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3 Amazing Places for Your Destination Wedding

There are a lot of things you have to do before you are fully ready for your wedding. The dress, the wedding party, the music, the cake, but the thing you need to know first is the location. Often times, these places need to be booked so far in advance that the engagement ring is barely settled on your finger before you’re making that call. Some people prefer a more traditional venue, or a local place such as a courthouse or courtyard nearby. If you’re like me, though, you don’t want to get married in the same places you see every day on your way to work. You want your wedding to be special, memorable, and perfect. Let us help you out by showing you three of the most amazing and beautiful (not to mention exotic) places for your destination wedding.


1. Kauai

If you’re looking for the perfect destination that is still in the States, Hawaii is the best place to go. It’s secluded, beautiful, and Kauai is less populated than the other islands, so you’re more likely to have a fun, intimate experience. Also, the resorts there are fantastic and have some incredible bundles for weddings.


2. Italy

Nothing says ‘romance’ in quite the same way Italy does. From old, stone streets to beautiful vineyards, you are bound to find exactly the sort of location you want for your wedding. It has the old world charm. It has countless activities and other places to visit. It can even double as your honeymoon location.


3. Bermuda

A lot of places have beaches. A lot of places have incredible venues. But not every place has beaches as beautiful nor venues as flawless as Bermuda. The resorts alone are reason for going, and you can easily find quaint little pubs in the small towns there that have delicious food and amazing company. Want to make your wedding even more romantic? Visit the pink-sand beaches. They are absolutely breath-taking.

There are so many places in the world that need to be visited, and so many of them are absolutely perfect for a wedding. Finding the perfect match for your needs won’t be too hard at all, and in no time, you’ll be on that plane heading for your destination wedding!

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Bridal Dress Fashions

Planning and carrying out a wedding is tough. Invitations, guests, refreshments, the cake, and all the other members of your wedding party take up so much time, and if you’re like me, everything needs to be just so. If you ask any bride the hardest part about planning a wedding, they won’t say it will be picking the First Dance song, nor will they say it will be what flavor of cake to have. No, the hardest part for any bride is the biggest part of the whole shindig: the dress. Do you want one that’s short? Long? White? Colored? Sleeves? Sleeveless? It seems impossible, but we’re here to help!

Fashion changes so often, and every season brings new ideas, more creative designs, and fresh outlooks on clothing. Here, we’ve detailed the hottest, newest trends to come to bridal dresses this spring.


Off-the-Shoulder Necklines

Recently, bridal style has favored cap sleeves and one-shoulder dresses, but that will be replaced this year with the off-the-shoulder variety. Looking at the style, it’s no surprise. There is a princess-like quality to the style. Anyone else thinking of Beauty and the Beast? The off-the-shoulder design also gives the bride a greater range of movement, and it’s a perfect draw between sleeveless and straps.



White dresses will forever be the first pick for brides, but this year, spring is coming in with new colors! Light blues, grays, and even mint greens are making their way into the wedding world. White and cream are beautiful, and the long-held belief that they represent the purity of the bride will never fall out of style, but we can’t deny that the little splash of color is just as refreshing as it is stunning.



Move over silk and lace, because tulle is the new fabric that’s sweeping through the fashion world. Whether used as a beautiful, light-weight overlay or for a full and flowing skirt, tulle is going to be all the rage this spring. It’s the perfect accent material, and will add a brush of class to your wedding dress in a way that no other fabric will.



That’s right, ladies. Capes aren’t just for superheroes anymore, though who can deny that a bride is a superhero in her own right? Whether you want to mix it up this year, you want a little extra covering, some added lace, or you’re just going for the dramatic effect, a cape is the perfect addition to your wedding dress. It adds a certain flair, and a bold notion to your big day.



Necklines have steadily been rising over the past few seasons, and now they’ve been shifted into full-blown collars. This is an extremely regal and beautiful look, accentuating the neck and shoulders flawlessly – no matter what body type you have. With lacy sleeves, collars can bring out the design. With a sleeveless dress, a collar can give a little added support, plus bring attention to the elegant design. They are as versatile as they are lovely.



Poof is going out, and the sleeker, slimmer version of wedding dresses from the 1920s and 1930s are coming back. History repeats itself, and that holds true for fashion as much as it does for everything else. These frame-hugging dresses are typically paired with smooth fabric or made to dazzle in the lights with jewels and sequins galore. Think flapper, only classier. Sexy, chic, and gorgeous.


Styles come and go. They fade in and out like the ocean’s tides, and sometimes it can be just as difficult to keep your footing in the ever-changing fashion world as it can be to keep your footing in the waves as they pull you back towards the sea. Thankfully, Best for Bride is always around to help you find the best dresses that keep up with the latest fashions. No matter what you’re looking for, you can find it there.

Be beautiful, brides.