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My Bridal Infantry

Do you remember the early Roman times when bridesmaids were more like a bridal infantry? They played the role of the bride’s soldiers. They chaperoned her to the groom’s village, guarding her against anybody who was against the marriage or who was after her dowry.

My bridesmaids are much like that. They are my fierce warriors, my faithful friends who were always there to stand up for me, to defend me. And now that it’s my wedding, there’s nobody else who befits the role of a bridesmaid more than these group of women who are modern in their civilized ways but primitive in their fierceness.

Are you curious already? You see, I am now 42 years old. And I am marrying a 27-year-old guy. And well, you can imagine what other people have to say about that. I suppose they are now calling me a DOM, a Dirty Old Matron. And did I mention that I am a millionaire too? As a matter of fact, it’s almost like I am actually giving away a dowry. Now you can imagine what they have to say about my poor fiancé.

If you would ask me, I don’t give a scruple what those nosy, dirty vixens have to say. It’s just that I feel for my husband-to-be. He’s a simple, good-natured man, and he’s not used to all these intrigue and drama. And he can’t stand all the attention. Also, he’s not getting the best of treatments from my family.

There was a time when I almost gave up on the idea of us getting married. The pain all this was giving him weighed down on me until it was almost too heavy. And then the ladies came to the rescue. Brought my spirits back. Always the reliable friends that they are.

It was funny how my friends, always cultured and refined, were suddenly uttering words of spite and hatred for those who just can’t leave us alone. And it was a major consolation that the whole set-up was readily accepted by my friends, without judgment, without prejudice.

Come to think of it, there is really nothing wrong with the set-up. Forty-two years of age is not all that old. Like they say, life starts at 40. And besides, the two of us are madly in love and we truly deserve to be happy. And we can’t just throw away what we have just to please those good-for-nothing shrews.

Anyway, I plan to give nothing but the best to my beloved female warriors on my wedding day. I already shopped for some wonderfully exquisite bridesmaids gifts. And now I am unto their precious dresses. They have to look debonair and dashing on my special day.

Anyway, I found this wonderful collection of Bridesmaids Gowns – Tulipia. They are perfect for my soldiers. The rich shades and striking prints and cuts exude a quintessential mix of femininity and fierceness.

I am down to three choices. First in the list is Tulipia – 23. Its delicate and graceful pattern yet bold and daring cut is a perfect embodiment of my lady friends.

I also particularly like the Tulipia – Cleopatra. My friends are not much unlike Queen Cleopatra herself, strong-willed and ready to stand up against her opponents. The dress, in its exquisiteness and elegance, effectively communicates this fact.

And there’s the Tulipia – Flirt. The dress makes such a presence that any hellcat will think twice before making a false move. With its unique accents and eclectic mix of fabrics, this is definitely not your ordinary dress.

Now I am down to the task of making the final choice. But well, this is one problem I enjoy solving.

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Always a Bridesmaid, Never a Bride

“Always a bridesmaid, never a bride.” That’s one line that I have come to hate. It’s an expression that has become associated with me. “So you’re a bridesmaid again?” Those snooty girls in my neighborhood would never miss a chance to say that to my face.

“Why am I always a bridesmaid,
Never the blushing bride?
Ding! Dong! Wedding bells
Always ring for other gals.
But one fine day“
Please let it be soon“
I shall wake up in the morning
On my own honeymoon.”

Oh how I hate Charles Collin and Fred W. Leigh for writing that song. It’s become my brother’s invincible weapon when he feels like badgering me. And believe me, he feels like it all the time. And he has creative means of finding a way to pull in the issue. Picture this he is all engrossed in a basketball game and would suddenly scream, “The team’s a damned bridesmaid, always too close but never there, just like my pathetic sister!”

And there’s this Listerine advertisement. Can you believe it’s blaming the whole syndrome to halitosis? Hey, I don’t have bad breath! They gave my brother yet another reason to taunt me.

But I am currently rejoicing. Do you remember that old myth? The one that says you break the charm after your seventh bridesmaid service? Well, I had been a bridesmaid for six times now and a good friend just invited me to become one of her bridesmaids (better keep my eyes on that bouquet). What do you know? I just might break the spell!

You might already be laughing by now. It must be funny to listen to a girl grumbling about being unmarried and actually relying on superstition to solve her problem. What can I say? A girl could hope.

Anyway, I’m so excited about the whole event that I actually volunteered to help with the wedding preparations. And of course, I asked that I be assigned to the most fun part. What else could it be? Shopping! I’m done with the ring bearer and groomsmen gifts. And would you believe I also did the shopping for bridesmaid gifts? It’s actually fun buying your own gift, and wrapping it too.

Anyway, I’m on to the last part. But why, I actually saved the best for last. I’m on to shopping for bridesmaids dresses and I found this really impressive collection. It’s called Bridesmaids Gowns AfterSix. The bride and I agree that it’s the best line we’ve seen so far. They’re not too loud yet stylish and trendy.

Now we’ll have to choose among three lovely dresses. The first among our top three favorites is the Style – 6504. The dress runs a little below the knees. It’s actually more like a cocktail dress than a bridesmaid gown, but my friend and I prefer it that way. Style 6504 is an elegant v-neck dress with a trendy empire waist. We especially loved its shade of olive green.

Second in line is the Style – 6500. It actually looks like a long gown but not quite. It’s simple cut and sweetheart neckline dresses it down. But still, it has an imposing presence with its vivid pitch black color.

And there’s the alluring Style – 6510. Its cut is not all that flattering to the figure and you don’t get to show much skin because of its knee length. Still, the dress is a teaser, very sexy. Nothing beats the color red. What do you know? Playing the part of a ‘lady in red’ just might win me a new guy.

Anyway, what I really love about these dresses is that I get to wear them to any formal party. They make for a great addition to my wardrobe. Now that’s smart shopping!

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My Mom and My Wedding

I’m getting married! Finally. My mother’s gone ecstatic. She seems to be even more excited than me. She’s got tons of reasons for that. For one, I’m her first born. This is basically the first time she will witness one of her daughters getting married. And she’s not getting any younger. It’s about time somebody gives her a grandchild.

Another good reason why she should be happy about the wedding is because finally I’m settling down. I’m a wild child you see. Remember this song by “Bachelor Girl”?

“So I walked under a bus
I got hit by a train
Keep falling in love
Which is kinda the same
I’ve sunk out at sea
Crashed my car, gone insane
And it felt so good
I want to do it again”

That song is so me. I had a self-destructive youth. Been too free-spirited. So you can imagine everybody’s delight at the idea of this untamed animal taking on something as big as marriage. I found a really decent man too. And yeah, I think I’m a better person now — matured and ready to take life seriously.

But you know the real reason why my Mom’s all excited about the wedding? Why, this is yet another reason for her to dress up and look all dashing. Yeah, that’s my Mom. She’s 53, but she’s never gotten over her youth. It does not help that even at this age she manages to look vibrant and beautiful.

And that’s my Mom, always obsessed over the wrong things. Sometimes I blame her for all the mistakes I made when I was younger. She never tried to bring sense into me. But can I really blame her when she could not get her own life straight? Tsk tsk tsk. Anyway, there’s more to the song.

“Hey Mom
Since we’re talking
What was it like when you were young
Has the world changed
Or is it still the same

A man can kill and still be the sweetest thing.”

That’s my Mom. She could make the worst of mistakes and would still have everybody at her knees. Yeah, everybody loves this beautiful lady. I am one of these people. I’ve always loved her in spite of her mistakes. She’s the type of person you just can’t manage to hate.

And it’s amazing how this lady always manages to steal the moment, to catch all the attention. But why, it’s my wedding yet I have all my attention consumed in shopping for the best “Mother of the Bride” Dress when I am supposed to be fretting over my own Bridal Dress.

Anyway, I found this really impressive collection of Mother of the Bride Gowns – Mori Lee. They are classic and elegant yet youthful and timeless. The collection is perfect for my Mom.

It’s not very easy to choose just one dress though. They’re all really nice. But I have narrowed down my choices to three gowns. The first dress that caught my eye was Bridesmaids Collection: 363 Chiffon, a soft gown in a plain A-line cut and V-neckline. The style is simple yet elegant. What makes it special and fit for my Mom is its strong shade of pink. Not your ordinary baby pink or pastel shades.

Another mother of the bride gown that caught my attention was Ava Collection: 412 Satin. I fell in love with its rich, glossy beige satin. And its princess line cut is perfect for my Mom’s figure.

But I think I’m going for the Bridesmaids Collection: 370 Taffeta. I believe the dress is an embodiment of my own Mom. It’s a figure-hugging kitten-sly type of dress. The kind that screams “naughty girl”. And I love its lustrous silk and crisp texture, something that looks like synthetic leather yet soft and flowing.

But then again, my Mom would still have the final say.

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How to choose Wedding Dress

Bridal Gowns Styles

One of the most important and exciting decisions a bride-to-be can make is what wedding gown she will wear on her Special Day. You have to choose a style of your wedding dress appropriate for the ceremony. For a Traditional Formal Wedding or Conventional Wedding the best choice is a floor-length wedding dress with cathedral train or chapel train decorated with beading and embroidery in white, ivory, cream or champagne colors, often worn with gloves and shawl.

For a Traditional Formal Wedding or Conventional Wedding the best choice is a floor-length wedding dress with cathedral train or chapel train decorated with beading and embroidery in white, ivory, cream or champagne colors, often worn with gloves and shawl.

Wedding Dress for Traditional Formal Wedding or Conventional Wedding by J.Valentina Bridal Collection

style 6234

At Informal Wedding or Second Wedding, the bride may choose a long dress with chapel train or without train at all or short dress, or even a two-piece suit in white, silver or gold colors.

Wedding Dress for Informal Wedding or Second Wedding by Mori Lee Bridal collection

style 2049

However, wedding dress for Destination Wedding may be open, transparent, seen through and sexy, usually comes without train in white, ivory or gold colors. To find the perfect bridal gown for your destination wedding please take a look at Best for Bride’s exclusive, amazing and perfect for Destination Weddings or Caribbean sandy and sunny beaches My Lady Bridal Collection.

Wedding Dress for Destination Wedding by My Lady Bridal Collection.

Lady Nur

There are various styles of silhouettes, bodices and sleeves to form an attractive bridal gown. The popular Silhouettes styles are: Ball Gown, Empire, A-Line, Princess and Sheath. The popular bodices styles are: Strapless, Spaghetti Straps, Sweetheart, Halter Neck, Plunging Neck, Empire Line, Boat (Bateau), Scooped (Square) and Sheer. The popular bodices styles are: T-Shirt Sleeves, Cap Sleeves, Off-The-Shoulder Sleeves and ¾ Length Sleeves. We advise you to take your time and to see different wedding dresses styles – we are confident you will arrive at exactly the style you want!

Bridal Gown Color

Although the traditional white dress is still the most popular among brides, many today’s brides to be choose to add color to their wedding gown. The latest popular wedding trend in bridal dresses is different color combinations such as White / Red, White / Purple, White / Platinum, White / Black, White / Rose, Ivory / Red, Ivory / Purple, Ivory / Platinum, Ivory / Black, Ivory / Rose, Diamond White / Red, Diamond White / Purple, Diamond White / Platinum, Diamond White / Black, Diamond White / Rose, Diamond White / Red, Diamond White / Purple, Diamond White / Platinum, Diamond White / Black and Diamond White / Rose. Such colors like Ivory color, Cream color, Gold color, Champagne color and Silver color are also very popular among today’s brides.

Wedding Dress Fabric

Your choice of fabric for your wedding dress can be determined by many factors: dress style, body type, season and the formality of your wedding. Today’s Bride to be can choose from a big variety of fabrics. Here is the list of the most popular fabrics for bridal gowns: Silk fabric, Charmeuse fabric, Satin fabric, Duchesse Satin fabric, Chiffon fabric , Georgette fabric, Organza fabric , Taffeta fabric, Tulle fabric, Lining fabric, Batiste fabric and Velvet fabric. Please note that your wedding gown’s fabric, texture and color should match as closely as possible to the fabric, texture and color of your bridal shoes. Remember that choosing the RIGHT fabric is important for the RIGHT gown!

Toronto Designer Wedding Dresses

There are many popular designer bridal collections in Toronto, Ontario, Canada such as: Aglaia, After Six, Alex Hanson Bridal, Alfred Sung Bridals, Alfred Sung Bridesmaids, Alfred Angelo, Allure Bridals, Anjolique, Avanti Designs, Bridal Originals, Silhouettes, Nadine, Bridalane Gowns, Casablanca Bridal, Davinci Bridal, Demetrios Bride, Ilissa, Princess, Sposabella, Fabulous Formals, Cassidi Sara, Eve of Milady, Forever Yours, Private Label by G, Gordon Couture, Impression Bridal, Ines Di Santo, Isabella Bridal, J Valentina Bridal, Jade Daniels, JAI Bridals, Jasmine Bridal, Jessica McClintock, AA Bridal, Joli Bridal, Jovani, Justin Alexander, Maggie Sottero, Mary’s Bridal, Mikaella, Mon Cheri, Mori Lee, My Lady Design, Nina Duong Couture, Obsessions, Paloma Blanca, Party Time Formals, Princess by Demetrios, Private Label by G, Pronovias, Rahmanian Haute Couture, Reem Acra, Rena Koh, Richman Group, Madison Collection, Romantic Bridals, Romona Keveza, Sincerity Bridal, Sposabella, St. Pucci, Tiffany Bridal, Tiffany Designs, Valentina Bridal, Venus Bridal, Impression Bridal and Young Sophisticates Demetrios. In addition to some of these popular collections such as Aglaia, Mori Lee, J Valentina Bridal, Alex Hanson Bridal, Bridal Originals, Fabulous Formals, Madison Collection, Silhouettes, Nadine, etc. Best for Bride also carries exclusive to Canada bridal and evening collections imported by Best for Bride directly from Europe to Canadian brides. Our goal is to bring you, Canadian Bride-to-be, the Best Bridal and Evening Designs in the world at best prices in Toronto Ontario!

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