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3 Tips to help you stay calm on your wedding day

So, your long-awaited wedding day is finally here! Yay! But, why is it that you suddenly find yourself a bundle of nerves?

Don’t worry, this is nothing unexpected. Most brides find themselves buckling under the pressure of the events that are to unravel and can hear their heartbeat in their head even as their wedding day approaches. If you think the pressure of your wedding day will be too much to handle, these tips will help you calm down a little and relax as you enjoy this lifetime celebration of yours.


Set your schedule for the wedding day in advance

It is a great idea to plan and organize what you will do and at what time, before you set out on your wedding day. Allot a reasonable time frame to each activity and make sure that you stick to it on the day. Divide your schedule into an organized list of activities that you can follow in the same sequence on the day, and get ready on time. You can begin making this list well ahead of time, and refine it to be just right by the time of your wedding eve. Make sure the schedule isn’t jam packed, and you have some buffer to relax. Also, put all the things you need to get ready in place on the night before the wedding day, so you do not have to stress over where something is on the day itself.

Start the day early and on the right note

You have an idea of how long it will take you to get dressed and be out of the door. Set your alarm an extra hour early, and begin the day on a relaxed note by indulging in a long warm shower or doing some meditation. This extra time will allow you to compose yourself and be better prepared for the demands of the day. Don’t do anything that is wedding-related at this time, and you will find yourself better prepared for the rest of the day. Have a good, healthy breakfast and plenty of water to hydrate yourself. Stick to the allotted time, but make sure that you do not let your mind wander towards unwanted thoughts of things that can go wrong.

Be prepared for every situation

As you may have heard already, the most unexpected things can happen on the actual day. Whether it is a weather problem or vendor issue, the best way to handle it is to be prepared for anything and everything. Plan for every worst case scenario you can think of. Once you know you have a plan in place, you can handle the stress better, should things indeed take a turn for the worse. Set up an emergency kit, or buy one online so you are covered for any wedding dress mishaps. Follow up with your wedding vendors ahead of time to ensure everything is progressing as per plan. Check on your bridesmaids to make sure they know when and where they have to be at any point of time. Run your checklist by your mother or maid of honor and add anything that you may have missed.

With all luck, everything should go well, and you will not have to struggle with anything you worried about. For more information on how to plan your wedding, or to choose your wedding dress to look great on your wedding day, visit us on Best for Bride.

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Wedding Planning : The 3 things brides worry about the most and how to handle them


You’re in love and just engaged – how romantic and dreamy everything looks and feels! But, not for long. Once wedding planning enters the picture, the excitement can quickly take on a new form called Stress!

Most brides will be planning a wedding for the first time. So, it isn’t unusual to feel overwhelmed. If you are a perfectionist, who wants everything to go exactly as you dreamed it to be, be prepared to watch your stress levels soar. All this can take all the fun out of your wedding.

Here, we shall look at three factors that drown most brides in worry. Fortunately, we also know what will help you with them, so let’s find out.

1. The wedding budget

Everything related to a wedding boils down to money. Every vendor and service you require for your wedding will have to be paid. Add to it the additional cost of planning your honeymoon and getting favors for your near and dear; get ready to say goodbye to your bank balance.

The way to handle this is to plan your wedding budget sensibly and realistically. Determine the maximum you can afford to spend, and divide it amongst the different factors. Remember that you can plan a wedding for any budget, big or small. So, fix your budget first and then shop around for what fits it.

Don’t forget to factor in the extras when you book a vendor or go shopping. This would include the alteration charges when buying a wedding dress, tips and taxes for vendors and similar charges which may or may not be included with the original rates.

2. Handling help

Announce your wedding, and you will find many people rushing to your aid to plan the perfect wedding. Their advice may be well-intended, but many brides often find their own ideas slipping through when an overbearing friend or relative steps in to help.

If you are faced with this situation, just remember this. Wedding planning has a dark side to it; you cannot have everything perfect, while pleasing everyone. If someone tries to force their ideas on you, tell them that you will think over it, but don’t commit unless you are convinced.

Delegate small tasks to those who are eager to help, but not any of the bigger responsibilities that you cannot take chances with. If your parents or in-laws are paying, you have to make allowances for their suggestions. Work to find a compromise that both of you can live with.

3. Getting it all done on time


When you first make a list of things to do, you may be worried by how long it is. From shopping for your wedding dress, to buying accessories, setting up the guest list, planning the wedding theme and finding the venue, there are several more things to be handled.

Don’t worry, it’s all manageable if you plan everything systematically. Before you begin with anything, first split up the tasks and assign dates to each one of them. Divide it into those you will handle and those you can delegate. If you can afford it, book a wedding planner to do all or some of the work. Do your research before you begin anything, and you will be better equipped to handle all the details. Keep the big picture in mind. If what you worry about doesn’t matter too much, don’t lose sleep over it.

For more wedding related advice and tips, visit us at Best for Bride.

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Time to take it easy – 3 signs that wedding planning is becoming too stressful

wedding jitters

What starts off as a beautiful, romantic engagement soon ends up as a nightmare of planning, arranging and running around for many brides!

Wedding planning is a huge task, one that takes forever to complete and with numerous details that never seem to conclude. Don’t be surprised if you are a bride who feels the wedding is dictating every moment of your life, ever since the engagement.

Unless you have everything figured out, and can keep your cool despite the responsibilities of wedding planning everything perfectly, wedding plans can burn you out. Here are 3 warning signs to look out for, so you do not overwork yourself over the wedding and forget to enjoy it.

  1. You go to bed and wake up thinking of the different wedding tasks to be completed

This is not the same as when you look forward to the day with excitement. Instead, you find yourself tossing and turning at night worrying about the details, and waking up anxious to begin your wedding related tasks. At this point, wedding planning has become a chore. It is no longer fun, and you will soon just want to get over with it. If you are experiencing this already, it is high time your stopped and took a break. Resume planning and organizing after you catch a well-deserved break.

  1. All your free time is occupied with wedding planning

Too much of a good thing can cause it to become boring. If you find yourself constantly writing notes and wedding lists, rushing from vendor to vendor and always on the phone discussing your wedding, it is time to blow off some steam. Many brides are overwhelmed with the very number of things to take care of, that they end up doing nothing else. If you feel tempted to do another teeny-weeny wedding task whenever you have some free time, curb the feeling. You will handle your responsibilities more productively and efficiently, if you get some breathing space in-betweeen.

If you simply have to do something for your peace of mind, pick something that is fun—like shopping for your rehearsal dinner dress, or preparing your honeymoon itinerary. This will get the task completed, but it won’t feel like work.

  1. You no longer feel the excitement, like you did when you got engaged

The wedding dress shopping was fun and exciting, so was picking the invitation and choosing the cake. But, many brides find their excitement to handle wedding tasks waning as time passes. The reason is that they have been over-exerting themselves, that the magic is gone. The solution is to forget the wedding for a bit, and instead focus on being happily engaged. Have a fantastic date night with your groom, or go on a weekend together. Discuss the remaining wedding arrangements, and consider what can be changed to make it more exciting. Reignite the joy of getting married, and you will once again find it interesting to plan your wedding.

Make sure you relax and tackle every wedding task without stressing over it. This will allow you to enjoy the experience and look forward to a memorable wedding day.

For more wedding tips and advice, visit us at Best for Bride.