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Expert answers to 7 tricky bridesmaid situations

Bridesmaids are the women who share the stage with you on your wedding day. This is a position that you should confer after thoroughly thinking it through. This is because they have an important role to play at your wedding; it is one where they will have to handle several responsibilities.

However careful or calculating you may be when choosing your bridesmaids, you can still end up with unexpected surprises or awkward situations in this area at different stages of the wedding planning process. Sometimes, the issues may crop up right from the time you start choosing your bridesmaids, at other times it may be an issue that suddenly popped up when you thought everything was progressing beautifully.

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Here are some issues that brides have had to tide over, and let us look at the best way to handle each of them.

Q. Who to choose when you have more than one Bestie?

Enter Friends, with Monica who had to choose between Rachel and Phoebe, or Jules on Cougar Town with Ellie and Laurie! This is a situation we’ve seen time and again. If you have always been certain of who to choose as your Maid of Honor, and its been mutually agreed upon, lucky you! If not, do not worry, we have a few solutions for you to consider.

  • Leave it to the girls to decide among themselves, if you think that is the best approach. Of course, be prepared to go with whoever they decide to choose, if you take this route.
  • Ask them both. There is no problem with having two Maids of Honor, and it can perhaps be easier on them too as they can share the responsibilities and you needn’t feel guilty about your decision. This is the easiest and most practical approach, especially if you seem to be getting nowhere with making a choice.
  • If you have a sibling who you trust to take care of everything well, it is best to ask her and avoid stressing over it further. This will also save you from the problem of choosing between friends.
  • When considering your choices, give priority to responsibility, availability and organizing ability. Remember your maid of honor should be available and able to make things easier for you, and not just someone you choose so she is happy.

Q. What to do if a bridesmaid is pregnant or a new mom at the time of the wedding

Since you’ll be engaged for a long time, don’t expect all your bridesmaids to be in their current situations at the time of your wedding. They may or may not! However, having a bridesmaid who is pregnant or a new mom doesn’t have to change too many things. The best approach in this situation is to ask her what she would be comfortable doing. If your friend would still love to continue being your bridesmaid, trust her with it. If she is nervous and would prefer to back out, it is best to go with her choice. If your friend would like to continue in the role, make sure you do all you can so she is comfortable. You may have to make a few changes to plan when ordering her dress. It may have to be altered or you may have to choose it closer to the wedding. So, plan the logistics accordingly. Also, entrust her with light responsibilities, given her situation. She will already be handling a hundred extra things of her own, so don’t stress her out with more than she can handle. Just talk to her and find out all you can about how you can make things easy for her, and we are sure it will all work out well for both of you.


Q. When your bridesmaids hate the dress you chose

It is impossible to make everyone happy, and yes, it is your happiness that ultimately matters. So, if your choice for the bridesmaids dress doesn’t find favor with the girls, you can still stick to it. All the same, remember that there are several ways in which you can work around this and find a choice that they can be happier about.

Many brides make the mistake of choosing bridesmaids dresses in unusual colors, that many girls find unappealing. The mix and match bridesmaids look is one of the best ways to tide over this issue and get you what you want, while your bridesmaids are also happy. You can keep two or three factors uniform, like the color, neckline, hemline or designer collection, and allow your girls to choose any dress they like as long as these factors are met. Find out how to do this right, by checking out this previous article of ours. The other way is to go with a neutral color or universally flattering pattern and step up the style with colorful accessories or bold fashion items. Here are some suggestions for some colors that work this way in this post.

Spend some time researching your options and be open to ideas that fit in with your wedding aesthetic. You may not only find a choice that everyone adores, but it may also give you something unique that sets your wedding apart. Also ask your bridesmaids if they have any suggestions and then make a choice that nobody can totally hate. This way, you’ll be happy and so will your bridesmaids.

Pantone colors

Q. Your bridesmaids think they are paying too much for everything

When a bridesmaid agrees to be one, she knows she signs up to spend some money for your wedding. So, it is part of the deal. Nevertheless, it is up to you to be reasonable about what you choose, so you don’t make your friends regret their decision later. This bridesmaid voices her concerns, in this post on Apartment Therapy, and she tells us how difficult it is for her to cough up all the money she is expected to spend for her friend.

Remember that this applies to your bridesmaids too. They have to pay for a dress which they may never wear again, pay for the bridal shower and wedding gift, hair, makeup, accessories, and these things can quickly add up. So, if you value your friendship, it is only right that you are understanding and either stick to reasonable plans where they have to pay only what they can afford, or volunteer to pay for anything extravagant. The best approach is to have options for everything from the dress to the gift, and allow them to pick from the choices based on their comfort. Your wedding shouldn’t leave any of your friends in a financial crunch, and unless you have been on the receiving end with the same friends previously, it is only wrong if you do. If you think the dress price exceeded your idea, or if they have paid more than they expected to, you can always buy them their accessories like shoes or jewelry and take that burden off them. They deserve it for all the hard work (and money!) they are putting in to make your day extra-special.

Q. What to do when one of my bridesmaids just doesn’t get along with the rest

Your bridesmaids are a team, and they do have to spend some time together to plan their roles and responsibilities properly. Having a bossy bridesmaid or one who always seems to disagree with the rest can throw the entire situation into chaos. So, the first step is to recognize the likelihood of any such problems arising, before you pop your question to your bridesmaids. If there is a difficult friend in your list, consider whether it is more important that they be a bridesmaid than avoiding arguments among your bridesmaids. If you think it is, you may have to take on an active role to avoid potential problems. This article on Huffington post gives some practical solutions in this regard. Firstly, avoid tricky situations that can lead to friction.  You can delegate responsibilities like the shower to a particular person, even outside the bridesmaid group to avoid arguments. Delegate only specific responsibilities to her, so she won’t have to cross paths with an opponent. Pair her off with those who can handle her with tact. Finally, before your wedding day, sit her down and personally ask her to put aside her differences and cooperate, so your day goes well. If she cares even an ounce for your happiness, she will handle it well and make sure that the excitement of your day is not ruined due to her petty and unnecessary problems.mix ‘n’ match bridesmaids dress

Q. What to do when a bridesmaid can’t keep the wedding planning details a secret

Whether it is because she is super-excited about your wedding, or simply jealous of what you have, it is simply wrong to tell others your wedding planning secrets. If your bridesmaid does this by mistake, let it go, but make sure to ask her nicely to never repeat it. Despite this, if she continues with gossiping, it may be better if you act immediately. If you wait too long, she can cause your wedding surprises to be ruined by her inconsiderate behavior. Aim for a solution where you involve only those who can keep their thoughts to themselves, in the planning. Don’t make it into a bitter problem and spoil the entire mood by arguing with the person who spills the beans every time. Be discrete and don’t give any details if she keeps asking you for what’s going on. If you want to handle it diplomatically, and not create any unpleasant situations, assign a generic project to her and leave her with it. Make sure it is one that won’t make a difference even if she goes around telling the town what is involved, and it’ll keep her busy from interfering with the rest.girls-685787_1280


Q. Is it alright if my bridesmaid lives far away and will be arriving just in time for the wedding

This isn’t too rare these days. After all, you may have friends right from the time you were a little girl, who are close to you despite the physical distance. Although it may not be easy to shop for the bridesmaid dress or plan the shower from long-distance, it is still possible. Where dress shopping is concerned, you can simply mail her the options or share links to the collection online, and ask her for her opinions. Once the choice is made, you should order it for her, along with the dresses for your other bridesmaids. For this you need to know her dress size. Make sure that your bridesmaid is measured by a professional seamstress, so you get the measurements right before ordering the dress. Since you will mostly be ordering all the bridesmaids dresses in one go and from the same dye lot, make sure you know this before you place the order. Once the dress arrives, ship it to her right away. This will allow her to get the alterations done, so it is ready to be worn when she travels for the wedding. Where the bachelorette parties and bridal showers are concerned, it is up to your maid of honor and other bridesmaids to plan it. If you would like her to attend, see if it is possible to move these events closer to the wedding date. Since you want her to be involved in the wedding as much as the rest of the wedding party is, you can consider designating some day-of tasks to her. Nevertheless, remember that she may be tired from the journey and so accommodate that factor into the plans as well.

Now that we have most of the tricky questions addressed here, we think you are covered for most scenarios. If you think there are any more likely situations that you want help with, write to us and let us know.

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Styling tips to help you choose accessories for your bridesmaids

Your bridesmaids have an important role to play in your wedding. When they look good, the entire wedding feels good. So, you have to make sure that you pay close attention to how they will be dressed.

In most cases bridesmaids pay from their pockets for their dresses. The least the bride can do for these women who agree to happily shoulder their responsibilities, is to buy them their accessories. Don’t you agree?

These simple styling tips will help you choose the right accessories for your bridesmaids dresses.

#Tip 1

Shop for accessories only after choosing the dresses

While there are accessories that go well with almost any dress, they aren’t necessarily the best choice. So, wait till you buy the bridesmaids dresses, to go shopping for their accessories. This way, you will avoid wasting time and can make a better selection.

#Tip 2

Simple dresses go with bold accessories and vice-versa

This is a very simple rule, yet one that many women fail to follow. Be it for a wedding or a cocktail party, it is not the dress or accessories that are the main focus, but the woman wearing it. For an uncluttered and elegant look, balance out the dress with the supporting accessories. For an embellished dress (like a sequined or patterned dress or one in a bold color), keep the accessories minimum. If the dress is relatively simple or in neutral shades with little to no accents, dress it up with attractive accessories.

#Tip 3

Let the neckline decide whether a necklace is necessary

Necklaces are accessories that can make or break a look. Not all dresses need necklaces to look great. For example, wearing a necklace with a halter dress would be too much. On the other hand, a sweetheart or bateau neckline would be emphasized with a pretty necklace.

#Tip 4

Don’t be scared to experiment with color

There is more than one way in which you can add color to your bridesmaids outfits. While the obvious choice is to choose a colorful dress, you should remember that not all colors look good on all women. You want your best friends to love their look, don’t you? If you prefer neutrals and toned down colors for their dresses, add pops of color with bright and bold accessories. This may be with shoes, waistbands or jewelry. When colors are paired with the neutral background of their dresses, the effect is enhanced.

#Tip 5

Mix and match accessories to suit each bridesmaids taste, but keep the look cohesive


Your bridesmaids have different personalities. Respect their individuality and let their looks reflect who they are. The accessories you choose for each woman should be suitable for her taste and match her style. This way you can make them all happy. The only thing to remember when choosing the accessories is to keep one factor uniform throughout. This could either be the color, the design or the impact it creates.

Now that you know what you should look out for when choosing bridesmaids accessories, how about finding the perfect dresses for your pretty friends? Visit our online store at Best for Bride for designer collections of the best bridesmaids gowns in all styles and price ranges.

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Bridesmaid Dress Trends

For decades, bridesmaids have walked down the aisle in matching dresses. They often wore shoes and flower corsages that were the same color as their dresses. There’s much more freedom in bridesmaid dress colors now. Instead of being matchy-matchy, consider a collection of colors or different shades of the same color. The effect of these bridesmaid dress trends is stunning.

Shades of Gray or Other Colors
Instead of choosing one color for all the bridesmaid dresses, the bride chooses many shades of the same color. For example, the wedding color that the bride wants to use for the bridesmaid dress color may be purple. The bride selects a different shade of purple for each bridesmaid dress. One bridesmaid may have a light purple or lavender dress. The next bridesmaid’s dress is a bit darker, and another bridesmaid has a medium purple. Another bridesmaid may have a dark purple dress. The bridesmaids may be standing in order as to the darkness of the dress color with the darkest color being closest to the bride for more contrast. The resulting bridesmaid lineup is an ombre effect.

Expanding Ombre
Similar to the differing shades that create an ombre look is a collection of ombre bridesmaid dresses that are similar but not exactly matching. All the dresses may have similar ombre patterns or some bridesmaids may have a solid color dress that matches the ombre dresses. Gray is a popular bridesmaid color. If using this color style with gray, one bridesmaid may have a dark gray dress. Another bridesmaid may have an ombre dress that includes that dark gray color and a light gray. The next bridesmaid may have a light gray dress.

Some brides choose bridesmaid dresses of a range of colors to match the rainbow. This full range of color is best suited for an outdoor, casual wedding.

Multicolored and Matching Colors
Another color choice is to have the maid of honor or a bridesmaid in a multicolored dress. The other bridesmaid dresses are colors that match the multicolor dress. If the multicolored dress was the one pictured in the article, the other bridesmaids might have mauve or yellow dresses that match the multicolored dress.

Color Collection
The rainbow is not the only collection of colors that brides are choosing. Some brides choose colors that look well together. In this scenario, there might only be one bridesmaid dress that is the same as one of the wedding colors. The bridesmaid dress colors are chosen, because they look stunning against the fabric of the other bridesmaid dresses. Many people tend to gravitate towards certain colors or collections of colors. This is a way for the couple to share their favorite coordinating colors and have an innovative color scheme.

The bride’s choices for bridesmaid dress colors is no longer limited to the wedding colors. Explore other options and choose what you think is beautiful and most expressive of your personality. In addition to changing color trends, bridesmaids dresses are evolving. Some of the new styles of dress construction are becoming more sophisticated than the simple dresses of the past. Tiered tops and gathered, sculpted fabrics are the new highlights of bridesmaid styles. Many dresses have more embellishments than previous styles. For the latest information about wedding trends, visit the Best for Bride blog.


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Choosing the Best Bridesmaid Dresses

As the bride, you may only be thinking about the way your bridesmaids will look standing next to you, more focused on the design of their dresses and not having much regard towards the other, finer aspects of their apparel. Follow this advice, and not only will you be happy with the results, but so will your bridesmaids!

And trust me when I say that unhappy bridesmaids are not something you want on your wedding day.

First off, yes, design is important, but don’t be stuck in the ways of having a single style for all of your bridesmaids. Everyone is made differently, every single body has a different shape, and one size does not fit all. Having a uniform look may be important to you, but I can tell you from experience that just because a design looks good on one body type does not mean it will look good on every other body type present, and if your bridesmaids do not feel like they look good, their discomfort will show.

Second, aim to get a dress style/color that your bridesmaids will get to wear more than once. Bridesmaids’ dresses can be pretty pricey, and getting more use out of them is always a plus. Color, too, matters. Your first priority is going to have a color that matches your wedding theme. That should be your priority, but you should also keep in mind the complexion of your Bridesmaids to make sure the color dresses don’t make them look sick, or clash horribly with their hair, etc. They will thank you for it.

Alfred Angelo 8100S

This Alfred Angelo, chiffon cocktail dress is perfect for a Bridesmaid dress, but is also perfect for wearing out on the town. Your Bridesmaid will love it.

Third, be mindful of comfort. Your main concern might be to make sure the bridal party looks flawless, or you might see your Bridesmaids as mainly being accessories to you. That is all well and good, because this is your day after all, but remember that your Bridesmaids are going to be wearing their dresses for the entire night, which means they will be dancing in them during your reception. Pick a style and material that is comfortable enough to where they won’t resent you for the rest of their lives for making them wear it for hours on end.

Jasmine Bridesmaid L164053

This Jasmine dress is long and flowing. It is not too tight, nor too poufy, so it will be easy to move in and fun to dance in. The straps will keep it secure without needing much, if any, adjustment throughout the night. It’s perfect. has an amazing selection of Bridesmaid dresses. From long-sleeve to strapless, floor-length to cocktail, and a plethora of colors and designers; you’re sure to find the perfect dress for every one of your Bridesmaids. Simply go to and browse the selection!

Your wedding is going to be one of the most important days of your life, and your happiness matters most, but don’t neglect the other members of your wedding party! Remember, your Bridesmaids are your friends and your family, and you want them to be just as happy and smiling just as brightly as you are when you’re standing on that altar. The right dress will make that so much easier!