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You Can Have Your Wedding Cake…And Eat It, Too!

Weddings are not just about vows of ever after. It’s also about the symbols that represent every single milestone that got you to that very moment. If the quintessential symbol that literally turns heads at the ceremony is your wedding dress, then your reception is adequately represented by the ever present and ever marvelous wedding cake. That’s the reason why you can’t just pick any old cake, thinking that it’s going to be eaten and inevitably digested. That’s the reason why you have to take the time to get a wedding cake that’s not just right, but absolutely perfect.

The first thing to consider when picking a wedding cake is your wedding theme or motif. You want your cake to be the ultimate showpiece for the event, not stick out like a sore thumb. With this is mind, go for a wedding cake appropriate for your wedding theme and one that seamlessly blends with your motif. All you need are some fabulous wedding cake ideas to get you started.

The second – and just as important – thing to consider is the cake’s taste. After all, not only do you want to have your cake, you want to eat it, too. Case in point, this is probably the most fun part of wedding planning – cake tasting. Once you’ve decided on your cake’s design, you can then pay attention to its very core. Take the time to sample different icings, flavors, and fillings. Mix and match various combinations to determine which appeals to you most. If you can’t make up your mind, you can even go as far as request different combinations in each cake tier. Just make sure you don’t go overboard with the cake tasting, though. You still want to fit in your wedding dress, after all!

Indeed, when it comes to your wedding cake, you just can’t leave it to the last minute or as a mere afterthought. It requires a lot of planning in itself, and we would be quite happy to help you along. There’s sure to be a perfect confection in our wedding cake selection that will tickle your fancy.

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Get A Prom Dress When You Can’t Get A Wedding Dress Yet

Every girl dreams of donning the dress to rule all dresses – the wedding dress. If you’re not even of legal age, though, you’ll have to wait a few years before you could do so. Until the time comes that it’s your turn to walk down the aisle, you’ll have to settle for the second best dress – the prom dress. Of course, don’t just settle for any dress off any rack. It’s prom night, and you want to shine!

High fashion doesn’t necessarily have to be found in designer stores. You can get stylish couture from the Tulipia Prom Collection at very reasonable prices. You’ll stand out in intricate lacework patterns on luxurious fabrics adorned with classy accoutrements. This is the perfect collection for every fashionista. For the trendsetter, the J. Valentina Prom Collection features prom dresses inspired by the latest trends. Also made from luxurious fabrics, you can go from rich embroidery to intricate beadwork, depending on your special personal style.

For the potential Prom Queen, the After Six Prom Collection has the perfect gowns to make you the belle of the ball. The collection’s sexy, elegant designs will flatter your every curve, whether you’re petite or plus-sized. If you’re ready to party in a blaze of style, the Jasmine Prom Collection and its lavish array of stunning prom gowns is just the thing for you. From classy long gowns to hot cocktail dresses in beautiful jewel and pastel colors, you’ll be dancing the night away!

Speaking of dancing, the prom will be incomplete without a dance with your escort. The Aglaia Prom Collection has elegant couture ranging from timeless long gowns to provocative cocktail dresses that will get you swept off your feet with the finest fabrics in the most beautiful rainbow colors.

Indeed, prom night will go down in history as one of the most momentous occasions of your life. Of course, you’d want a dress that reflects your personality. You can choose from any of stunning gown from the Mori Lee Prom Collection. Whether you go for a sexy cocktail dress, a high-fashion long gown, or even a fun sundress, you’ll cherish the experience forever.

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Gorgeous Evening Wear for Those Social Tete-a-tetes

Evening soirees call for evening dresses. And as a lady of fashionable inclinations, you not only want to look your best, but you want to be dressed the best. Whether it’s for a cocktail party after work or your very own wedding rehearsal dinner, you simply can’t settle for anything off the rack. You can’t settle for anything less than the best evening dresses for those important social events.

The MoriLee Evening Collection has a fabulous selection of elegant, high-fashion evening gowns in very attractive prices. These are made in different styles, colors, and sizes, so you know there’s one perfect for you to wear on those charming black-tie events. If you want ultra-modern couture in beautiful designs, the Aglaia Evening Collection has something for you. These are made from the finest quality fabrics, so the social butterfly in you will feel good all night long.

Of course, why should you fit in when you can stand out? And stand out you shall with Tulipia Evening Dresses. This collection features classy designer originals that dare to be different. You’ll have heads turning your way – and definitely in a good way – with this couture line’s daring use of unusual combinations in fabric and design and interesting details and embellishments. For something slightly less out-of-the-box yet still trendy and classy, the Jasmine Evening Collection has a vast array of classic long gowns and sexy cocktail dresses that you can choose from.

The J. Valentina Evening wear Collection is known for the designer’s penchant for fitted designs and bursts of color that make the selection’s youthful, fun dresses pleasing to the eye. Whether you’re petite or plus-sized, there’s a J. Valentina cocktail dress or long gown to flatter your figure.

In any social event, you want to sparkle and shine like no other. The AfterSix Evening Collection has gorgeous eveningwear made from the highest quality satin that would feel divine against your skin. You’ll dazzle the crowd as you shimmer with every move you make.

Indeed, with any of these stunning evening dresses, you’ll find yourself the belle of the ball. And for such attractive prices, what more could you possibly want?

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Let Your Dream Dress Come To Life!

As a little girl, you’ve probably already had a vision of the dress you will wear as you walk down the aisle to be with the prince of your dreams. Now that you’ve found that prince, you’re about to say your wedding vows and start your fairy tale life together. Of course, such a realization of your vision won’t be complete without the dress that you’ve dreamed of your whole life.

After searching far and wide and trying on many, many dresses, however, you still haven’t found ‘The Dress’. They say you’ll know it when you find it, but so far, all the dresses you’ve tried on are either too white or not white enough, too lacey or too ruffled, or too long or too short. The dress of your dreams seems to be nowhere to be found, and you’re feeling discouraged.

Before you give up, though, why not go for a custom-made wedding dress? This way, you not only get to have the dress that’s been in your heart and soul your whole life, you can have it adorned with all the accoutrements you want and embellish it just the way you like it.

Getting custom designs dress isn’t complicated. It’s easy enough to describe the dress of your dreams to a professional designer, and watch it come to life in paper. Soon enough, you’ll be watching it come to life in delightful fabrics and stunning details. With such perfection, the rest of your wedding will simply follow suit.

Of course, custom designs will cost a little more than the usual. That’s because you’re not just renting or purchasing a dress off the rack. You’re actually having a special dress made for you and you alone. When you walk down the aisle resplendent in your gorgeous wedding dress, that is definitely worth every extra penny you paid to get it custom made.

We offer custom designs to make your dream wedding dress become a reality. You’ll be part of the process every step of the way. Of course, we’ll throw in a suggestion or two, if it makes the whole package better. Why, we’ll even work around your budget! Indeed, the dress of your dreams is just within reach.