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10 Reasons why summer weddings are so popular

There are two words that are a match made in heaven–they are “June” and “bride.”

Well, weddings can take place any time of the year, even in the coldest of cold winters. (Yes, that is a trend, these days!) But, we don’t hear brides being associated with any other month, as much as with June! So, we have to conclude that June is perhaps the most popular month for weddings, and it goes without saying that this is because summer weddings have and will always be a huge thing.

We love weddings, whichever be the month that they are held in. Whether summer, spring, winter or autumn, a wedding is always a special event. Having said this,we must also say that we have this soft corner for summer weddings, and with good reason too! In fact, we have ten reasons why we, and the rest of the world, think summer weddings are great! Let us look at what they are.

#1 The long days are a dream come true

The longest days of the year are in summer, and this gives you ample time to enjoy our wedding day without worrying about how early the sun will set and it will be best to dismiss the party. With the sun taking its own sweet time to go to sleep, sunset weddings can be held late in the evening. This allows both the wedding party and the guests plenty of time to get dressed and reach the venue. The best thing is that you can plan your ceremony late in the evening, and not trouble your guests with having to leave work early in the day, to make it on time. The same goes for you too. Take your time to perfect your bridal look, for there is plenty of time.

Summer is also the ideal season to plan a non-traditional outdoor morning ceremony. Wedding brunches that are over before the sun gets too warm are a perfect budget option, that is both casual and fun.

#2 Brides have many more dress options

Take a look at our bridal gallery and you will soon observe that most wedding dresses feature sweetheart and strapless necklines. Many wedding designers bring out plenty of dresses that feature sleeveless and strapless necklines, and this has been the trend for a while now. However, it isn’t a great choice for when the weather is cold, as you will be forced to find an option to cover your arms, at least temporarily.

With summer weddings, you don’t have to worry about this at all. With the warm weather, you couldn’t be more comfortable than in a dress without sleeves or straps. And this allows you to choose from a greater range of options, and find the dress that fits your vision perfectly. Since there are countless choices in soft, airy and breathable fabric, you won’t have much trouble finding a dress that keeps you comfortable during the day. More on wedding fabrics and how to choose the right one, in our previous post here.

#3 Summer time is so joyful and full of color

As the sun smiles down and the flowers are in full bloom, there is a certain joy in the atmosphere that is not found in any other weather. Summer is so full of joy, and weddings being a celebration of love and happiness, there couldn’t be a better time for it. Your guests will also be eager to step out of their homes and enjoy your wedding. This is irrespective of whether it is held indoors or outdoors. The longer days make everyone active, and they will be eager to attend your summer wedding than battle the snow and make it to a winter wedding ceremony.

Now, haven’t you noticed how people like to pull out the most colorful clothes to wear during summer? We think that as the weather becomes warmer, there is a general tendency to shift from the light and pale wintry colors to deeper and brighter colors that reach their saturation levels in summer. Soon afterwards, autumn arrives and the color palettes again recede in intensity, moving towards light or neutral tones. So, if you want a bright and cheerful crowd who will liven up your wedding atmosphere and photographs, you simply have to plan your wedding in summer.

#4 Summer bounty makes menu planning easy


Summer is the season when you have the best of farm produce to spice up your wedding menu. If you go local or with the seasonal variety, you still have so many options. Nature’s bounty is lavish in the warm summer months, with produce like squash, pumpkins and other colorful fruits and vegetables in abundance. Not only does this allow you to plan a spectacular and vibrant wedding menu, it also allows you to do this without costing the bank.

Another thing to remember is that summer weddings allow you to hold a daytime function like a brunch buffet easily. These are cost-effective options where you can serve delicate and light food that will be satisfying and interesting, and it will be much cheaper than a full-course plated dinner. Since the weather will be warm, your guests may not appreciate a heavy meal. This will work in your favor as you can focus on appetizers and drinks, instead of expensive desserts and rich main courses.

#5 It is vacation time anyway

With schools off for summer and many families planning their holidays at this time, it is a lot easier for people to attend your wedding. If you have invited children, their parents will appreciate attending the wedding at this time of year. This is because the children will be free without having to rush through a hasty weekend wedding to get back to school on Monday. Now, if children aren’t attending, it is still easier for the parents to arrange child care for them. Many of them may already have arranged for a babysitter while they are at work, and it makes sense to simply extend the service to your wedding day without much ado.

It is also a known fact that many people choose to go on annual leave during the summer, and with prior notice they can plan to attend your wedding, and adjust their vacation plans accordingly. It also helps your friends or family in university, as they will mostly have their annual break in summer. When you get married in June, it is closer to the holidays, and this allows you more time to leave town and enjoy an extended honeymoon.

#6 Summer gives you plenty of time to plan your wedding

That is, unless you’re just engaged and plan to have your wedding right away! But, barring this circumstances, we think summer weddings are the most practical weddings. If you have a year or whereabouts to plan your wedding, you can take  your time to plan your wedding look, do your dress research and decide on your wedding décor by winter. You can even place your wedding dress order before spring, and still have enough time to get the alterations done. Come spring, you can go shopping for all the other things you need for the wedding, place all your orders and book everything you need. The pleasant spring and summer weather will allow you to easily meet your appointments, and do all your last-minute tasks without worrying about frozen roads, snow or unexpected blizzards.

With so much time on your hands, you could even plan a destination wedding easily. Nevertheless, we always suggest sticking to a wise and well-planned wedding timeline, so everything progresses as per plan. Here is a wedding checklist that can guide you in this direction. Follow it and make sure you are all set for your wedding.

#7 Summer is the season for destination weddings

Like we said earlier, summer is the right time to have a destination wedding. Your choice may be an exotic beach far away from home, or even a venue in the adjacent town. All the same, this is the right time to plan a wedding a little away from home, because you can afford to make the most of the warm sunny weather and travel far for the biggest celebration in your life. Planning time off work is practical in the summer months, and it will also be easy for your chosen guests to attend your wedding as this is the popular vacation time.

Many exotic destinations offer special wedding packages this time of the year. You may be able to book your honeymoon stay at a reduced rate, or club it with the wedding venue costs. Getting married on the beach, where surf and turf meet, with warm salty breezes punctuating the air—it is a fantasy come true for many couples, and summer makes it possible.

#8 Summer is the best season for flowers

If you are a bride who is excited about flowers, summer is the perfect time for you to plan a wedding with plenty of floral details. The most popular wedding flowers–lilies, gardenia and carnations, are in full bloom during summer. This not only makes bulk ordering budget-friendly, but is also is an eco-conscious decision. When you choose to have these flowers in any other season, they are usually shipped to your location from greenhouses in other parts of the world, where they bloom at the given time. This can not only be expensive, but is also very unfriendly on the environment. Summer makes it possible for you to explore the several options in locally available and seasonal flowers, and you will have ample variety to choose from.

This article on the Flowerexpert blog will enlighten you on the several flower breeds that are available in the warm sunny months. Take a look at it, and you will soon realize how right we are when we say you have no dearth of options.  So, if you want your wedding décor to be filled with blooms of different varieties, colors, sizes and designs, you simply must have a summer wedding. And we are sure it’ll be spectacular.

#9 Summer allows you to sport a fresh tan and look beautiful

Most brides would love to look tanned and beautiful on their wedding days. Getting a real tan is close to impossible in the winter, autumn and even spring. You would either have to opt for the services of a tanning salon, use tanning spray or fake tan. But we all know that none of these come close to the real deal.

Fortunately, with summer, you have the perfect situation to do this with the help of mother nature itself. Spend a stress-free afternoon at the beach, or simply rest in your own backyard, and you will have that magical tan before you know it. And, there is no doubt that a bride with a tan looks fantastic in a beautiful white wedding dress. So, make it happen with a summer wedding, beautiful brides!

#10 Summer weddings make small local businesses happy

With more weddings held in summer, couples turn to the various businesses available locally for their various wedding needs. From florists, to bakers, venues, makeup and hairstylists, photographers and transport companies, all the local businesses see their revenues go up in the warm summer, thanks to the wedding clientele they host at the time. Since the demand for vendors is usually highest this time of year, most business owners are happy as they have a better chance of doing good business.

So, it simply means that not only do summer weddings make the couple themselves happy, they also help the local businesses enjoy the best part of the year with more profit and business. With everyone happy, it is a joyous occasion in every way.

So, there you have it—summer is a fantastic time for a wedding, and undoubtedly one of our favorites. If you have your wedding lined up in the warm months this year, don’t forget to visit us at Best for Bride to find all that you need for your dream wedding. From wedding dresses, to dresses for the bridal party, wedding cakes, invitations, party favors and more, we have every wedding aspect covered under one roof.

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7 DIY wedding ideas to save yourself some money on your big day

A wedding is an expensive affair! Let’s not deny this fact. Every couple spends thousands of dollars to get their wedding details right and unless you opt to elope or have a court marriage with absolutely no frills, you will not be spared from this.

The last thing any couple would want to do is to start their life together in debt. Smart couples know that there are certain ways out to plan a fantastic wedding, but still stay within budget. One of the best ways to get the maximum done for the least possible amount imaginable, is to Do It Yourself. Well, of course you may not be able to do everything for your wedding by yourself. Yet, you can do at least a few things that will save you some money.

Apart from saving money this way, there are two great things about doing something for your wedding by yourself.

  1. It adds a personal touch to your wedding, and allows you to use your creative skills to the most.
  2. Perfect or not, it is your own contribution to your wedding and this is always more special than anything you find in the market

So, this post is dedicated to some of the fantastic DIY ideas that we found. Get your notebook ready and set yourself up for some inspiration.

1.Naked Cake

Wedding cakes do not have to be covered in layers of frosting and complicated details to do their job. Naked cakes are just as good, and perhaps even more special. These cakes that have a refreshing originality, which is why they have taken the wedding world by storm. Not only are they easy to create, they are yummy and look extremely beautiful. Naked cakes are a perfect addition to an outdoor or garden wedding, and blend in with rustic and vintage themes too. As you might already know, these cakes do not have frosting on them, and the layers are held together by cream, thus retaining the original look of the crumb layers. These cakes are usually decorated with cream, fruits and flowers, and they look natural and inviting.

You do not have to be a professional baker to make it, all you need is the ability to make normal 8-inch cakes without too much ado. If you can do that, you are all set to try your hand at making this large-scale for your wedding day. . The Kristi Murphy blog has a great tutorial on how to do a tiered naked cake that looks simple, but is delicious. We recommend you start out with this and try a few simple decorations at first. Once you nail the idea, get ready for the big deal with a fantastic design for your wedding day.Remember that you can personalize it as you choose, and it will undoubtedly be a great looking DIY part of your wedding, that everyone will notice and appreciate.

Naked Rosas Azuis

Image Credits: Bolo de Caneca Confeltaria, via Flickr, [CC BY 2.0]

2.Paper flowers for centerpieces and décor

You do not need fresh blooms to add a festive air to your wedding venue, you can accomplish the same with faux flowers too. Or, you could mix them up with the real blooms and get your flower budget down to the maximum extent possible. With a few craft supplies, this is super-easy and quick to do. Brides who involve themselves in craft activities before the wedding say that it is therapeutic and helps them calm down when the stress of wedding planning starts building up. The best thing about doing something of this style is that it gives a sense of accomplishment. And, let us not discount the fact that it is one of the cheapest ways to get the colors of your wedding palette ready, and do it perfectly to the smallest detail. Just think of how you can get the décor just right with faux flowers, especially when you can’t find the unusual colors of your palette with real flowers. So, do you want turquoise or purple flowers? Take the paper route and you can do it in no time. Large single flowers in one solid color look gorgeous, but take little time to create. These can be used as centerpieces, floating decorations or even be part of your wedding bouquet.

Now, if you aren’t the crafty kind, you still needn’t worry. There are tonnes of tutorials out there to get you started with. Just take a look at them and you are bound to find it easy enough to try. Check out this article on the Its Always Autumn blog that links to 20 flower tutorials. You are bound to find the right link to the flower tutorial you want here. So, head over there right away and get crafting already!

3.Bridal bouquet

For your wedding bouquet, you can always skip the expensive flowers from the florist and rummage in your own backyard to create a bouquet with the blooms that are awake on your wedding day. Or you could visit the flower section at your local grocer’s and pick out what is available and build your bouquet around it. Casually created bunches of flowers that are loosely tied together with a satin bow are unusually romantic and whimsical. This charm cannot be beaten by any perfectly planned and executed wedding bouquet, however polished to perfection by a florist. This article on Real will provide you all the necessary guidance you need to go forward with creating your own wedding bouquet with supermarket flowers.Notice the beautiful bridal bouquets in the picture featured here? These were homemade. The article, “Gorgeous DIY Wedding bouquets” on also gives a step by step outline of how you can create these perfect wedding bouquet with no difficulty at all. Why don’t you attempt it and see how it turns out?  The talented flower artist suggests that you make a few mock bouquets ahead of time, just to get used to doing it right and also deciding which colors you want to really nail the effect. Check it out, it’s so easy, that you could probably do it even on the wedding morning! (though you ideally shouldn’t wait till then!)


4.Dress up your wedding chairs yourself

What do you think of doing your wedding chair arrangements yourself, and making sure everything is perfect? Here are a list of beautiful but simple chair décor options that anyone can do.  From draping dreamy tulle around your chair backs and fastening it with a little floral detail, to sprucing up your chairs with artificial leaf garlands, there is enough to draw inspiration from and personalize, to match your vision. We suggest that you take a look at the various options we have in chair and aisle decoration accessories by visiting this page, and then build your perfect seating arrangement design based on what looks best to you. Some of the classic trends that never go out of fashion in this area include

  • Wrapping soft breezy fabric around the chair and adding a motif like a pomander or flower pin that matches the theme of the wedding
  • chalkboard signs that read Mr and Mrs
  • Glittering chair back buntings that display Mr.&Mrs in full bling
  • Leaf and flower garlands matching the central floral theme
  • Wide strips of ribbons tied to each of the rails that flutter in the breeze
  • Chairs covered in white with a satin sash in the color theme tied around the chairs.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. There are plenty of other ideas that you can find and use. If anything, it is this that you can easily accomplish and be glad about, for adding your personal touch to your wedding setting.


5.Bridesmaid gift hamper

Your pretty bridesmaids deserve a thoughtful gift for all the effort they put into making your wedding day truly special. Also remember that they have been spending a lot of money on their bridesmaids outfits, your bridal shower and several other aspects of your wedding. So, you need to show your appreciation for all their well-intended deeds by gifting them a carefully chosen gift. You can always go the expensive route and choose a couture gift that they will definitely love, but you can also get the same message across by putting together a beautiful hamper of the little things that they will truly adore and use. After all, which girl wouldn’t prefer a whole lot of little gifts in place of a single big one? Instead of getting it from the store, how about doing it yourself? Your hamper could contain things like homemade cookies, sweetly scented bath scrubs and little treats that you are good at making. Or you could buy an assortment of goodies from the store and pack them all in beautifully chosen individual favor boxes, that are then put into a pretty gift basket, wrapped in style and gifted to your girls. Don’t forget to mix up the gifts, so you have both expensive and practical items that will all find favor with your girls. Visit this link on Best for Bride to find all the containers, boxes and favor bags you need to house every little treat you choose for your favorite girls.

Stephen's Moving Out Gift Basket #2

Image Credits: Cynthia Donovan, via Flickr, [CC BY 2.0]

6.Ring-bearer pillow

If you aren’t up to the challenge of doing too many things for your wedding day, you can still do this one little thing that will also serve you as a valuable keepsake in the years to come. DIY ring bearer pillows are easy to make, and you can do it in any style that you love. All you need are some basic sewing skills and a few hours of time, and you can have this special something made all by yourself. Check out this link on the DIY network for the full tutorial. When choosing the fabric for your pillow,remember to make sure that it is of good quality, as you will be handling it a lot during the process. You can also find a whole host of designs to personalize it to your taste, by simply searching online. Or better still, simply head over to the Martha Stewart Blog page here, and find some of the most attractive designs you want under one single roof.  With over 25 designs in classic, trendy and modern styles, you are bound to find one that you love. Do you know what is the best thing about making this yourself? It will be a valuable asset that you and your partner can snuggle with in your home, post the wedding. It doesn’t get much better than that now, does it?

ring pillow

7.Wedding garter

If you aren’t sure you want to do something that everyone will be seeing on your wedding day, how about making the wedding garter, which only your husband will see. Isn’t that a personal and unique way of finding something to share between just the two of you, and make sure it is one-of-a-kind? I think the very thought of it is thrilling. The bonus is that it is very easy to do, and you don’t have to be a seasoned artist to do it right. Not sure about this? Quickly visit this DIY link on Bridal Guide, and your doubts will fly away with the wind.  All it takes is four simple steps and a handful of materials to get your wedding garter done. With less than an hour required from start to finish, you can stuff this in to your wedding planning time line for whenever you are free. So, what do you say? Are you up for it?

Bridal garter, cream wedding garter, vintage lace garter, floral wedding accessory, bridal wear (4)

Image Credits: Faylyne, via Flickr, [CC BY 2.0]

Tell us brides, which of these will you be involving yourself in on your wedding day? Or will you be doing anything else? We’d love to know!

Keep visiting us at Best for Bride for more wedding news, articles, stories and tips. We are here to make sure that the days leading up to your wedding are easy and fun, so be a part of this journey!

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10 Money Saving tips for your wedding

Congratulations! You are engaged! Doesn’t it feel great?

As the realization of this new relationship status sinks in, you might be super-excited to start wedding planning and that’s when the bombshell drops—crazy wedding expenses! Yes, weddings are expensive. Everything from the venue to the photographer and food can have you straining your bank accounts down to the last penny.

Fortunately, there are several ways in which you can cut expenses and make the most of what you can afford. After all, you do not want to start your marriage in debt. So, here are 10 money saving tips that every couple should consider. This will help you cut a few corners and save some money while budgeting your dream wedding.


budget venue

Three aspects of the wedding usually fall into one account—food, beverages and venue. Together, these three components will consume almost fifty per cent of your total budget. The easiest way to reduce expenses on venue rates is to book a single venue for both the ceremony and reception. This will not only eliminate the rental charge for an entire site, it will also allow you to save on transportation from one site to the other. Two birds with one stone! If you want to further cut charges, consider hosting the wedding during the off-peak season or on a weekday, when prices will be drastically slashed. An advantage of doing so is also that it will be easier to obtain the venue booking as the competition will be very less on these days. Saturday nights are usually the most expensive option. Get married a day early, or a day late, and you will appreciate how much easier this will be on your pocket. Another intelligent idea we found on Buzzfeed is to host your wedding on a day preceding a public holiday, so everyone gets to have fun late into the night as they are off work the next day, and you still get to save yourself some money.



Three words—Snip! Snip! Snip!

Be ruthless with cutting names off your guest list and your wedding expenses will be reduced drastically. Rather than hosting a huge wedding where you don’t know half the people and have to skimp on the service due to budget constraints, isn’t it better to have a lavish affair with the few people who really matter to you? A direct approach to reducing your wedding guest head count is to omit children and colleagues from the list. Also, not everyone needs to have an invite with a plus-one. Limit the plus-ones to spouses, serious partners and live-ins only. Well, if your parents are paying for the wedding, they may want to invite a few extra people, so handle this as is appropriate in your case.

3.Food and drink


Skip the traditional formal dinner and opt for a wedding brunch or lunch instead. Perfect for a casual wedding, you could cut costs this way. Now, if you want a sit-down plated meal, choose a three course meal over a five-course meal, and it will still go down well. And you can minimize costs by choosing to have your reception at a hotel, instead of at a rented venue. This way you will not have to bring too many things in like utensils, seating arrangements, table linen etc, as it will all be available at the restaurant. You can always find the right dishes to serve on their menu. Most good restaurants have beautiful chairs and tables, and there is no doubt that they are perfect places to dine at. So, help your budget by taking this route. When you choose a restaurant that looks stylish and matches the theme of your wedding, half your job is taken care of. When serving beverages, stay away from the idea of an open bar. Serve beer and wine instead of liquor and add one cocktail drink to complete the list.

4.Wedding Cake—don’t make it, fake it

faux cake

Well, maybe not the entire cake, but at least the extra tiers! Remember that each tier will add several dollars to the cost and unless you have so many guests at your wedding, why let it all go to waste? Most bakers can create faux wedding cakes which look exactly like the real thing. They usually use Styrofoam layers and cover it with icing and decorations, so it looks like the real deal. So, you can get the look, but for much less cost. There are several other ways to make the most of your cake budget, the details of which we have covered in a previous article dedicated to the subject. Here are some of the ideas in a flash:

  • Use a smaller couture cake for display and sheet cakes in the kitchen for the actual service
  • Limit the expensive flavors to one or two tiers alone, while using standard flavors for the remaining tiers
  • Choose standard shapes like circle and square instead of topsy-turvy and fancy shapes to reduce cake costs
  • Decorate with economical options like real flowers, ribbons and easy DIY toppers
  • Go for butter-cream frosting instead of fondant and cut the price by almost fifty per cent
  • Use half or three-quarter servings in place of full serving sizes to eliminate wastage and cut costs
  • Serve cake alongside other desserts in the buffet, instead of at the table. Then, only those who want it will have it and you can reduce the overall order this way

5.Rent your wedding dress or buy it second-hand

If you are not keen on having a brand new wedding dress, opt for a rented one or seek one out second-hand. Vintage wedding dresses are a happening trend, and you can max out on this now. Second hand wedding dresses can be found for as low as half the original cost, even when there is little to no damage to them. There are websites dedicated to this, and you will find plenty of choices to select from. The other option is to rent your wedding dress from a consignment shop or bridal boutique like Best for Bride. Here, you can mostly find the gown in the style you want to wear for a fraction of the original cost and not worry about what to do with it later. With the option to also rent matching accessories like wedding jewelry, veils and headbands, you can achieve the perfect bridal look without hurting your bank balance. All you have to do is place your order in time, collect you dress on the appointed day and enjoy your wedding in it. Return it after the wedding, and worry no more about what to do with your wedding dress. It couldn’t be easier. The third option is to repurpose your mother’s or grandmother’s wedding gown with the help of a talented tailor. Not only will this not cost as much as a brand new wedding gown, it will also give your family heirloom new life. Sentimental and sensible, isn’t that smart? Now, your groom could also rent his tux and the two of you could divert the money saved into a well-deserved treat like your honeymoon.

6.Make the most of sample sales and trunk shows

If there is time left for your wedding, you needn’t go wedding gown shopping already. Keep your eyes and ears open for sales and trunk shows and you could pick up a dress at a better bargain. Or, browse through the sale and clearance section of websites like Best for Bride and make your pick from the dresses listed there. If you aren’t too particular about wearing a specific gown on your big day, why not make the most of your wedding budget by choosing the best choice within your means from these listings? The same could apply to your bridesmaids dresses too. Look for any bulk discounts and use it when choosing the dress. They will appreciate your concern, and nobody at your wedding need know that these were picked up at a sale.

7.Try alternate bouquets


Cut flowers are expensive and not environment-friendly, so spare the pain and still have fabulous wedding bouquets and décor with alternatives to original flowers. Bridal and bridesmaid bouquets using silk flowers and paper flowers are very beautiful and attractive. Similarly, you can vary your décor using fruits, candles and other easy-to-find accessories and still have a fantastic and unique wedding design. You could even consider succulents and potted plants for your wedding décor, and these could be used again either in your new home or gifted to the party guests to take home with them. Now, if you must have flowers, go for the seasonal and local variety and you can save some cash this way too. Ask your florist for what is within your budget and leave her to weave her magic with it. Or, if you are up for the challenge, make your bouquets on the day with what you find at your local grocery store. The price of the flowers you get there will be far less than at a flower shop, and this means you can find more flowers for your budget. Imagination is key, and it is not difficult to create splendid centerpieces, bouquets, aisle decorations and even venue décor using craft supplies from thrift stores, provided you know how to work around them. You can also use the same flowers that were used at the ceremony venue for the reception, and cut down on associated costs. All it takes is a quick move of the pieces from the first location to the second, and I am sure nobody is going to mind it.

8.Go bargain hunting for your wedding favors


Personalized wedding favors created exclusively for your wedding are stylish and special, but not absolutely essential. The true meaning of wedding favors is to gift your wedding guests a small and sweet memento for their valuable presence at your wedding. This can be anything you deem fit for this purpose. It can be homemade cookies, brownies you had your baker add to your cake package or preserves that you bought on sale.

It doesn’t have to be expensive, it doesn’t have to be in fancy packaging! It just has to be thoughtful and your guests will appreciate the gesture. Our suggestion is not to be too specific with your ideas and there will be hundreds of bargains out there, waiting to be snatched. Visit the sales and discount sections of wedding favor websites, and book a deal that falls within budget. This will give you a good bargain for the money you can spare. You can always customize it with a few craft supplies that can be found on sale, and you will easily have a personalized wedding favor in no time. Consider printing out your own monogram or wedding stationery using free fonts available online, and you can also save on expensive labels and tags for your wedding needs.

9.Hire and buy local


When choosing a caterer, booking your band or buying flowers think local and it will save you loads. Plus, you will already know what is best in the area and can make a wise and informed decision accordingly. Go with seasonal fare for your menu and the cost of your food will go down. Should your band have to travel from out-of-town for the reception, remember that you will be paying for their effort to travel this far for your function. Go with the local favorite instead, and you are certainly going to get a better bargain. Like we mentioned earlier, flowers that are flown in from elsewhere will cost more. So, think of whether it is actually worth the added cost. Wouldn’t you be able to achieve a similar effect by substituting it with something local? If so, isn’t that better?

10.Choose your transportation wisely


You do not need a limo, vintage car or even horse and chariot to drive you away from the venue. You can make a grand entrance or get away in any other car dressed up for the event. All you need is to use your creativity to dress up the car with some wedding paraphernalia, add a “Just Married” sign and you are good to go.

Hopefully, you now have enough tips to have a great wedding day without it costing you dearly. For more wedding tips and advice, continue visiting us on Best for Bride—your one-stop destination for everything bridal.

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5 must-haves at your winter wedding

Winter weddings are a growing trend. As more brides choose to get married in winter, the options available to brides to them are also more. As you go around customizing and adding personal touches to your special day, let us look at the essentials that you shouldn’t forego, so your winter wedding is delightfully complete. Here they are now!

1.A warm and cozy venue

Remember that your wedding guests will be bearing the chills, as they make their way to the venue. So, it is necessary to warm up the hall, well before they arrive, so they can relax and feel comfortable once they are there. Make sure that the hall is well-heated, and there are no drafts entering the room. Keep the ambiance warm and welcoming with soft glowing yellow lights and cozy decorations that immediately make it cheerful. You can also place a few blankets and throws for those guests who really feel cold, to wrap up in.

2.Warm drinks to ward off the chills

Who wouldn’t love a warm cup of cocoa, tea or coffee, when they enter indoors for your wedding. Make arrangements like a coffee or cocoa bar, where your dear ones can enjoy a warm drink before participating in the wedding ceremony.

3.Great lighting

This tip on the Wedding Party Website, is a very important one that all brides have to pay attention to. With the days being short, you do not want a gloomy setup with shadows all over the place. Make sure you pay attention to the quality of lighting, as this will determine the overall ambiance. Rather than choosing bright white lights, warm yellow glows and candle lights are pleasant. Candles also step up the romance, and enhance the holiday cheer.

4.Bring the outdoor elements inside

It is almost impossible to have an outdoor wedding when the cold season is at its peak. Nevertheless, you should add plenty of natural elements to your wedding décor, to add a natural charm to your party. Don’t skimp on flowers or foliage. If you are worried about the steep prices during this season, go with seasonal elements like pine branches, mistletoe and fir, or flowers that are available all-year round. Take inspiration from holiday decorations, and you will come across various elements that are perfect for decorating your wedding venue.

5.Appreciation for all those who made your wedding a success

Everyone from your bridesmaids, to the vendors and your guests have to work extra to make a winter wedding successful. So, you should openly appreciate all the effort they put in to make sure your big day a success. Appreciate and thank them openly for their contribution. Choose thoughtful wedding favors for your guests, and also add a special line or two, thanking them for the trouble they went through to come to your wedding. Similarly, thank your bridesmaids and the rest of the bridal party with gifts that they deserve. Lastly, don’t forget to send thank you cards and provide positive reviews to your wedding vendors.

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