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Wedding Expert Minute Tip 13 – To Veil or Not To Veil

As most traditional practices go, when it comes to wedding attire and protocol, whether to veil or not to veil is the question. Whether you are a traditionalist or prefer the contemporary approach, veils are not a wedding necessity. Should you choose to adorn your head and add to the mystique for your groom, veils both …

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Wedding Expert Minute Tip 12 – How to choose Bridesmaid Dresses to Satisfy All Tastes

bridesmaid dresses

When deciding on a color and style for your bridesmaids’ dresses, keep in mind the skin tone, shape, and height of those in the bridal party.
Be mindful: What looks good on Megan may not be that flattering on Carrie.
If you’re open to ideas, it’s tempting to ask everyone what color they’d like to wear … DON’T! That could incite a war.
To keep the peace, here’s a quick, three-step tip …

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Wedding Expert Minute Tip 9 – How to Pick the Right Lingerie for your Wedding Gown

When it comes to selecting just the right underpinnings to wear with a white wedding gown, you need to consider practicality, as well as beauty. While you may be tempted to wear frothy, frilly underwear, going for more supportive pieces will ensure that your silhouette is …

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Wedding Expert Minute Tip 8 – How to Care for Your Skin before Your Wedding

Skin before Your Wedding

If you’re looking for ways to ‘get the glow’ before you tie the knot, be sure to embrace proper skin care in the months leading up to your wedding. Break any bad habits, such as not taking your …