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Winter wedding cake trends

Each season has its distinct personality, and incorporating the natural elements of the season adds more interest to a wedding. With winter upon us, and the cold weather dictating everything for the rest of the year, we think it is a good idea to take a look at some winter wedding cake trends.

Come along, as we find out more about the happening trends in delicious and delightful wedding cakes, this winter. And, don’t forget to tell us which of these trends you will be incorporating into your winter wedding.

Generous with ruffles

This video on the Vancouver Sun, mentions that decorating cakes with ruffles is one of the most popular trends in winter cakes this year.  The design for the cake is usually inspired by the bridal dress, or by the ruffles that are part of the wedding décor and bridesmaids outfits. Ruffles may be featured on just one tier, or even extended to include all the tiers of the cake. The design feature has a fresh and airy feel, and the cake doesn’t require any additional element, as this in itself gives it a signature touch.

 Vividly white wedding cakes

Winter and white are almost synonymous. White wedding cakes are a tribute to the season, and they are always tasteful and classic. Couples now choose to go with stark white tiered wedding cakes, decorated with white embellishments that keep the look monochromatic and exquisite. Details like petals, pearls, silver embellishments and piped embroidery are the top choices in cake decorations.

Image Credit: Dion Gillard [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
Naked wedding cakes

Here, the wedding cake is not covered by layers of frosting or fondant. Instead, it is kept original, with the crumb showing through. The seasonal elements are added between the layers, for taste and texture. Winter favorites are fruits available during the season, such as appleas, pears and perssimons. Although the cake may look rough and exposed, it is a welcome change that is easy on the palette and the stomach. Perfect for a rich, warm dessert, the natural colors of the layers make it attractive.

Naked Cake
Image Credits: Camila Aguiar, [CC BY 2.0], via Flickr

Memorably metallic masterpieces

The sheen of metal best suits the wintry landscape and is a reflection of the cool winter ambiance. Taking inspiration from the tinsel trends highlighted every holiday season, wedding cakes with metallic accents in gold, silver and copper are a favorite. There are also cakes that are entirely covered with a metallic finish, that dazzle, shine and scintillate as works of art. With metal, less is more, and the cake finish is usually simple and straight.

Wedding Themed Card box/Towel Cake combo
Image Credits: Sherlene, via Flick

Don’t you love these winter wedding cake trends? We believe that at least some of them are here to stay. Visit our wedding cake gallery at Best for Bride, for more interesting ideas to base your wedding cake design on.

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Ideas for a pretty wedding cake decorations with flowers

Flowers have the power to transform any gloomy space into something cheery and welcoming. It is no wonder that these beautiful elements of nature have a prominent place in weddings, and are found everywhere from bouquets and centerpieces to bridal hairdos and wedding cakes.

Wedding cakes decorated with real flowers have an endearing charm. It is an easy way to match your wedding cake to the rest of your wedding theme. So, here we will look at all that you need to know about wedding cake flowers and how you can use them to make your delicious wedding dessert look fantastic.

How to choose the flowers

There are basically two ways in which you can use flowers for cake displays—crystallized or freshly picked. Master cake maker, Fiona Cairns, who is famous for decorating Prince William and Kate’s wedding cake, says that crystallized flowers can be used on cakes to create masterpieces. In this article on the Daily Mail, Cairns suggests using edible blooms such as rose, pansies and lavender and leaves like mint and sweet geranium for crystallized decorations. These can be crystallized with a sugar and egg white coating well ahead of the wedding day, and will not spoil.

When using fresh flowers, the decoration should be done just hours before serving, as they can wilt. Here are the list of factors you have to consider when choosing them.

  • It is important to ensure that the flowers used are not toxic and haven’t been sprayed with pesticide.
  • It isn’t necessary to decorate your cake with only edible flowers. You can also use non-edible flowers for decoration, but make sure that these are removed before serving.
  • If a flower is edible, you can serve it to your guests and leave it to them to decide whether they want to try it or not.
  • Choose flowers that do not wilt easily, especially if your wedding venue is warm.

Things to remember when using flowers as your cake decoration

The best person to guide you on which flowers are suitable for cake decorations, is your florist. Ask your wedding florist to thoroughly clean each and every flower which will be used on your cake.

If you want the beauty of the blooms on your wedding cake, but are worried about how hygienic it will be, choose a cake design with tiers that are separated and flowers placed between these tiers, so it doesn’t touch the cake.

There are various arrangements you can consider for your floral wedding cake. These include, but are not limited to the following:

An arrangement on the top tier alone, where a spell of colorful blooms will occupy the center. They can be placed on a divider that separates them from the frosting.

top tier flowers

Bright colorful flowers that richly deck the layers of the cake. This can be done with the same flowers or a multitude of varieties, depending on the theme.


Small flower arrangements at different locations and also on the edges to add a pop of color.

For more spectacular cakes with floral accents in both fresh and candied versions, take a look at our cake gallery on Best for Bride.

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Fake Wedding Cakes?

Best for Bride
Best for Bride

Next time you go to a wedding reception, take a good look at the cake. It may look real, but actually be made out of Styrofoam and covered with fondant. Even close up, the cake may look authentic since many fake cakes are covered with the same fondant icing that commonly is used on real wedding cakes. The trend of using faux wedding cakes is growing. Why are people making fake wedding cakes?

It’s not uncommon for wedding cake to cost more than the wedding dress. The wedding cake may end up being the biggest expense for a wedding. The alternative fake wedding cakes helps the couple save a considerable amount of money. The artificial wedding cake typically costs under $200.

The faux wedding cakes are used for display purposes only. The couple might ask the servers to remove the fake cake right before cake is served to the guest to keep the illusion that it’s a real cake. The guests are served from a sheet cake which is much cheaper than a true wedding cake.

What about the cutting of the cake by the couple? Some faux cake makers have gotten creative in solving this problem. Obviously, the couple does not want to cut into Styrofoam in front of their guests. Some people will get a fake cake made, but have the top tier be a real cake for the cake cutting tradition. Another option is for a section of the false cake to be replaced with real cake. For many couples, these fixes fall short of the romantic sentiment of cutting a real cake together. The use of an artificial wedding cake is something that not all couples will embrace.

The use of faux wedding cakes can be used in other ways. A couple who is having a small wedding might have a desire to have a large, extravagant cake. Even if the guest list doesn’t warrant such a large cake, they may really want the experience of having an incredible cake. If they bought the cake of their dreams, not only would their budget suffer a tremendous hit, but they would end up wasting half the cake. Instead, they can buy a partially faux cake from a baker. The cake can be partially real cake with the rest being artificial.

Couples may view the use of a fake cake as a form of deception. The bride and groom may feel that they are lying to their guests or being fake themselves if they use a fake cake. If you feel like using a fake cake isn’t as romantic or honest as using a traditional wedding cake, then a fake cake may not be the ideal way to save money. Some couples view the faux cakes as a type of prop and not really a deception. This is a personal choice that the couples need to decide together.

Would you use a fake cake to save money? For additional ways to save money on the wedding, visit the Best for Bride blog.

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Do you want a tiered wedding cake or something different?

The traditional tiered wedding cake has been a wedding icon for ages. But, many couples today are stepping away from this practice for various reasons. Brides agree that it looks great and all, but it is very expensive and is it always worth all that money? With more and more wedding guests taking the healthy route, isn’t it a better idea to spend money on desserts that are just as tasty and satisfying, but healthier? “No wedding cake—a trend,” on Serious eats suggests that this is apparently a growing trend.

So, do you want a traditional wedding cake at your wedding, or would you choose something different and follow the trend? Let us help you find out.

The tradition behind wedding cakes

The wedding cake brings together several traditions from different parts of the world. The tiered cake began as a stack of cakes that the couple had to kiss over for a successful marriage. This later became a dessert that the bride would cut and distribute, with the belief that it would ensure her fertility.

Wedding cakes that were white in color, became the fashion after Queen Victoria’s wedding. She introduced white wedding dresses to the bridal world and with it, white wedding cakes as well.

If these traditional beliefs and superstitions behind the wedding cake do not appeal to you, or you are not really a cake person, there are several other equally attractive options out there. Take a look.

Assorted dessert buffet for all taste buds


The latest trend in wedding desserts, assorted dessert buffets bring together the choicest desserts of all types and tastes and allow guests to indulge in what appeals to them. Most couples choose bite-sized options. By going with four or five desserts,  everyone should find something they favor. The regulars at buffets are macaroons, candy treats, doughnuts, cupcakes, cake pops, cookies and tarts. These allow you to have a delicious spread and give you uncomplicated choices that can be arranged to create a spectacular display, which is perhaps more inviting than a towering wedding cake.

Wedding cupcakes


Another trend is to replace the wedding cake with an assortment of tiered cupcakes in various flavors and designs. These allow the guests to savor reasonably sized desserts, while you are saved from the complications of arranging for the cutting and serving of a regular wedding cake. With customized cupcake toppers and various decorative elements, it isn’t too difficult to design a cupcake table that is aesthetically pleasing and delicious in variety.

Dessert shots


Mini glasses dressed up with layers of delectable treats are both inviting and practical. Most layered desserts work well as dessert shots. A great thing about them is that they can be made into very pretty displays with a sophisticated beauty. Dessert shots will be loved by both adults and children alike, and it is just perfect for a casual event where your guests can indulge in it without having to sit down to eat.

Now that you know there is more to wedding sweets than just the traditional wedding cake, would you give any of these a try?

For more wedding tips and advice, and the latest trends in the world of weddings, continue visiting us at Best for Bride.