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Wedding Expert Minute Tip 10 – Should You Self Tan Before Your Wedding

If you’re planning a spring or summer wedding and you’d like to enjoy a beautiful summer glow, without the sun damage, you may be wondering if using a self-tanner is really a good idea. Whether this type of beauty product is right for you really depends on …

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Wedding Expert Minute Tip 8 – How to Care for Your Skin before Your Wedding

Skin before Your Wedding

If you’re looking for ways to ‘get the glow’ before you tie the knot, be sure to embrace proper skin care in the months leading up to your wedding. Break any bad habits, such as not taking your …

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Wedding Expert Minute Tip 7 – How to Repair a Broken Bustle

Repair a Broken Bustle Wedding

Now and then, a wedding day “disaster” may occur that threatens a beautiful bride-to-be’s peace of mind. One of these wedding day snafus is a broken bustle. If your wedding dress is a bustle-style design, you need to know how to deal …