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Tips for Planning an Amazing Winter Wedding

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Via Flickr

Spring and summer have always been the traditional wedding seasons. While this may be the popular choice for obvious reasons, there is something special and endearing about getting married in winter. The dropping temperatures and snowy landscape of this season create a splendid fairytale feel, making it perfect for a romantic wedding. If you are one of those daring couples who wish to embrace the beauty of winter and get married amidst the magic of snow and ice, here are some tips to make your winter wedding amazing.

The benefits of planning a winter wedding

The best part of a winter wedding is that you will face fewer hassles when booking the venue. It is also likely that this will extend to the caterers, photographers and band on the date you desire, as you wouldn’t have to compete for dates during this season.

Take advantage of the seasonal elements

winterwonderaThe winter scene is fresh and captivating. You can work this natural factor into your wedding décor. Although it may not be practical to have your party outdoors, you can find a venue that overlooks a wintry landscape to add to your décor. While it isn’t necessary to go with the natural winter wonderland palette of white, gold and silver, you can always embrace the natural esthetics and elements of this season. Consider using bold colors; say red, navy or purple, to create a spectacular setting against the white backdrop.

Make use of snowflakes, pine cones, icicles, snowmen and similar winter-themed decorative elements in your wedding invitations, centerpieces, party décor and favors. Dress up your venue with a roaring fire, plenty of candles and lush, soft textured textiles and you will have a warm and cozy setting.

Dressing up as a gorgeous winter bride with a fantastic entourage

Winter is the time to bring on layered gowns, long sleeved dresses, heavy fabrics, fur capes and perhaps experiment with a color beside traditional white. Choose a dress whose hemline grazes the ground, and it will keep you warm. If you have an outdoor ceremony, it is wise to avoid a long train that will be dragged through wet ground. Decide on appropriate footwear that will keep you comfortable in the cold, should you have to be outside even for a short while.

For yourself, as well as your bridesmaids, you can choose dresses in heavy fabrics like satin, crepe and velvet. How about adding a coat or gloves to your attire? This way, you can keep it on or take it off, based on your comfort. There are no hard and fast rules. You can even choose a dramatic dress, with ruffles or soft waves that are reminiscent of the delicate nature of snow. It will help you beautifully fit into the season this way.

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Things To Consider Before Planning A Winter Wedding

Winter is a magical time filled with wonderful holidays, snow and more. More and more couples are deciding on having winter weddings. But unlike weddings any other time of the year, there are a few things to consider before you start planning your winter wedding. Here are some things you should think about before setting a date:


Although a winter wonderland wedding sounds amazing to many, the weather isn’t always as nice as it is in Spring, Summer and Fall, which is the biggest thing you’ll have to consider. If you live in an area that sees harsh winters with snow storms and non-stop rainy days, you might have one on your wedding day and that can really ruin a bride’s special day. If you don’t mind the weather, it’s advisable that you get some type of wedding issuance just in case you need to cancel or postpone your wedding due to a big storm. Talk to all of your vendors if they offer this because you don’t want to get stuck with a huge bill for a wedding that didn’t happen because of blizzard. Have a backup plan, too just in case it rains or is foggy the day of your wedding. Get a venue inside and buy some massive umbrellas so that you don’t ruin your dress.


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Via Flickr

Although the weather is a downfall, one great thing about winter weddings is that you’ll get a huge discount on venues since many are open during this season. A lot of brides don’t want to chance it and venues are often scrambling for any business so they are more willing to give you huge discounts if you book them for a winter wedding. You’ll be able to afford that dream venue you’ve always wanted like a huge mansion or that unaffordable country club. Also, choose a venue where you can have the ceremony and the reception so that guests don’t have to drive somewhere else in potentially dangerous weather.


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Another great thing about a winter wedding is that you can find lots of holiday decor for cheap and easily incorporate it it into your wedding. Why not take advantage of the festive season? You’ll be able to find lots of amazing bridesmaid dresses in the perfect shades of red and green. And since many venues are already decorated for the holidays, you’ll be able to save on decorations.


Best for Bride
Best for Bride

When planning a winter wedding, you’ll also have to plan your attire around the season. It’s cold during the winter, so strapless dresses for bridesmaids with open-toe shoes might not be so great. So it’s wise to pick things that go with the weather so that everyone can be comfortable during your winter wedding. Also, ask guests to dress warmly so that they come prepared.

A winter wedding can still be a beautiful and wonderful affair when you take all the aforementioned things into consideration!

Best for Bride

Let Best for Bride help you plan the perfect winter wedding! They are a one-stop bridal shop that has a wide assortment of beautiful wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, accessories and can even help with other things like wedding flowers, decor and so much more.

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How to plan your winter wedding

With winter knocking on the door, you might wonder whether it’s a good idea to organize your wedding during the cold season. The answer is: Yes! There is hardly a better time to gather all your loved ones together than during the holiday season. The festive atmosphere is already there but you still have to take care of few things while planning your winter wedding:

1. Winter Photos
Wedding Photos are a crucial part of the celebrations. Winter wedding photos are no different, except you have to make a few adjustments to accommodate to the climate change.
You can set your ceremony for an early time of the day – in this way, your guests will have the opportunity to take a photo with you, before the light outside fades. You should also get a nice warm jacket for between the photos!

Mori Lee Bridal SPRING 2015 Collection: 2722 - Larissa Satin Trimmed with Intricately Beaded Embroidery
Mori Lee Bridal SPRING 2015 Collection: 2722 – Larissa Satin Trimmed with Intricately Beaded Embroidery

2. Flowers
One major disadvantage of the winter weddings: you’ll have to double your efforts at finding the perfect florist!
Winter weddings are usually less desired than summer or spring ones and you can save a lot of money on the wedding venue or photographer, for example. This is not the case with flowers, however: they are far few flowers available during the season, so you’ll have to pay a little extra or consider getting different ones that you’d want at first. A quick tip: ranunculus and tulips are the most appropriate winter blooms!

3. Menu
Your guests will feel warm and cozy during your ceremony, that’s for sure. But you have to keep that special feeling after the reception, as well!
The rule for a winter-wedding menu is: mostly hot dishes. We are not saying that they are “forbidden” dishes but most people would appreciate a hot pureed soup more than an ice cream cake.
Bruschetta with melted cheese with mushrooms or mozzarella with tomato an excellent choice for hors d’oeuvres. Use your imagination! You can stick with the “winter-flavors”: pear, ginger, pumpkin, apple or mint.

4. Be prepared for some surprising “No”s
Weddings are special occasions for you, all your friends, close and not-so-close relatives. But bear in mind that the winter season is not everyone’s favorite. Moreover, it could be especially dangerous for your elderly guests. People, who live out of town might also decline due to the unpredictable weather conditions – airlines tend to delay their flights quite often during the winter.


5. Winter fashion
Nothing more important on a wedding than the bride herself.
Thankfully, the winter bridal fashion includes both stylish and practical elements. You can wear long sleeves in a Princess Kate-inspired look. Otherwise, if your dress is strapless, you can warm your shoulders with a faux fur and still look gorgeously elegant. If you’ve decided on a short dress, you should probably consider getting tights or stockings – goose skin never looks good on photos!

Thicker, satin fabrics are the best choice for a winter wedding dress. You can combine your look with special “icy” crystal bangles to bring the winter spirit with you!
And as far as shoes  are concerned, closed toe is your best friend during the winter season. There are literally thousands of designs, and feathers or crystal fans look absolutely stunning!

More ideas on how to plan your amazing wedding, regardless of the season, on