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10 things you need for a fantastic vow renewal

Do you remember your wedding day fondly, and even yearn for a similar experience once again?

Most couples wait till a milestone anniversary to renew their vows. However, there is no need to wait that long. This article on the Huffington Post tells us that it is never too early nor too late to renew your vows. It also has a list of beautiful readings of interesting variety, from which every couple can find one they love. Take a look, and we are sure you will be enchanted by the very idea of having a vow renewal!

Vow renewals are usually done on a wedding anniversary day, as this date is significant to your relationship. If your anniversary is soon approaching, why don’t you think of renewing your vows to each other on this day? You can have a ceremony that is as big or as small as you wish. All that really matters is that it is just as special as your wedding day!

And for a fantastic vow renewal that will recreate the magic of your wedding day, there are some things you must have. So, what are they?

Here is our list of the 10 things you absolutely must have for an amazing vow renewal.

1.A gorgeous dress

Remember the anticipation and excitement of shopping for your wedding dress? Relive those memories when you pick an outfit for your vow renewal. If you still love your original wedding dress, consider this to be the right occasion to pull it out of the box. You may be lucky if it still fits you perfectly. Else, you can always have it altered.

However, if you prefer a different style, pick another elegant dress. Your vow renewal is the perfect occasion to shop for a dress that suits your current style and helps you look and feel beautiful. If you prefer a casual or even colorful dress, find one that meets your expectations. Depending on the style of the ceremony and your personal preferences, choose a dress that is right for you. This could be an evening dress or even a summer frock.

Unlike a wedding, there are no rules for what you should wear. If you want to include something other than the wedding dress from your wedding, wear your original wedding accessories.

2.A venue you love

This could be a church, the beach, a garden, hall or even your backyard. Or if you always wanted a destination wedding but couldn’t have it the first time, this is the opportunity for you to get away with your husband and live your dream.

We suggest that you make it a personal experience. A place that is meaningful to both you and your spouse would be best. If you aren’t sure of what you like, sit down together and brainstorm. Think of the budget you have. Then consider the various options available and what you both would like most. Finally shortlist your list of venues, and zero-in on the right one after considering all relevant factors.

3.Close friends and family

The best thing about a vow renewal is that you can share this experience with the people who matter most to you. Unlike a wedding, you need not worry about a detailed guest list or annoying anyone by excluding them from the event. It is after all a very personal and intimate celebration. Invite only those who you really want beside you on this occasion. This would mean close family and friends.

You may even like to designate roles in the ceremony to your children and grandchildren, if any. This would make it more special. Since there are no rules to follow, make it your day! You can plan a very intimate vow renewal ceremony with just you and your husband, if that is what you both prefer. Or if you prefer a big party, go all out and invite all the people you know to the event. Whether you have it on a grand-scale or a small-scale is entirely up to you.

4.A proper invitation

An invitation gives your vow renewal the importance it deserves. So, your guests will take it with due importance and try to participate in it.Irrespective of whether you will have a formal or informal vow renewal, you should draft a proper invitation for the function. This can be a regular invitation or one that you send by email.

As soon as you decide on the venue and the date, get around to drafting the invitation. While you may follow the traditional format of a wedding invitation, it would be nice to explore alternative options also. Consider adding a photo of you and your spouse, and nice wordings that reflect the tone of the event. You can find some sample wordings here. 

5.A pretty bouquet

The presence of flowers uplifts the ambiance of any setting. So, don’t forget your bouquet. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune or be as elaborate as your original wedding bouquet. You can pick one that is available at your local florist. Or make your own with your favorite flowers on the day of the vow renewal.

Keep it elegant and classic, and it will suit the occasion better. Another idea is to create a miniature replica of your original wedding bouquet. Share the pictures of your wedding day with your florist, and she will tell you if it is possible. Add a sentimental note to this accessory by adopting one of the following ideas:

  • Tie the lace from your original wedding dress or veil around the handle
  • Decorate it with a photo locket of your family
  • If there are friends or family members who have departed after your wedding, remember them by including their picture in the bouquet

You may even have saved and preserved your original wedding bouquet. If it is in good condition, you can use it as such or give it a small boost. Or you can add a few flowers from the original bouquet into this one. If you haven’t preserved your wedding bouquet, but like the idea, take a look at this article for all you need to know to do it for your vow renewal. 

6.Excellent food

You do not have to serve a feast as grand as your wedding meal. Nonetheless, ensure that you serve excellent food at the event. If it is a daytime affair, consider a brunch buffet. If you have an evening ceremony, have a buffet or plated meal based on the venue and event style. Considering that the number of people in your party will be far fewer than at a wedding, you can have a more intimate setting.

Don’t forget to consider the décor and table arrangement. Do it in style, so it adds to the grandeur and importance of the occasion. If there are family dishes that are a favorite, add them into the menu. Or give your guests a gourmet experience by choosing from international cuisines. Also, serve some signature drinks to add to the fun. There are some ideas for interesting drinks in this previous post. Make the menu just as special as the event, and it will be remembered fondly by all your guests.

7.A special cake

There is no rule that you should have cake at your vow renewal. However, the cake cutting is a wedding ritual that you can repeat with fanfare. For a small ceremony, the cake can double up as dessert. Choose a cake that reflects the theme and décor of the event. You can also pick a gourmet cake that is specially designed and decorated for the occasion.

If you had a big wedding cake, you can create a miniature version of it. Finally, if you aren’t fond of cake, have a unique dessert instead. Here are some ideas for attractive alternatives to cake. Plan the cake design according to the weather and the venue where the function will be held. If it is an outdoor event, keep the cake refrigerated till it is time to cut and serve.

8.A good photographer

Your vow renewal is all about celebrating memories and making new ones. In that way, it is a milestone celebration. Invest in a good photographer for covering the occasion. With friends and family involved, it is a good idea to book a professional who can capture the events of the day. However, if you have a friend or relative who is great at taking pictures of people, put him in charge of the photography.

Since the event will be more casual than a wedding, there will be ample opportunities for candid clicks. As long as your photographer is able to capture all these light moments as well as cover the event, it doesn’t matter who it is. Ultimately, your aim is to have a good collection of photos that you can browse through later and pass on to your family.

9.Photos that tell your story

You can add a personal and unique touch to your vow renewal by including photos of your time together. There are many ways in which you can bring this element into the function. It could be using photo posters or collages throughout the venue. Or you could do a digital version that displays a running sequence of pictures.

It could even be photos in your invitation. Another place where photos can be displayed is at the welcome area of the venue. Don’t forget to add your wedding photos into the décor. This will be a beautiful conversation piece. Also add photos of the best times you have had together. Include milestones like the birth of your children, your new home or pictures of family celebrations and your guests are sure to love it. You can also create a memory timeline of the different events in your milestone. This will be helpful especially for guests who you made friends with later in your marriage.

10.A plan for the ceremony

Weddings usually follow a set pattern. There is an officiant who tells you what to do and you simply follow his instructions. However, vow renewals needn’t be so formal. You can choose your sequence of events, add or remove steps from the wedding format or come up with your own ideas.

This flexibility gives you the freedom to plan the ceremony as you choose. Nonetheless, it is important that you have a definite plan in mind and not come up with one at the time. Consider whether you want to walk down the aisle yourself or have someone escort you. After you say your vows, will you be exchanging rings. Would you like to have someone do a reading for both of you? Plan what happens during the ceremony and it will be easier to organize.

Vow renewals are special occasions that give you the chance to reaffirm your lifetime commitment to each other. It is also a fun occasion for family and close friends to get together and celebrate you as a couple. Hence, it is a joyous event, and you should definitely do it at least once during your marriage.

Whether you choose to dress as a bride in white for the occasion or prefer something different, you can find your outfit at Best for Bride. For bridal gowns that are modern, classic, contemporary, unusual and trendy, visit this page for our bridal dress collections. If you prefer to pick your dress from our evening gowns and dresses for special occasions, this is the link to our collection. For any further assistance you may need regarding placing your order, you may get in touch with our Best for Bride team or visit any of our stores.

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Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue—3 novel ideas for each

One of the most popular wedding traditions that many brides go with even today, is to have Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue at their weddings. Including things that fit this description is believed to bring a bride good luck, and this is something that every bride would love in abundance.

Wouldn’t you like to know more about the history behind this tradition? Here it is.

The history

This article on Wikipedia tells us that this practice originated with a centuries old English folklore that goes like this:

Something Old,

Something New,

Something Borrowed

Something Blue,

and a silver sixpence in her shoe.”

Traditionally, the bride is expected to carry these tokens to bring her luck in her married life, as well as to deceive the Evil Eye. Each of these tokens are symbolic in the following ways: Something old represents continuity of the bride’s life without breaking her bond with her past and her own family. Something new is symbolic of an optimistic future. Something borrowed can relate to happiness that is borrowed from an existing happily married couple, and something blue stands for love and faithfulness. Finally, the silver sixpence is for good fortune. The last line of this poem is often unquoted. While many brides may simply be unaware of it’s existence, others choose to forego it.

Nevertheless, don’t you think that following the good luck factors in this poem is a charming tradition? If you do, we are sure you will love to see these few ways in which you can incorporate this tradition into your wedding day.

Following the poetic sequence, let us start with Something Old.

Something Old

Having something old at your wedding is the perfect way to add items of sentimental value into your big day. Even the smallest trinket that links to your past, can do this for you. Here are some suggestions.

Family heirlooms: A string of pearls that belonged to your mother or grandmother, China that’s been in your family for generations or your mother’s wedding gown could be your something old. Just incorporating something that was part of your family’s history into your wedding can do wonders in making your wedding day more special. If your mother’s wedding dress may not be right for you, consider taking some lace out of it and decorating your bridal bouquet with it. It will be a beautiful and interesting way to add that special touch to what you will have with you. Wedding veils are always in fashion, and there is little chance that it will be used by someone past the wedding day. If your mother’s wedding dress is too old-fashioned and not suitable for your taste, consider using her veil instead.

heirloom veil

Old photographs: There is a certain charm unique to old black and white photos. If you have your family albums lying around, you are bound to find at least one wedding photo in it. How about making this your something old? Pick an old wedding photo, preferably of someone you love; like your parents, grandparents or favorite relatives, and tie it to your wedding bouquet. The alternative is to create a locket with this photo and wear it on your necklace or as a charm on your bracelet.

old photo

Something old that belongs to you: You do not always have to go asking your family or friends for something old. Is there something that you hold close to your heart? If yes, you have the answer to your something old there itself. This could be anything from a favorite piece of jewelry, like a christening bracelet or a gift from someone you love, that you’ve always treasured. Add that into your wedding details and you have a beautiful and meaningful addition.


Something New

This is easy, as you will have plenty of new things at your wedding. It is likely that everything from your wedding dress to accessories, flowers and décor will be brand new. But, how about adding an innovative touch and choosing something that is not only new, but unique to you as well? Here are some suggestions for this.

Your new initials or last name: From the moment you are married, you are eligible to a new last name and earn the right to using your new initials. Whether you choose to change your maiden name or not, how about flaunting your new initials in the form of a monogram? Have this embroidered into your wedding dress or bouquet wrap. Or you could even have a custom locket made with these initials, and wear it on your wedding day. We also love this idea on the Huff Post of having your new initials monogrammed on your champagne flutes, that you will use at the wedding toast.

printed flute

Brand new makeup: For a twist on the tradition of wearing something new, how about wearing it as your makeup. We think this is the opportunity for you to splurge on some brand new makeup, to dress yourself up with on your wedding day. Pamper yourself with some top-notch beauty products, that will help you stand out as the bride. Not only will it help you have a new look that is fresh and attractive, it will also serve you for much longer after the wedding. Plus it is an economical option that is just right for a tight budget. What do you say? And don’t forget to buy waterproof makeup, to keep those happy tears on the day from ruining your look. Which brings us to our third and last suggestion.


Embroidered handkerchief: Haven’t you noticed how most brides can’t hold back tears on their wedding day? Well, we think crying at the wedding should be a tradition by itself. It is a special day, and one of the biggest occasions of your lifetime, so it deserves to be highlighted with tears of joy. Our next idea for your something new is to get yourself a specially embroidered and good-looking handkerchief to mop those tears, when they arrive. It can also be a perfect keepsake for your wedding treasure box, after the ceremony. Find out more about how to create your own wedding memories treasure box, here on this article.

wedding hankies
Image Credits: in pastel, via Flickr

Something borrowed

This may seem quite easy to do, but not when you understand the real intention of this saying. The original idea was for a to-be-married bride to borrow something from a happily married woman, symbolizing that she was borrowing her happiness. So, your choice should ideally meet this requirement and you should borrow from someone who has an inspiring marriage. Also, when you borrow something, the idea is to return it post-use. What do you add into your wedding that will work this way? Let us find out.

Borrow a wedding accessory: If your parents or grandparents are happily married, we are sure you will see their wedding as an inspiration for you and your partner. Borrow their joy for your own by adding something from their wedding into your own. This could be jewelry that the bride wore on her wedding day, a brooch or even a pin. Or, you could also borrow from the groom if he has kept his cuff links, tie or anything else from his wedding day. You can think of innovative ways to incorporate it into your wedding day look, probably by pinning or wrapping it around your bouquet. cufflink

Borrow a wedding vow: Here is solace for all those brides who have so much trouble coming up with their own vows. How about borrowing a vow that you loved listening to, at someone else’s wedding. With their due permission, you will not only have a perfectly unique “something borrowed”, it will also be of great use to you when you consider that you want a marriage that is just as inspiring. If using the vow as such doesn’t seem right to you, you can consider borrowing a line or two from it and embroidering this into something you wear. You can embroider this into your veil or handkerchief. This great idea was suggested in this article on, and don’t you think it is brilliant?

Borrow a wedding song: Your something borrowed doesn’t always have to be something you wear. It can be anything related to your wedding. So, if you are out of ideas to wear something borrowed, how about borrowing a favorite wedding song instead. Find out what was played at your parents’, relative’s or friend’s wedding, where the couple are people you look up to for their great marriage. Then ask to borrow that particular song for your first dance, and there you have the easy solution to your perfect “something borrowed.” dance

Something blue

Traditionally, the something blue was usually the garter that the bride wore on her wedding day. While brides still continue with this tradition, there are many more creative ways in which you can add that something blue into your wedding. Here are some of our favorites.

Blue eyeshadow: We mentioned earlier, how your something new could be the makeup you use at your wedding. Let the same thing work for your something blue as well, in the form of blue eye shadow to dress up your eyes. Your wedding is a day when you want all eyes on you, and a little color can go a long way in making you look even more splendid. Whether you choose to have smoky eyes or cat-eye makeup, dressing your eyes well is crucial to nailing your wedding day look. Blue eye shadow can add a dramatic effect to your upper eye lids and we are sure everyone will take notice of it. Don’t hesitate to add some sparkle and shimmer to it, or dress it up further with navy blue mascara to see your eyes pop.

Image Credits:zaimoku_woodpile, via Flickr

Blue shoe accessories: If wearing a blue shoe is out of question, consider dressing up your wedding heels with a pair of blue shoe accessories. Choose one with extra bling, and you will instantly dress up your feet with glamour. Of the many accessories available, you can consider pretty blue bows, or shoe clips with blue stone details. Since blue is a color that blends beautifully with white, it will go very well with your white wedding dress. The other option is to use blue “I Do” stickers on the soles of your shoe for your mysteriously elusive “Something blue.”

Blue guest book: An interesting keepsake that will remind you of your wedding day forever, choose a blue guest book or a guest book alternative for your wedding ceremony and reception. It is a way you can add this blue detail into your wedding, without actually having to wear it. Here is a beautiful navy blue guest book from our wedding stationery collection at Best for Bride. The classic color and elegant lettering make it suitable for every type of wedding. Find more about ordering it for your big day at this link.

The sixpence in your shoe

The delightful little poem is incomplete without the six pence in your shoe. Once you lay your hands on your sixpence, the only thing you should be concerned about is, how to attach it to your shoe. Remember that it may not be entirely practical to affix it to the inside of the shoe, as it’ll bump against your heel. Instead, consider sticking it to the sides of the shoe or attaching it to the sole, in the raised section next to the heel. This way, it won’t come in contact with the floor, and you can safely walk, run or dance through the evening.

Are there any more creative ways in which you can add your “Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue” into a wedding? If so, please write to us in the comments section below.

For more articles on planning the various details of your wedding right, continue visiting us at Best for Bride – Your one-stop destination for everything bridal. We pride ourselves in bringing brides everything they need for a perfect wedding day. Visit our online store to find out all about the services we offer, or drop in at one of our stores to see everything for yourself.