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Delicate and dainty lace dresses for a charming bridal look

There is an enduring and timeless charm that is unique to lace. Lace in a wedding dress, however small it may be, accentuates femininity and is always elegant.

Today’s wedding dresses bring you countless choices in lace details. With elaborate gowns entirely engulfed in lace, to lace forming few delicate details, or striking motifs encrusted with crystal beading and metallic embroidery in the bodice or skirt alone, there is no limit to what you can do with lace.

Here, let us look at some fabulous lace gowns, to understand how the placement of lace in different locations creates a specific look.

Lace in the neckline and sleeves

A neckline may be created with just lace, or with lace over sheer. The latter acts as an embellished neckline, that renders a modest touch to an otherwise revealing neckline. Scalloped lace edges generate a sophisticated look, and even a simple bateau or scoop neckline can look spectacular with this additional detail. High necklines with lace and encrusted with crystal eliminate the need for a necklace.

Similarly, lace can be used to define the sleeve borders, or even create the sleeves and add a whimsical touch, whether it is cap-sleeves, three-fourth sleeves or even full-sleeves.

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In this lovely MoriLee dress, Venice lace appliques border a sheer neckline and form cap sleeves, adding extra charm to the overall look.

Lace either in the bodice or in the skirt

If you do not want lace details to entirely define your wedding gown, you can choose between gowns that employ lace to embellish the bodice, or limit it to the layers of the skirt. Embellished lace is a modern trend, and it adds subtle charm to the dress without overwhelming details. A dress with lace either in the bodice or skirt looks glamorous when paired with satin or silk in the other half, while it is classic and elegant when mixed with tulle or organza.

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In this fantastic MoriLee ball gown, lace overlays engulf the bodice, while the skirt is in delicate layers of tulle. The additional embellishments and the basque waist work well with the lace to create an ultra-feminine and royal look.

Lace on the hemline

Pure lace, or lace overlays in the hemline add a feathery touch to any gown. Pretty lace scallops that cascade over a wide hemline look exquisitely ornate. While some gowns may feature lace all over the skirt, there are also others with clusters of floral lace motifs decorating the skirt and train, and spreading out in thicker bunches over the hemline.

All-over lace

For those brides who simply love lace, and can’t get enough of it, you can opt for dresses with all-over lace. With embellishments and bold as well as delicate floral motifs dancing along the entire length of the bodice, skirt, sleeves and train, you will be a mesmerizing sight in lace. With such a spectacular gown, go easy with the accessories and let the dress do the talking.

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This MoriLee mermaid gown with all over Chantilly lace boasts of a sheer mock bolero, and three-quarter sleeves that will render you the epitome of grace.

To learn more about these wonderful masterpieces in lace, as well as check out more gowns featuring this detail, check out the unique bridal collection at Best for Bride.

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Trend alert: Dreamy Illusion necklines to transform you into a real beauty

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Finding the right wedding dress is mostly about choosing the right silhouette that flatters your figure. However, there are certain other details that can make all the difference between looking good and looking fantastic. The neckline, length of sleeves, skirt length and type of train have a huge role in determining the total effect of how you look. You can play up or play down your total look, by choosing them appropriately.

The illusion neckline is a runway hit for 2015, and it is with good reason. The pattern has a unique charm that makes it a showstopper. Let us take a closer look at this trend, which has taken the bridal world by storm.

What is the illusion neckline?

This neckline basically combines a strapless bodice with an overlay of lace or sheer, to create a second neckline above the one that belongs to the bodice. Although the bodice may feature any neckline beneath the sheer layer, the prettiest illusions are those created by sweetheart, boat and scoop necklines.

The highlight of this design is in it’s ability to create an air of mystery. Over the years, illusions have been perfected and now it incorporates several elements such as floral lace motifs, embellishments and embroidery to add more style. It is surprising how a simple wedding dress can be elevated to a fabulous one by the addition of this single element.

Extending the illusion neckline into sleeves and a sheer back for more drama

Certain wedding dresses with this neckline also feature illusion sleeves. Whether they are cap sleeves, three-fourth or full sleeves, the result is always stunning.

Take a look at this dress from the Mori Lee Bridal Spring 2015 collection. It is a magnificent design that makes the most of the enchanting sheer effect, by incorporating it into the neckline, sleeves and back.

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Here, a sheer bateau neckline stretches over a sweetheart bodice. Further, the illusion sleeves are adorned with floral lace motifs. At the back, a wonderful effect is created with floral motifs embracing the torso, and a single train of fabric buttons travel all the way down to the derriere.

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Benefits of sporting the illusion look

The sheer neckline is very versatile, and it can be carried off by brides of almost any body shape. Unlike strapless designs that tend to slip and move, the additional layer of sheer holds the bodice in place, and is comfortable that way. The sheer layer can easily convert a strapless design into a more modest choice, rendering it suitable for traditional events too.

Another factor is that with an embellished illusion neckline, you needn’t worry about finding a neck piece to complete your look. The details on the sheer fabric photograph beautifully, with the underlying fabric barely visible in the pictures.

The illusion neckline is your choice if you want to look elegant, classic and sophisticated, while still allowing your sexy side to shine through. Check out the bridal collection at Best for Bride for more fantastic wedding dress that feature this fabulous detail.