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Horrors to Avoid in Mother of the Bride Dresses

Much thought has been given to the bride’s and bridesmaids’ gowns and dresses during the wedding planning, which can cause the selection of mother of the bride dresses to be, well, an afterthought. Horror of horrors, this ought not to be!

Why? Well, because the mother of the bride will also be in the pictures and the videos and you can’t allow her to look dowdy, disastrous and disgusting, that’s why. With that being said, here are horrors to avoid in mother of the bride dresses.

H – Hugs like a Second Skin

Sure, you don’t like your mother to look matronly but you don’t want her to look like she could spill her oxygen-deprived internal organs all over the church at any moment either. Don’t forget, too, that many ripping accidents have happened at weddings, which you definitely will not want to happen to your mother.

O – Open to Speculation

Remember the mother of the bride dresses that competed for the title of the world’s airiest dress? Yes, stay away from the light, er, from them! Not only do they threaten to expose delicate body parts that must be hidden from view in a solemn wedding ceremony but it simply will not do for guests to speculate on what body parts will indeed make a run for it. It’s your wedding day, not your mother’s humiliation day.

Mother dress

R- Rigid to the Bone

Sure, rigid corsets can shape the body of a mature woman with extra poundage. However, you need to remember that your mother needs to breathe, needs to move, and needs to eat at your wedding. Besides, it’s the 21st century, not the 16th century with its fondness for stiff corsets! Instead, look for mother of the bride dresses that will flatter the figure but provide comfort for hours on end.

R- Rich Details

Nowadays, the design emphasis is on simple elegance. As such, your initial selection needs to adhere to this fashion dictum. Avoid unnecessarily rich details like ribbons and bows, heavy embroidery and glittering sequins, appliqués and cutouts. If you don’t want to inflict such pain on your bridesmaids, why would you inflict it on your mother?

O – Outrageous Designs

Admittedly, having an avant-garde mother has its merits. But unless your wedding veers towards unorthodox themes, it’s best to stick to fashionable-for-her-age designs that are classic, stylish and elegant. Besides, she might want to use the mother of bride dresses in other occasions, with some alterations, so it’s good advice to stick to the mainstream designs.

Mother of the bride dress

R – Retro

On the other side of the fence are retro-inspired mother of the bride dresses. Again, unless you have a retro wedding, try to find something that will complement the general theme of the wedding, which nowadays often means contemporary. If you really want to inject retro, well, at least try to keep it to a minimum.

S- Slinky

There must be enough cloth on this Earth to cover up body areas like the thighs and legs, chest and arms, back and buttocks of the women in your wedding entourage. So, why is it that your mother must sashay down the aisle in a dress that screams “Cloth Scarcity”? No reason at all!

The message is basically try not to embarrass your mother and yourself, stick to the wedding theme, and be mindful of the sensibilities of your wedding guests. offers the best selections of wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, and mother of the bride dresses to suit the most discriminating taste. Visit them now!


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Mother of the Bride Dresses: A Snazzy Way of Taking Care of the 2nd Most Important Day in the Wedding

Whether you like it or not, for the respective moms of the couple, especially the mother of the bride, weddings of their children will always cause a pinch in their hearts. And even if she’s made to wear the most elegant of the mother of the bride dresses, she cannot help but cry during this momentous occasion.

So what can you do from your end to take care of your mom in a time when you yourself are busy and pressured enough with all the preparations? How do you tell her you love her despite the unbelievable amount of wedding jitters that seem to consume you? Is it enough to let her choose from among the many mother of the bride dresses sold in the bridal stores?

Keep Her Relevant

Make sure that even if you are already very busy, you don’t let your mom feel out-of-place. And the best way for you to do this is to keep her in the planning sessions. Yes, sometimes, you’d rather want to do things on your own but keeping her in would actually make your life easier. Who knows, because your mom got very elated because you are making her opinion count, she’ll say you don’t have to worry about mother of the bride dresses because she’ll take care of her own gown! Savings right in your face, right?

Remember that in making your mom a part of the plan, you are not only keeping her in. You are also starting to “polish” relationships, this time between your mom and you as a wife of your husband. Remember, not everyone remains to a have a great relationship with their families, especially her mom after getting married. So the sooner you start trying, the better results you’ll get.

Mother of the bride dress

Treat Her

Treating your mom primarily means letting her choose from the best mother of the bride dresses. Then, it means giving her the chance to take care of the things for the wedding. This may include finalizing the guest list, contacting some suppliers and visiting the venue for an ocular inspection.

Get Her Ready

Regardless of how much effort you put into preparing your mom that you will no longer be her baby, the task would never be a success if your mom is not yet open for it. Therefore, as early as during the planning stage, inform her, as tactfully and politely as possible, that you will already have a life of your own. Thank her for the love and care and for preparing her for your married life.

Mother dress

The level of acceptance would vary from one mom to another and would also depend on the extent of your closeness. But with time, she’ll get by.

Moms will always be moms. So when she cries during your wedding day, let her be. It won’t do you and your wedding any harm. It is a right that she has gained for being in one of the most fabulous and stunning mother of the bride dresses. After all, she is the second most important woman in the wedding!

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Regal and Fabulous: Some Etiquette on Evening Dresses

Evening dresses”, or otherwise referred to as evening gowns, is a general term used to refer to anything that a woman wears during a formal occasion. It is the feminine equivalent of suit and tie that men wear on black tie events.

Evening dresses, as you know, are also worn by guests in a wedding ceremony. Today, weddings, though considered as a formal event, have already provided guests with some leeway in terms of their choices of designs. Therefore, your guests could get as creative as they can on their evening dresses. Provided that they do not look ludicrous, lewd or malicious, then they can choose a gown that would make them look fabulous!

Evening dress

But what is expected of you on black tie events? Are there some do’s and don’ts related to your wearing of evening dresses? Here are a few of them.

The Dress Itself

If men were to be in a formal wear, so should the ladies. Therefore, it is but proper for you to “dress accordingly” when you are in your evening gown. Dressing here does not only refer to evening dresses but to other elements of your overall ensemble as well. Evening dresses in black tie events could be full-length or tea-length (mid-calf to ankle). Cocktail gowns are also acceptable in weddings.

Evening gown

The Shoes

Shoes need not be expensive so they would look fabulous on your already stunning evening dresses. You can go with pumps, evening sandals, or even ballet slippers. If they go with or complement the color of your evening gown, the better!

The Accessories

Surely, being in that stunning evening dress is not enough. You must be able to “carry it;” and the best way to do this is to use some accessories. While it is optional to wear those glittering pair of earrings, necklace, bracelet or ring, it would not do any harm if you do.

Fashion gurus also believe that a watch is not appropriate for evening dresses. If you really want to wear one though, make sure that it’s a jewelled version and that its “face” is not that obvious so it will resemble a bracelet.

The Handbag

If you want to carry a handbag for your phones, money and other precious items, ensure that it is a clutch bag or a small evening bag. The traditional rule of thumb when it comes to bags is that it should match the color of your shoes. Today, however, you don’t have to abide by this.

If you want to be a little adventurous, you can choose a color that complements your gown or your shoes. However, if you want to stay safe, black, white, or even gray handbags would do the trick.

Evening dresses, though already stunning, would be more fabulous if you properly accessorize. You don’t have to buy expensive and top-of-the-line accessories. As long as these are appropriate — both for the occasion and the style/color of your evening gown — then you are good to go. In the end, what matters is that you are able to carry your gown and you are comfortable in it…comfortable looking fabulous and but still regal.

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Dressing For Tradition: Wedding Dresses Superstitions

There are many superstitious beliefs attached to weddings. And this is not only true to the wedding ceremony itself; some superstitions travel as far back as wedding preparation.

Yes, you can claim to be a 21st-century individual and you can contend that superstitions would no longer apply these days. However, your parents, your groom’s parents, and your grandparents will never run out of reminders regarding these beliefs — however crazy they may sound when put in today’s context.

Here are a few superstitions about weddings in general and wedding dresses in particular. And by their nature, these beliefs may or may not have explanations. Let’s revisit some of them.

1. It is said that it is unlucky for a bride to make her own wedding dress. While this may come as a very attractive idea to hit up on those savings, you might want to think again.

However, borrowed wedding dresses are lucky — for you, at least. Seriously though, would you ever allow someone to borrow your wedding dress? A keepsake of one of the most important days of your life? Well, this whole wedding-dress-practice is mostly seen among mother-daughter or grandmother-grandchild relationships. In these cases, wedding dresses can be labelled as sort of an heirloom.

Wedding dress

2. Worried about the weather? Well, when it rains during your wedding day, you don’t actually have to panic. Many cultures consider it as lucky because the pouring rain signifies blessings –the heavier the downpour, the more blessings for you and your husband!

The worrisome part comes in because of the fact that no one would feel comfortable wearing wet and dirty wedding dresses. This issue would be more pronounced especially if you are having a garden wedding!

3. “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.” Ever wondered what this famous phrase is for? A new bride should have some “things” old, new, borrowed and blue. But there’s actually another phrase that’s been deleted, and this is: sixpence for my shoe. What do all these mean?

“Old” symbolizes the bride’s life before the wedding; “new” is symbolical of new beginnings; “borrowed” is all about luck — especially when such an item is borrowed from another bride; “blue” actually represents the color of pre-Victorian wedding dresses. Lastly, “sixpence for my shoe” denotes wealth and financial stability.

Wedding dress

4. In some Asian cultures, in the Philippines for example, wedding dresses should only be worn on the wedding day itself. Otherwise, something bad will happen and the wedding will not push through. With such a belief, the need for proper fitting and careful measurements are paramount. Imagine wearing a wedding dress that’s inches bigger than you!

Despite the modernity of our times, some superstitions still survive. In fact, they are practiced still. It may be sound unscientific if you believe and practice what superstition says about weddings and wedding dresses. However, there’s no harm in abiding by them right? You will not lose anything.

On the other side, if you completely ignore what the “oldies” believe to be true, you might feel guilty and you may become anxious. Of course, when something bad happens, your parents, or grandparents would then blame you for not believing in superstition.

Therefore, to make everyone happy, why not accept these superstitious beliefs as they are? This way, you can dress for the occasion, and for tradition.

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The Advantages of Online Bridal Stores

There’s no stopping the Internet. This powerful and modern fountain of information could even be of service to you if you are planning and preparing for your wedding and looking for an online bridal store.

Yes, weddings are special moments and it is but proper that you deal with the planning stage with careful and meticulous eyes. As such, you need the services of a bridal shop that has a physical presence. But who says that an online bridal store cannot do this task as dutifully as your local shops? In fact, online bridal shops have advantages over the traditional wedding stores located within your vicinity.

Let’s take a look at some of them.

No Need for Tedious Shortlisting

With an online bridal store, you can accomplish a lot of tasks in no time. And the better part is, you don’t have to physically hop from one shop to another just so you can get what you want. You don’t even have to spend for transportation or lunch because your feet grew tired of walking.

If you employ the services of an online bridal store, you can view numerous selections of wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses and even wedding favours in less than an hour.

You may contend that some things would look different on photos and in real “life.” Yes, this is true but you could always use an online bridal store in doing your shortlist. You don’t have to decide on what wedding dress to choose by merely looking at pictures. This internet-based service is there to cut the selection process short, and an online bridal store can do this job effectively.

No Need to Deal with Physical Stress

Needless to say, some of the stress associated with wedding preparation has to do with the physical aspect. You need to visit a number of shops and malls just so you will find what you are looking for. With an online bridal store, however, you don’t have to do this.

In addition, if you are someone who is not comfortable with face-to-face interactions, then you could truly make use of an online bridal store. This service merely requires a few exchanges of emails, some chat or a number of phone calls, at most. Therefore, you can do away with physical stress all in all.

No geographical limit

The beauty of employing the services of an online bridal store comes with no limits. In this sense, you are not bounded by geographical limitations, weather conditions, or even language barrier. With an online bridal store, you can take advantage of the wedding dress designs of the whole world.

Wedding dress

Imagine using your local bridal shop and then find yourself being told that only their other branch — located on the other side of the world — has the design that you want. If you use an online bridal store, however, this would not happen to you. You simply have to order it from another online provider, and viola, you will get what you want in no time!

Sometimes, using the Internet is way better than doing it the traditional means. And sometimes, using an online bridal store would prove to be more efficient and less costly — this is especially true when your specs are not that common, and you don’t have the luxury of time to plan for the wedding.

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Online Bridal Shops: How to Choose Them

Looking for the perfect store to shop for your wedding necessities, such as bridesmaid dresses, mother of the bride dresses, and of course, your wedding gown, is not easy. You could always choose to go searching for those items the traditional way, i.e. hopping from one shop to another. Or, you could make use of the Internet to make your job easier.

But from thousands of online bridal shops, how do you know which one to choose? How do you ensure that you did the right thing in choosing a particular online bridal shop?

Well, make this task handy by taking the following suggestions:

1. Get Referrals

As with anything else, the referral system is one of the best ways in properly choosing an online bridal shop. If you know of people who have done the same thing, ask them. They would be more than willing to share what they know about online bridal stores.

If, however, you don’t have friends and other close acquaintances that have been into the same endeavor, then let the Internet do the talking. Surely, the websites of these online bridal shops have promoted themselves through customer feedback.

Sometimes, however, relying on customer testimonials alone is not that objective since normally, no online bridal shop would put in negative feedback on its site. That would be negative advertising for them.

Don’t worry though as there are a number of wedding forums available. Still using the internet, you can search for reputable wedding forums, sign up and ask for the best online bridal shops. Surely, they will have various responses but if you are just patient enough, then you’ll find yourself dialling the number of the best online bridal shop in no time.

Bridal gown

2. Go for Functionality

Online bridal shops differ from each other according to their flagship products or services. While most of them promote wedding dresses, some actually focus on other wedding items, such as wedding favours and wedding invitations.

Wedding favours

Therefore, when choosing your online bridal shop, get the one that can properly address your need. For instance, if you are letting a celebrity designer in your locality to make your wedding gown, then don’t look for online bridal shops that specialize on wedding dresses.

3. Get an easy-to-remember name

Most of the time, online bridal shop names are easy enough to remember. After all, that is their way of landing themselves on top of the page ranks. Therefore, take advantage of this marketing strategy. Online bridal shops that have the URL’s of “onlinebridalshop”, the “bridalshop” and “shopofbrides” are stores that would easily retain on your memory. Choose them.

Thanks to the Internet, you don’t have to go from one shop to another, spend at least three hours in every shop and go from one state to another just so you’ll find the perfect wedding items that you need. The Internet is truly a wonder.

And since every modern individual would take advantage of modernity, get into the groove as well. There’s barely nothing that the Internet cannot do. Therefore, make use of it. Hire the services of an online bridal shop now.

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Caring for the Mother of the Bride Dresses: Some Thoughtful Hints

For any mother of the bride, weddings will always be soulful, sentimental and meaningful occasions. Giving away a daughter’s hand in marriage will always be hard, especially for someone who has cared for her child and who has always been there for her since her conception.

But weddings are inevitable. You don’t want to be living under your parents’ roof for eternity. When your time to start your own family has come, how do you appease your mother? How do you appease the one person in this world who has always been there for you? Is it enough to get her the best among a wide selection of mother of the bride dresses?

Dress Her Up

Perhaps not. But getting the best among the mother of the bride dresses can do half the job, actually. Yes, by ensuring that your mom looks her best on the most important day of your life, you are telling her that you also want her to remember your wedding day as hers. After all, she has been in such a momentous occasion, only this time, she’s in one of those mother of the bride dresses.

Making your mom look and feel great during your big day is also a way of thanking her for taking care of you all these years. Had it not been for her, you may not even be in your wedding day today. Therefore, it’s but proper that she dons on the most fabulous of those mother of the bride dresses so she could also take the limelight — just enough though for her not to steal your thunder away.

Mother of the Bride dress

Get into the Drama

If your mom cries during your wedding day, don’t panic. It is normal. Let her have it. It only means that she cares for you enough that it’s hard for her not to call you her baby anymore. You should be alarmed if during your wedding day, your mother does not display any kind of emotion.

Since some crying time is expected, make sure that you, and your mom, wear waterproof make-up. Otherwise, people would think that they are in the wrong party. You’d look like a lost Halloween character. And since you’ve chosen a one-of-a-kind gown, from among a myriad of mother of the bride dresses, make sure that a hanky would come in handy. There’s nothing worse than a smudged mother of the bride gown!

Mother of the Bride dress

Give Her the Support She Needs

How wonderful it would have been if there are mother-of-the-bride-maids! They could come in handy since every bride’s mother would always have some wheezy moments — especially during the wedding ceremony.

Since there are none, then do these duties yourself, or better yet, assign it to someone who’s close to your mom. If she’s supposed to give a speech for example, then have your friend help her out in making that piece. As moms grow more mature, they get more stage fright, especially when they have to talk about their daughters, and the private moments that they have with you.

Every wedding is stressful, even to the mother of the bride. To make things lighter and to set a better mood, there are always some tips that you can make use of to make your moment truly MOMENTOUS. The ones mentioned above are just a few of them.

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Dressing For The Wedding Party In Evening Dresses

When you’re invited to a wedding ceremony, unless you are the bride, you are either part of the wedding entourage or just one of the special people chosen to witness such a memorable event. If you are part of the latter, then, you’d also definitely feel the pressure of finding the perfect dress to wear on that special day. Well, girls will be girls, right?

But will you go and rummage your closet for the perfect dress or would you spend money on getting a new frock? More ladies would opt for the latter. You’ll take your friend’s or your family member’s wedding as an excuse for scouting for evening dresses.

Evening dress

But out of the many designs of evening dresses available, both displayed in your favorite shop or on the Internet, how do you know which one to pick? Here are a few suggestions.

Get into the Motif

Guests and visitors who are not part of the entourage need not “take part” of the wedding motif. However, since you’re already there, why not be in line with the motif? It’s another excuse to buy a new dress, right?

Upon receiving the invitation, you’d immediately ask for the theme or the motif of the wedding. This will surely excite you, especially if you don’t have a gown that fits the theme, because you are setting yourself to another evening dresses quest. You can ask your girlfriends, or you boyfriend, to go with you in search for the perfect dress on a Venetian-red-wedding ceremony, for example.

Go for Comfort

Needless to say, you must also come to the party feeling comfortable about yourself and about what you are wearing. Therefore, this must be one of your criteria, if not the most important criterion, in looking for the best evening dresses.

For example, if you are not comfortable with going bra-less or using strapless bra, then don’t choose a strapless evening gown. Otherwise, you would look funny with your bra straps visible. If you’re not comfortable with a short dress, then don’t get one just because that gown looks fabulous on you. You run the risk of constantly pulling it down during the entire ceremony.

Mother of the bride dress

Comfort is not only applicable to evening dresses. See to it that you’re comfortable with your shoes as well. It’s a no-no to wear your new shoes for the first time during the wedding, or any special occasion. You’d end up having blisters and limping while walking to the reception.

As there are traditional activities that are carried out during the reception, the need for wearing a comfortable evening dress and a pair of shoes is paramount.

Get into Your Purpose

No, I’m not talking about stealing the groom away. Wearing a dress has a purpose other than covering yourself. Before you choose from a myriad of choices of evening dresses, ask yourself: what is my purpose? Am I to flaunt my curves or am I going for elegance?

If you’re heavy-busted and you want to flaunt that asset, for example, then evening dresses with low neckline would work best for you. This is a gaze-turner especially if you’re looking for a potential partner.

However, if you just want to stay on the sidelines and not attract too much attention, then elegance is the name of the game. Black is still the most elegant color but in some countries, guests are forbidden to wear evening dresses of this shade.

But remember, try not to overshadow the bride. Don’t steal her thunder. This is still her wedding day and the fact remains: she is and she must be the most beautiful lady in the room.

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Top 6 Color of Choice For Bridesmaid Dresses

Bridesmaid dresses, to the dismay of so many bridesmaids the world over, has a limited spectrum of colors to choose from. All thanks to the earnestness and the solemnity of weddings, bridesmaids cannot wear deep mourning purple, jet black, any variations of white, chocolate or mud brown, plaid, stripes or animal prints.


So what are the colors suited for that occasion? What are the traditional shades when it comes to bridesmaid dresses? Bridal boutiques everywhere could assert that these are the top ten color of choice in bridesmaids dresses’ fabrics:

1. Peach

Who could not fall in love with the youthfulness, playfulness and sweetness of peach? It is the color that best signifies bridesmaids. Sweet, dazzling and charming. You could stay in church for a month and try to count how many weddings actually have bridesmaid dresses in peach. Why is peach one of the most favored colors? For one, its shade is timeless and elegant. It is one of the dress shades that withstood the test of time. Second, it is sunny and uplifting. Who could resist to smile upon seeing peach bridesmaids dresses?


2. Pink

I’m talking light, soft pink. The baby’s blanket kind of pink. Not the sharp, loud pink most teenagers opt to dye their hair with. The light pink shades represent sweetness and love. Why else would Valentines Day cards have a generous touch of pink? Why else would wedding cakes have hear-shaped toppings in pink? Simple, because pink represents sweet, sweet love. Isn’t that what weddings are all about?


3. Red

Not ruby red or blood red, mind you. A lot of bridesmaid dresses are within various shades of red. It could be maroon, or rose red. Either way, red signifies, more than anything, love. Love is exactly the reason why we have weddings in the first place. Red also signifies courage. Cynics say it takes bucketfuls of courage to take a walk down the aisle.


4. Blue

Blue, as a wedding theme, and as bridesmaid dresses, is not at all surprising. Blue, after all, represents loyalty and faithfulness. You will be needing tons of that in marriage. The various shades of blue are also extremely pleasing to the eyes. Maybe because it reminds us of blue skies and sunny days and glorious walks along the park.


5. Yellow

Yellow actually represents infidelity. But that belief held by thousands did not hinder yellow from creeping into wedding ceremonies. A lot of bridesmaid dresses are in variants of yellow. Why? For one, yellow is youthful. Yellow is also cheery, sunny and very uplifting. To sum it all up, yellow brings smiles. So why should it be banned from being worn as bridesmaid dresses?


6. Green

Green, the color of hope, life and a fresh new start. No other color best represents weddings that this. Green is arguably the most widely used wedding motif since the turn of the century. After all, it best describes what weddings are all about –- hope, life and new beginnings

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Major Points in Choosing Plus Size Wedding Attires

Whatever the size, anyone can look good in their wedding attire if they choose the cut, the style and the color that best suits them. However, for plus-size women, this is not as easy as it seems. Finding the right plus size wedding attire requires a lot of details to consider. Here are a few advices that you ought to consider before picking up plus size wedding attires:


1. In choosing the right plus size wedding attire, consider carefully your body type. Do you have an hourglass figure? Are you pear-shaped? Are you top-heavy? There are specific plus size wedding attires for each figure, each ingeniously designed to enhance one’s assets and cover up their flaws.

2. Another thing that most women fail to consider is the color of the plus size wedding attire. First and foremost, determine your skin tone. Do you have a winter, summer, autumn or spring complexion? There are specific shades that best suits your shade.


3. Frills or no frills? Go for the no-frills, no-ribbons look. Other than adding bulk to your frame, you would not want to seem like you snatched it from the wedding dresses rack would you? Wedding dresses are naturally exempt from the frills and ribbons rule. You are not the bride, so lay off on the frills.

4. You should consider the length of your plus size wedding attire. For casual weddings, go for cocktail dresses. For more formal weddings, it is advisable for you to wear ankle-length gowns. For beach weddings, you can either wear knee-length casual plus size dresses or opt for a more bohemian feel, with ankle-length skirts.


5. Do not overlook you height. There are certain plus size dresses that would go along certain heights. For petite women, stray away from lengthy dresses or skirts. Women blessed with height can basically get away with any skirt length.

6. Less is more. Choose a simple, albeit, beautiful plus size dress and accessorize minimally. Avoid piling up accessories or too adorned dresses. You would not want to look like a wedding favors rack.

7.If you have found the perfect dress for your shape, complexion and height, and ended up with a strapless, slinky, red number, better to leave it on your wardrobe for some other occasion. Remember, you are going to a wedding. Not a night club. Lay off on slinky clothes.

8. Most women don one piece of clothing article that basically ruins the overall feel of their plus size wedding attires. The undergarments. It is disheartening to see sweet, lovely strapless dresses, with brassiere straps poking out. Nor is it pleasant to look at sheer dresses displaying black brassieres. It is important to note that the overall impact of you plus size wedding attire is greatly affected your undergarments – other than your shoes and accessories. This is applicable to wedding dresses, as well.

9. Comfort. Of course, you have to be perfectly comfortable with your plus size wedding attire. You have to be able to breathe in that dress, eat in that dress and walk in that dress.