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8 Huge Registry Etiquette Mistakes To Avoid As A Wedding Guest

8 Huge Registry Etiquette Mistakes To Avoid As A Wedding Guest

Have you recently gotten engaged and started to plan your wedding day? There is a lot to do, from making up the guest list and sending out the invitations to choosing the bridal dress and selecting the wedding venue. Among all these things, there is one more thing that you don’t have to forget about — making the wedding registry. It is one of the first things you should start planning for several reasons (we’ll talk about those reasons later). 

If you are unfamiliar with the idea of a wedding registry, it is simply a wishlist of gifts the wedding couple would like to receive from their guests. It is very helpful for the guests to understand what to buy the couple as a wedding present. But as simple as it seems, there are a few things that you’ll need to consider when making the registry to avoid offending anyone or unintentionally being rude. Let’s see some examples and see what mistakes you must avoid.

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Win Over The Prickliest Mother-In-Law With These Wedding Gifts [21 Incredible Gift Ideas You Would Never Think Of]

Win Over The Prickliest Mother-In-Law With These Wedding Gifts

When looking for a gift for your soon-to-be mother-in-law, many questions cross our minds, such as will she want this? Will she like it? will she accept me? …wait, not there again!

Gift-giving is an important ritual; they say a lot about you and how you see others. Your wedding gift for your mother-in-law will be the first thing she receives from you. A good gift can help you begin your relationship with positive energy.  We understand that giving your first gift as a daughter-in-law can be nerve-racking. But I hope you know that the gift is only as important and valuable as the emotion behind it.

To help you seize this opportunity, we have curated a list of gifts for all types of mothers-in-law. Here are the wedding gifts for mother-in-law that she is guaranteed to appreciate.

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Unique Wedding Gifts for Every Kind of Wedding – Ideas The Couple Are Sure To Remember!

Unique Wedding Gifts for Every Kind of Wedding

It’s never easy to shop for wedding gifts. Some couples make life a little easier by setting up a wedding registry from which guests can pick presents, but even if all of the best items on the list have been taken, you have to get more creative. To make life even more complicated, finding something decent that fits into your available budget is just one more problem that needs to be dealt with. It would be best to get the right balance between not giving enough and giving away too much. The good news, though, is that the perfect wedding gift doesn’t always need to be expensive or extravagant – all you need to do is find something meaningful.

Of course, you could always choose a practical gift like a dinner set or toaster. Home items are traditional presents for weddings. But in this day and age, many couples have lived together sometime before tying the knot, so household items may not be much use to them and may even be a waste of money. This is why it’s often best to look for something more personal and potentially more meaningful. Gifts that allow the couple to create new memories together could be a far better choice than simply another mug set.

Whatever type of wedding you’re heading to, whether the couple is adventurous, romantic or traditional, you’re sure to find an ideal present for them in our list of suggestions. 

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Wedding Day: Perfect Gifts for the Bridesmaid Crew

Bridesmaid Crew

Your bridesmaids are the MVPs of your wedding day, the ones who keep you calm before your aisle debut, make sure your dress is perfectly positioned at the altar, and help you with bathroom trips during the reception. To ensure that they know exactly how much they’re appreciated, you’re going to want to pick out some sweet and thoughtful presents that they’ll cherish for a lifetime. The key is to pick items they’ll actually use and that will trigger memories from your wedding for years to come.

Matching Robes or Tees for Getting Ready —Nothing makes a cuter photo and one you’ll cherish for a lifetime, than you and your girls getting ready on the day of the wedding. Matching satin robes or custom-printed tees will make it extra-special. Tie it all together with a pair of monogrammed slippers for some extra coziness.
A Candle That Honors Your Friendship —Whether it’s a supremely sweet fragrant love candle or a road trip candle that reminds you of that crazy cross-country trip you took together in college, you can’t go wrong when with the gift of hand-poured aromas. Light the candle throughout all the wedding festivities, such as at the shower and bachelorette party, and then give it as a gift to keep the memory alive when it’s all over.
Personalized, Matching Makeup Bags —Since you usually give your bridesmaids their gifts on the night of the rehearsal dinner or morning of the wedding, it makes sense to make it something beauty-related. Grab some embroidered makeup bags and stuff them with a few special surprises for a smile-inducing gift.
A Bottle of Champagne —Obviously you’re going to want to pop a bottle (or four) as you’re getting your hair and makeup done on the big day, but why not use the bubbly as a gift so your girls can enjoy it the next time they’re celebrating something big? You might even consider finishing the bottles with custom labels for the occasion!
Matching Friendship Necklaces —Remember when you were in third grade and you and your best friend were bonded for life over your half-heart necklaces? This is that all over again but with all your besties, not just one. Get the simple, dainty necklaces with their initials for a personalized but matching option.
● Personalized Note Cards —Everybody wants the opportunity to send a sweet note on their own personal letterhead, and why not? Your bridal party will love opening up a set of custom note cards and envelopes designed in fonts and patterns to match their individual personalities.
● Monogrammed Flats for Post-Photo Dancing —Show what a cool and laid-back bride you are by giving all your girls some comfy, monogrammed ballet flats they can slip into after dinner. Because let’s face it, it’s way better than dancing barefoot (and risking your feet getting crushed) or losing your shoes in the process. You can also surprise them with some flip-flops to ease the pain of wearing heels all day.
● A Box of Custom Chocolates —They say chocolate says, “I love you,” and we think that goes for platonic love, too. There are so many creative chocolatiers out there who make one-of-a-kind candy creations that take gift-giving up a few notches. To get some ideas on chocolate artists who can make you a box like no other, look to Instagram.
● A Self-Care Kit for the Morning After —Acknowledge that being in someone’s wedding can be stressful, time-consuming, and costly. After a full weekend of wedding activities, encourage your girls to rest and recoup with a well-stocked self-care basket complete with bath bombs, aromatic oils to diffuse and face masks.

A Framed Photo of the Whole Crew —During the bridal shower, bachelorette party or dress shopping outing, make sure to have someone take your photo as a group so you can have it printed and framed as a special gift for the whole crew. You might even consider having it printed on wood, glass or fabric for a special twist.
A Book About Friendship —We don’t want to be too cheesy, but remember that this is the time in your life that you get to be super sentimental with your besties, so take advantage of it. A card and a book about friendship will really get the emotions flowing, no matter if it’s a book of poems or a literary masterpiece focused on friends.
A Passport Cover —If it’s a destination wedding or if the vast majority of your crew has traveled to be with you on your big day, it makes sense to make your bridesmaids’ gifts travel-inspired. Monogrammed passport covers or luggage tags are always popular among jet-setting crews.
A Pair of Personalized Sunglasses —Anything you can give your girls that also doubles as a fun photo prop is a win-win for wedding day fun. Give your girls some bold, personalized sunglasses, preferably in a rainbow of hues, and make sure the photographer snaps some pics of everyone sporting them together.
A Comfy, Monogrammed Blanket —Everyone appreciates the sentiment of a cozy, restful night in, which is why personalized blankets always make popular presents. This is an awesome option for fall and winter weddings, especially, but works year-round, too.

Pair it With a Handwritten Note
We know that your to-do list is longer than it has ever been, and spare time is in short supply, but make sure to write each and every one of your bridesmaids a handwritten note to accompany your gift.

It doesn’t have to be long, emotional or perfectly written, but it should come from the heart and let your best friends know how much you appreciate them. With this formula, you can be sure every member of Team Bride will be grinning from ear-to-ear right next to you on your special day.