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Sexy Wedding Gowns for Confident Brides-to-be


bridal dress

Some brides-to-be are modest and demure, while others are bold and daring. If you’re in the second category, you will likely be hunting for a bridal dress that really reflects who you are inside.

Brides-to-be who want something hip, body-conscious, and totally sexy may be influenced by celebrities who are very comfortable in their own skin; for example, pop sensations Shakira and Rihanna are perfect examples of strong, successful women who aren’t afraid to play up their attributes with stunning, occasionally revealing ensembles.

Shakira chooses sexy style for every occasion....

Sexy wedding gowns may be simple or extremely elaborate; one famous bride who went the “sexy, yet simple” route on her wedding day is supermodel Cindy Crawford, who wore a sweet and sensual, above-the-knee slip dress for her beach wedding to Rande Gerber.

Canadian songstress Celine Dion, whose wild, ultra-dramatic nuptial confection featured a plunging neckline that showed plenty of cleavage, opted for elaborate sexiness worthy of a great diva…

Sexy wedding dresses are designed to be worn with confidence, so they aren’t for everyone; however, when the right bride-to-be chooses the perfect sensual bridal gown, the effect can be truly dazzling.

For confident brides-to-be, we’ve compiled an exciting quick guide to some of the most stunning and sexy wedding gowns for this year. Bear in mind that you don’t need a pin-up perfect shape to “rock” these frocks…all you really need is your own sense of self…

If You’ve Got it…Flaunt It!

bridal gown

If you’re proud of your shape and you love body-conscious looks, you’ll adore a lacy, corseted wedding gown that highlights your womanly silhouette. A bustier design is an ideal way to add sexy style to any walk down the aisle, and these types of high-quality bustier wedding dresses will streamline your torso, while putting the spotlight on your stunning decollétage.

If you’re not afraid of a little color on your wedding day, choose a gown with a pale corset and layers of filmy, pastel silk or tulle skirts. The buttercream hue shown above is unique, warm, sensual, and very sexy. This tone will look best on women with neutral or yellow-toned (warm) complexions.

Ladies with pink undertones (skin may be light or dark) will be flattered by corset-style gowns with icy pink design elements. For example, celebrity bride Gwen Stefani, who is porcelain-pale, chose a pure-white gown with bold, ombré pink shading along the bottom of the skirt…

Leggy Style for Bold Brides-to-be

wedding gown

Show off your stunning legs – and feel your absolute sexiest – with a show-stopping, short wedding gown. This type of design is so youthful and fresh; it’s fun, playful, and very sexy. These styles usually feature tulle or silken draping that falls from the lower back to the ankles; this gentle curtain of shimmery fabric adds traditional appeal, while still allowing brides-to-be the opportunity to show off toned or voluptuous gams.

High heels are a must; brides-to-be should also wear their hair down to maximize the glamorous charm of these perfect wedding dresses.

Order Your Sexy Bridal Dress Online…

plus size wedding dress


Whether you’re looking for perfect, sexy plus size wedding dresses (such as the gorgeous design shown above), or wedding dress alterations that give your gown the ideal form-fitted look, Best for Bride will be able to make your wedding dreams come true.

When you choose us, you may shop in our Ontario boutiques or order your sexy dream dress online. We offer a range of services and lovely products, including bridal ringsmother of the bride dresses, and rent wedding dress options.

Whatever your taste or budget, our team of experienced and caring wedding specialists will be there to help you choose the perfect styles for your upcoming wedding.

We offer superb customer service support in our bricks-and-mortar retail outlets, and we also offer the same level of service to our valued online clientele…

Be the bride you’ve always dreamed of being…it all starts at Best for Bride!



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Pretty Wedding Dresses For Petite Brides-to-be

wedding dresses

Sometimes, petite women have to work harder to find exceptional evening dresses and wedding gowns that are designed for their smaller proportions. Altering a dress designed for a taller woman may be an option, but it’s always better to find a bridal dress that is cut to fit your body, right from the very start. Luckily, today’s designers are paying attention to the needs of petite women, and creating spectacular gowns that fit their particular body type.

Petite women aren’t necessarily size 0 or size 2 – they are simply smaller in stature, and they need the right cuts and fabrics for their height. To help petite brides-to-be make the most of their beauty as they walk down the aisle, we’ve compiled some perfect wedding dresses designed just for petite brides-to-be. To accessorize these gowns, veils, headpieces, and bridal rings should also be scaled to a tinier body….

Princess-Style Gowns Highlight The Delicate Femininity Of Petite Builds…

bridal dress

You don’t need to give up all of the bells and whistles of a luxurious, princess-style wedding gown, simply because you are petite. In fact, the doll-like beauty of a feminine, petite body type can be highlighted by classic, princess-style bridal dresses.

Channel your inner Disney Princess by treating yourself to a gown like the one shown above – fitted tightly through the torso, this design nips in your waist, creating a pleasing and classic Cinderella-inspired silhouette that is so flattering to a petite build. The best petite wedding dresses (like this one) are custom-made to fit properly through the bodice and hips – they will also have the right length for your height.

wedding tiara

On your wedding day, you should have a bridal gown that is scaled to your proportions – it will hug you in all the right places, and alterations will be minimal. Treat yourself to a princess-style petite wedding gown, and accessorize with a delicate, glittery headband or headpiece that is also smaller in scale.

Glamorous Elegance Worthy Of The Hollywood Red Carpet…

bridal dress

If you’re looking for sleeker, modern style that has a touch of Hollywood glamor, you’ll love this fitted gown, with its elegant, cream-colored fabric (white is also available) and clean lines. Designed to be elegant and subtle, this gown is womanly and alluring….especially since it’s been designed to work with your own petite proportions. Fit problems won’t be an issue when you choose this matte satin stunner – and the only accessory you’ll really need is your radiant smile (and perhaps a glittery necklace, or sheer, half-length veil).

bridal veil

Finding the right veil for your look is about scale – look for sheer, filmy styles that aren’t full-length (these will overpower your petite build). The short veil shown above would be a perfect choice – it’s trimmed in gorgeous lace and embellished for a rich effect, yet it’s still very sheer and simple…

At Best For Bride, We Know How To Dress The Petite Bride-To-Be

The lovely wedding dresses shown here represent just a sampling of the choices we have in stock. If you’re searching for simple wedding dresses in Toronto or bridal shops in Mississauga, you’ll adore the selection of gowns you find at our bridal boutique. However, ordering over the Internet may also be a possibility for you – we’ve created an online bridal store that offers you a dizzying array of petite gowns, all of which can be ordered from the comfort of your own home.

Our caring and experienced team of specialists will be there to advise you, no matter how you decide to shop…feel free to contact us with any questions you might have about finding the perfect petite wedding dress for your special day.

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How To Get The Kate Middleton Look At Your Wedding

wedding dress

On her wedding day, Kate Middleton embodied quiet elegance and poise. Dressed in a dazzling white wedding dress created by Sarah Burton (for Alexander McQueen), Kate looked truly regal as she walked down the aisle at Westminster Abbey.

Always stylish and appropriate, the brunette beauty chose to highlight her lovely bone structure and tiny waist with a classic, princess-style bridal dress, tiara and veil. To enjoy some romantic footage of the wedding, visit this link – you’ll notice lots of exciting details about Kate’s wedding makeup, hair, headpiece, veil and gown…The Royal Wedding 2011 – Kate And William

If you enjoyed the Royal Wedding and you would like to emulate Kate’s gorgeous wedding look, you’ll adore our signature, Kate-inspired bridal gown (as shown above). Crafted with a fitted lace overlay, this luxurious design offers the same restrained glamor and delicacy as Kate Middleton’s wedding dress. Attention to detail, lush fabrics, and painstaking craftsmanship are all utilized to create a bridal gown fit for a princess…

Accessorize For Truly Regal Style

Getting the Kate Middleton look is all about combining perfect wedding dresses with the perfect wedding accessories, such as mid-length, opaque veils and subtle tiaras.

wedding tiara

While Kate’s tiara is made from genuine diamonds, you can get the same royal effect with our crystal wedding tiara (as shown above) – and it won’t cost hundreds of thousands of dollars! Our costume jewelry is very affordable and beautiful – another bonus of choosing a special headpiece like this is the way it will provide you with a poignant reminder of your wedding day – one you might enjoy passing down to your daughter (or any special bride-to-be) one day…

Many brides find that their wedding tiaras (and bridal gowns) take on great sentimental value over the years…

Hair And Makeup Will Complete Your Princess-Inspired Look

Kate Middleton did her own makeup on her wedding day, but she consulted with a Bobbi Brown makeup artist beforehand. During her makeup lessons with this expert, Kate learned how to apply blush, foundation, eyeliner, and lip color without any outside help – this was done to ensure secrecy on her wedding morning.

By choosing to make up her own face, Kate ran less risk of her wedding gown details (which were closely guarded) being leaked to the press.

If you don’t want to hire a makeup artist at your wedding, mimic Kate by visiting a department store and getting some bridal makeup lessons from a professional. A trained beauty consultant can point out the best shades, formulations, and techniques for you.

You might want to select some special products and keep them to be opened before your wedding. Of course, it’s always good to practice and take some digital photographs of your makeup in the weeks leading up to your wedding.

Kate’s makeup was quite strong, but the shades were generally soft and expertly blended. Three types of pink blush (two different rose tones and a shimmer blush) were layered to create flushed cheeks.

A shadow eyeliner in deep black rimmed her eyes, along with two coats of black mascara. Grey and ivory eyeshadow shades were used – the slate color highlighted the lids and crease, while the pale tone was used on the brow bone.

To finish, Kate used Bobbi Brown lip color in Sandwash Pink, topped with a shimmery clear gloss. Of course, moisturizer, base and translucent powder were used to prepare the face for color cosmetics…

Hair Tips For The Kate Middleton Look

Kate pinned back the front layers of her straight brown hair, letting the rest fall loose around her shoulders. This youthful look can be a great choice for many brides-to-be. Simple, shiny hair without a lot of volume at the crown gives a natural effect that isn’t fussy or overdone.

The overall health of your hair should be a priority as you search for a look that suits your white wedding dress. Glossy, sleek tresses that still have some movement will frame your face as you prepare to don your headpiece, veil, and bridal dress.

If you’re shopping for wedding dresses in Toronto or looking for a bridal store in Barrie, you’re in luck! Best For Bride is there to help you put together the ultimate princess look for your special day. We have a team of caring, sensitive, and experienced specialists standing by to give you the personal service you need.

If you prefer to shop online, you can order a Kate Middleton-inspired bridal gown right from our online bridal store

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Goddess-Inspired Wedding Beauty

Channel your inner goddess with luxurious, perfect wedding dresses that offer a touch of timeless beauty. These bridal dresses are meant to highlight your own natural attributes without overpowering everything that is special about you.

If you’re looking for classical style for your own wedding day look, you’ll love these subtle, refined choices. We’ve also put together some amazing suggestions for goddess-inspired accessories, hair and makeup:

Stunning, Fluid Lines Never Go Out Of Style…

wedding dress

Simplicity can be so lovely…the white wedding dress shown above is a perfect example of the clean lines and fluid elegance found in the best goddess-inspired bridal gowns. This style needs little adornment – in fact, it may look better without a veil or a lot of jewelry. Pretty, high-quality bridal rings and simple wedding flowers will be the ideal complement to this classically feminine style.

Beauty And Makeup Tips

A soft, wavy hairstyle and rosy makeup will add glamor to your overall look. A lush, velvety cream blush and rich mauve or berry lip color may also be wonderful choices that suit goddess bridal dresses. Simple eye makeup that adds a little definition will also look great – consider a thin line of brown or charcoal liner, only on the top lash line – finish with a coat of lengthening mascara (Lancome’s Definicils mascara in basic black will be perfect).

Moisturize your whole body with a soothing product, such as Body Shop Body Butter, on the morning of your wedding day. Make sure the product has dried on your skin before you put on your delicate bridal dress.

One-Shouldered Styles Capture The Essence Of Goddess-Inspired Beauty…

wedding gown

A one-shouldered bridal gown references classical style that is straight out of Greek and Roman mythology! If you’re looking for drama that is still so appropriate, formal, and sophisticated, you’ll adore wearing the style shown above – its gorgeous full skirt and fitted bodice will help you achieve an enviable hourglass silhouette as you walk down the aisle.

Striking and very grown-up, this womanly design will give you goddess style that thrills your wedding guests…and your groom-to-be!

Accessory Tips – You’ll need a good strapless bra to carry off this look. A long-line strapless bra will hold you in place and give you extra confidence. Wedding shoes in pure ivory satin will balance the strong impact of this wedding gown – unless you are very tall, you should go for 3-inch heels, perhaps in a strappy sandal design.

Draping And Pleating Are Classical…And Lovely To Behold…

bridal gown

Stunning draping and pleating are the key focal points of the goddess-inspired gown shown above. Artistry and painstaking craftsmanship meld with a touch of true sexiness – this bridal dress is definitely designed to flatter the female form.

Show off your curves and natural beauty by choosing this statuesque gown. Silky-soft, lustrous fabric will catch the light and add a glow to your skin, eyes, and hair. If you love fashionable wedding dresses with lush skirts and elegant draping, this gown could be the design you’ve been waiting for…

Beauty Tips

If you’re getting married in the hot summer months, add a touch of “sun” to your forehead, your cheeks, and the bridge of your nose – this is best achieved with a big, fluffy blush brush and a great, high-end bronzer – such as Guerlain’s Terracotta. The rest of your makeup should also be golden and warm – this look will work best if you have olive or yellow undertones.

Go for a 24 karat finish with shimmery eye shadows in gold, bronze, and ivory. Use the lightest shade to highlight the brow bone. Your lip color should be brick-red, soft taupe with golden gloss on top, or coral pink. Choose a warm, woodsy fragrance, such as Estee Lauder Sensuous, to channel your inner goddess…