A-line skirt. As such, it’s able to emphasize a well-defined waistline. This style of wedding dress also hides wide hips.

Just remember that the fitted bodice will draw more attention to your busts. So if you have smaller busts, you might want to use some extra padding to complete your look.

NOT the Corset Type A corset and skirt ensemble tends to cut you into half. If you are already petite, getting this type of wedding dress will make you look even smaller. The fitted bodice also shortens an already slim waist. This is therefore not ideal for any petite bride.

The task of finding the perfect wedding dress is indeed equally hard for both plus size women and petite brides. Both need to know the correct style that will enhance their best features. Plus size wedding dresses need to take off a few inches while those for petite women need to enhance a slim waist. When the reverse is done, the result is disaster!

Therefore, whatever your body size and shape maybe, you have the right to fret about having a hard time finding your wedding dress. You can hop from one shop after another for over a few months. After all, it is your wedding day – and you only want to be the most beautiful woman in the room even just for that day. Is that too much to ask for? Not really…

Worried about not finding your ideal wedding dress? Stressed about not finding anything in the plus size wedding dresses section? Having a headache for too much wedding favours idea generation? Don’t stress yourself, now. Let handle everything for you.

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Designer Wedding Dresses Shopping Made Easy

It’s your wedding day! Naturally, you want nothing but the best – the best bridesmaid dresses, wedding invitations, wedding favours, and of course, the perfect wedding dress for you! You’ve been anticipating this day all your life and now that it’s here, you can’t wait to shop for your dream gown. All along, you’ve wanted to try on those designer wedding dresses but were too afraid to do so. Now that you finally have a valid reason to do so, you can joyfully prance into bridal shops.

wedding dress

But from the many choices of designer wedding dresses, how do you know which one to choose? How do you know which style to pick? Here are a few pointers so you will continue to be the blushing bride:

Take a Look at Your Budget

Face it, designer wedding dresses are nothing but cheap. Thus, the moment that you decide to get one, you must already have a specific budged allotted for it. Work on your budget. The last thing that you want to happen is to spend all your money in your wedding gown and leave the other aspects of the wedding ceremony budget-stricken.

wedding gown

Find your Designer

Now this is the most interesting part when shopping for designer wedding dresses. You get to choose your very own designer. Are you a Monique Lhuillier fan or a Vera Wang advocate? If you choose their designer wedding dresses, then you will be putting yourself in the same level as Britney Spears, Victoria Beckham, Sharon Stone and Mariah Carey. Isn’t that wonderful

Find your Style

Designer gown or not, your wedding dress must exude a classic style. It doesn’t matter whether you are searching for wedding dresses in Mississauga or in New York, the important thing is, you go for a style that will last a lifetime. Your wedding photos will still be alive after 50 years and when that time comes, you don’t want your friends to guess the exact season and time that you’ve had your wedding. If that happens, it means that you’ve chosen a very season-specific style and unlike some mothers, you won’t be able to pass on our designer wedding gown to your daughter.

Don’t Panic

Designer wedding dresses – including yours – take about 5 to 10 months to be special ordered. If you don’t have that much time -probably because the wedding plans came abruptly – don’t panic. You can always find other designers. But if you don’t want to change designers, you could always shop for designer wedding dresses off-the-rack.

Your wedding gown is the highlight of your wedding. After all, you are the bride, and you must be the most beautiful woman in the room. Therefore, it’s but proper that you take a considerable amount of time – and money – looking for the dress that will not only flaunt your timeless beauty but one that will express love and romance as well. Nobody will blame you if you fret and worry about not finding the gown of your dreams. It is for this very reason that designer wedding dresses came into being.

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When Wedding Dresses and Mothers-In-Law Don’t Match: Tips to Overcome Escalating In-Law Tension

According to a long-term study conducted by Dr. Terri Apter, a psychologist, almost 75 percent of married women admit to mother-in-law difficulties. These, in turn, have resulted in unhappiness and stress on both sides. Contrast that with the substantially lower incidence – just 15 percent – of troubles between mothers-in-law with their sons-in-law and you will realize that you probably need to befriend your hostile future mother-in-law even before looking through all those wedding dresses!

Find a Neutral Ground

Before talking to your future mother-in-law to resolve your conflicts, you have to agree on a neutral venue. This must be a quiet place away from the meddling and needling of other family members, which will allow the conversations to flow more smoothly. Besides, the conflict is primarily between you and your mother-in-law and the presence of interested (in gossip) parties can muddle the issues.

And who knows? The next grounds you will step on are stores selling wedding dresses.

Wedding dress

Agree to Disagree

The abovementioned study states that the conflicts between women in-laws start with disagreements on domestic matters like cooking, cleaning and children’s welfare. Well, of course, you will have disagreements simply because you were raised in different generations under different circumstances!

Thus, you will have to agree to disagree on the details of domesticity. Instead, you must focus on general principles and values that will affect the general welfare of the son/spouse and the grandchildren. Soon enough, you might even laugh over the ridiculousness of those ‘80s-inspired wedding dresses.

Focus on the Relevant Issues

Often in confrontations, serious disagreements get muddled by side issues. To avoid this from happening, you can make a list of the things that you feel are the main sources of friction. It does not have to be detailed, just as a general guideline.

Bridal gown

When you are conversing with your future mother-in-law, strive to be respectful of her view. In the same way, you have to demand from her the respect that you deserve as the woman her son chose for a wife. When there is mutual respect, you are better able to focus on each other’s feelings and how each one affects the other.

For example, if the issue is about your initial choices of wedding dresses, you can always calmly discuss the reasons for your choices while considering her reasons as valid to a point. It may sound trivial but, often, starting with the little things paves the way for the big things.

Avoid Name-Calling

Not only is name-calling infantile, it can hurt people more than actions ever do. You both need to be calm, cool and collected at all times. Otherwise, it will be exercises in futility, not to mention escalate the tensions to more unmanageable levels. You need to remember that you might be the future wife but your future mother-in-law will always be the mother of your fiancé.

You, on the other hand, might find yourself shredding your wedding dresses when your groom-to-be grows tired of your bickering and just cancels the wedding. Let’s hope it will be temporary.

Indeed, it can provide peace of mind to the wedding planning when you know that both sides are agreeable to the union. At the very least, you can focus more time on finding the right wedding dresses for the ceremony and the reception! offers the best selections of bridesmaid dress, evening dresses and wedding dresses for your dream wedding. Visit them now!


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Flatter Your Voluptuous Figure With Plus Size Wedding Dresses

With society’s emphasis on slim, svelte and skinny, helped in no small way by the tri-media, you are probably wondering about appearing beautiful on your wedding day what with your Rubenesque figure. But have no fear! You can choose from many plus size wedding dresses to flatter your body. Here are tips to do so.

Wedding gown

Know your Body Shape

As much as skinny women have varying shapes and sizes, so do voluptuous women. You have to determine your body shape – pear, apple busty – to narrow down your initial selection of plus size wedding dresses. After that, you can start looking at dresses that flatter your figure and hide your flaws.

For example, pear-shaped bodies look best with A-line dresses and square-necked tops that draw attention away from the body’s lower half. Empire cuts and V-necks are good for apple-shaped figures while busty figures should opt for pencil-line dresses and tops with sleeves.

Carefully Choose Colors

Fortunately, plus size wedding dresses come in a host of colors that makes it easy to dress according to size and shape as well as skin tone. But whatever color you choose, it’s always better to stay away from fancy details like ribbons and bows because that will only emphasize your bigness.

The key to wearing plus-size dresses on your wedding day is to go for the colors of the season. You can wear rich, deep colors like orange, deep purple and dark red during the fall and winter seasons while for the summer and spring seasons, you can lighten up with colors like pinks, lilacs, coral, yellow and light blues.

And even if you do choose to wear white on your wedding day, be sure that the hue complements your skin tone. For example, if you are very fair, avoid stark white but instead go for a dress with yellow undertones.

Wear Good Undergarments

The key to holding it all together, literally and figuratively, for plus size wedding dresses is to wear good undergarments. Do not underestimate the perk-up/flatten down ability of a good strapless bra or the hold-in-your-flab goodness of girdles and corsets!

Good underwear, even sexy lingerie, will help you feel good about yourself. You can then feel beautiful inside and out, literally.

Accessorize Appropriately

Although there is no limit to what you can wear with your plus size wedding dresses, you must keep them to a minimum lest you compete with the church decorations, or worse, look like a walking Christmas tree sans lights.

Plus size wedding dress

For accessories, you need to stick to one focal piece of jewelry that will highlight your best assets and draw attention away from your perceived flaws. With plus-size women, the jewelry usually is concentrated on the neck or on the ears simply because you want to draw attention to your glowing face. Chunky arm bangles can often emphasize chubby arms although you can always pick fine jewelry for this purpose if you can’t live without arm embellishments.

Truly, your curvaceous figure is one that you should be proud of, skinny be damned. It’s just a matter of choosing the right plus size wedding dresses to wow your guests and, most importantly, get your groom’s salivary glands drooling.

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