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Ways to Use Wedding Flowers in Wedding Decor


Flowers are romantic, flagrant, and colorful. It’s no surprise they are featured in wedding decor in numerous ways. Couples may use flowers in wedding decor for the ceremony and the reception to add to the mood of love and romance. Flowers also can signify growth, beauty, an renewal. Here’s a look at the many ways couples can use wedding flowers.

The bouquet and centerpieces are the most common ways that flowers are used in weddings. These tend to get the most attention from the bride, while other wedding flowers are forgotten. A couple might hire a florist, discuss wedding colors, then forget about the wedding flowers completely. This can be a costly mistake. Not only could the florist choose expensive, out-of-season flowers which would leave the bride and groom with less flowers for their money, but the couple may regret not having more personal choice in the flowers used. The flower arrangements may lack the personal touch that comes from the couple being more involved in their design.

Wedding flowers can be used in new and exciting ways. Couples can explore these floral enhancements and discuss them with the florist in order to have more input about the flower selection. When the couple is more informed about option and involved in the planning, they are more likely to be happy with the end result.

Floral accessories can be used for the bridal party. While the bride’s bouquet often is central to the wedding party flowers, other floral accessories are the perfect way to unify the appearance of the wedding party. When bridesmaids have bouquets of the same flower and that flower is used in the groomsmen boutineers, the wedding party has an additional element of color, consistency, and style. The bride, bridesmaids, and flower girl also may wear hair accessories with flowers.

Flower arrangements at the ceremony can be placed at the ends of rows of seating and in key areas of the room. Couples may want to have flowers centrally placed at the front of the room. If the couple is having an outdoor wedding, any structure used like a gazebo or pergola can be decorated elegantly with flowers.

At the wedding reception, the floral centerpieces are a central placement of flowers on the tables. Another option is a floral table runner. A table runner of flowers is a string of flowers that flows down the center of the table. Some floral table runners extend over the edges of the tables and even cascading down to the floor.

The table runner can be a thin string of flowers, a bulky and thick trail of flowers, or something between the two. The table runner option can be used alone or in combination with centerpieces. Other possible uses of wedding flowers at the reception include small flower clusters or arrangements at the wedding cake, floral accents on lighting and chairs, and floral napkin rings.

Our blog at Best for Bride has more wedding decor tips and advice about wedding flowers. Please take a moment to browse our blog for wedding planning ideas and how to find the perfect wedding dress.

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How To Choose The Perfect Florist For Your Wedding

Choosing your wedding flowers is totally different from getting flowers for your mom or any other special occasion. Picking wedding flowers requires special attention that requires a bit of research to find the perfect florist for your one special day. Flowers add a special pizazz to your wedding, so it’s important to choose the right flowers, color and arrangements to match every other detail of your wedding. Even if you’re not going all on tons of flowers, you’ll at least get your bridal bouquet, bouquets for your bridesmaids and boutonnieres for the groom and his groomsmen. Some people also want flower arrangement as their centerpieces for the reception tables, so here’s some helpful tips on finding the right florist to get the job done right.

Research Local Florists

Just as you would research the right venue and bakery, you should research florists in your area to find out which shops are the best at creating bridal flowers. Ask around for recommendation and see where any married friends got theirs from. Finally, when you narrow down your list to the top five, start interviewing professionals to compare styles, prices and personalities. But make sure you have an idea of what your wedding colors will be and have any pictures of flower arrangements that you like available to show them.

Be Prepared

Best for Bride
Best for Bride

Before you meet up with your top five florists, be prepared to show them not only your ideas, but your budget. It’s said that you should set aside 3% of your total wedding budget for your flowers and decor. And don’t worry about not having a lot to spend on flowers since you can ask the various florists to work within your budget. Also know how many pieces you’ll need for your wedding, including how many bouquets, boutonnieres, centerpieces, etc. This will allow the florists to provide you with an exact estimate so that you can take home and crunch the numbers to see if it fits within your budget.

Things To Bring To Appointments

When you’re attending appointments with florists, make sure you bring your idea file with pictures of things  you like; a bridesmaid dress fabric swatch to help the florist suggest coordinating flowers that match; a photo of our wedding dress so that they can suggest bouquet styles that will complement your dress; and pictures of your ceremony and reception venues so that they can help you dream up your perfect decor! Always bring a list of questions so that you can get a sense of what they can do for you and your ideas. At the end of each meeting, get an estimate in writing based on what you’ve discussed for your wedding. At home, go over all your notes and choose the florist you like best.

Finalizing The Florist

Best for Bride
Best for Bride

Once you’ve chosen the florist, set up a second meeting to finalize any details of your order. This is where you can make any adjustments to anything you’d like. Ask for their professional opinions on things and trust that they will provide you with the very best flower arrangements for your dream wedding!

Best For Bride is your one-stop bridal shop! No only will you find your perfect dress at one of our many shops, but we also offer a variety of bridal services so that you can easily get everything done at one place, including flowers! We have years of experience and know how to accommodate each and every bride that comes through our doors so that they leave happy and ready to say their I Dos!

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Southern Belle Romance For Your Wedding Day

wedding dress

Romantic period films, such as Gone With The Wind, celebrate the femininity of full, frothy ball gowns. Scarlett O’Hara’s dresses (as worn by the stunning Vivien Leigh) have gone down in history… from the green-and-white muslin “afternoon” dress she wore to entice Ashley Wilkes at a county barbecue, to the scarlet creation Rhett forced her to wear when she was caught hugging Ashley at her saw mill. Today, these classic gowns even appear on a collection of Gone With The Wind Barbie dolls designed to look just like Scarlett.

If you’re a fan of the film – and Margaret Mitchell’s classic novel – you may be interested in capturing the spirit of Southern-style romance on your own wedding day. Luckily, this is easily achieved with stunning, princess-line bridal gowns that features crinolines, fitted bodices, and lots of embellishments. Here are some easy ways to feel like a true Southern Belle as you walk down the aisle:

Flaunt Your Curves


plus-size wedding dress


Scarlett wasn’t known for her subtlety – she believed in making the most of her figure by accenting her tiny waistline. However, you don’t need a 17-inch waist to show off a big, beautiful bridal gown. All you really need is confidence. This sort of style is quite flattering to almost any body type – the full skirt balances the shoulders, giving the whole body a desirable hourglass silhouette. If you’re looking for plus size wedding dresses, you may find this style exceptionally flattering – the classic femininity of the dress shown above is a perfect example…


wedding accessories

Adding a faux-fur shawl (such as the one pictured above) or a lacy jacket to your outfit can be a great way to give modern wedding dresses a vintage feel. If you don’t have antique lace or similar items, you can fake it with new designs that have a timeless quality. This sort of fashionable cover-up will be perfect for an outdoor wedding, since weather can change at a moment’s notice. If you want to add style and uniqueness to your wedding photos, this sort of detail can become a memorable one…

Embrace Romance

bridal gowns

Wedding romance is about embracing your womanliness with a wedding dress that pulls out all the stops. Scarlett would be proud to wear the filmy, frothy confection shown above. Designed to create a stunning, curvy effect, while also casting a creamy glow over the skin, this bridal gown and over-jacket can be the ideal choice for a Southern-inspired wedding outfit. When you go for wedding dresses this classic and glamorous, you won’t need a lot of other accessories. A tiny cluster of flowers in your hair will be enough to highlight your beauty.

Makeup And Hair Tips

Since you’re unlikely to wear a bonnet or picture hat, like Scarlett did, you’ll need to consider your hairstyle, as well as the right makeup look for these types of bridal dresses. Silky hair in tidy, controlled waves or braids will give you the right effect. Back in Scarlett’s day, hair wasn’t flat ironed or moussed – it was dried naturally and then pinned into place with hairpins. For a decorative effect, choose a jeweled barrette or comb with jet, pearl, or garnet adornments. Keep the volume low at the crown – below the ears, you can experiment with finger curls or other creative extras.

Vivien Leigh’s look was all about reddened lips, sultry eyes, and clean, well-tended skin. Any woman can mimic this effect – you don’t need to be ivory-pale. Simply find a good matte foundation that matches your skin, and apply it only where needed. Dust with a matching powder to remove shine. Some gel blush on the cheeks will give you a glow and resemble the “rouge” of yesteryear. Make sure your eyebrows are expertly groomed, with a nice arch, to get a true Old Hollywood effect. Coat your lips in a layer of rich, ruby red (such as Revlon’s Cherries In The Snow), and then blot with a tissue to remove excess.

Don’t go too crazy with shimmer powders and lip glosses – these modern products won’t really work with Southern-style wedding dresses; a fake tan will also clash with the overall look.

To choose the right bouquet and wedding flowers for your white wedding dress, go for magnolias or pink rosebuds…

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How To Plan An Outdoor Wedding

wedding dress

Do you want to get married surrounded by nature in all of its glory? If you do, you’re not alone. Many women enjoy planning outdoor weddings that take advantage of spring and summer’s balmy beauty.

Whether you’re considering a casual beach wedding or an outdoor wedding festival with all of the bells and whistles, we can help you to prepare properly and get the results you want.

Here are some tips and tricks for planning the ideal outdoor wedding celebration:

Have A Plan B

Mother Nature is unpredictable – you’ll need a Plan B to make things work at your wedding. If you’re planning an outdoor ceremony or reception, you must make sure all of your wedding flowers, decor, and seating can be moved inside quickly. Lightweight chairs, trellises, and floral arrangements will be the best choices for an outdoor wedding.

Make sure the building you choose for your Plan B is comfortable, clean, and prepared for the event. Without a Plan B, you may be subjected to sudden downpours or gusts of wind that will ruin your white wedding dress and your wedding photos. An onset of bad weather will cause your guests, who are also dressed for a special occasion, to feel uncomfortable – and cold. No matter what the weather forecasts predict for your wedding day, be certain to have a backup plan.

A pretty indoor powder room is a must – this room should have optional heat and be well-stocked with decorative soaps, lotions, and a good, well-lit mirror. The comfort of your wedding guests should be priority one, no matter where you are.

Find The Right Wedding Photographer

Many photographers are versatile – however, you should definitely look for a photographic artist that specializes in working outdoors. To get wedding photos you’ll treasure forever, explain to a photographer exactly where the wedding will take place – also let them know your backup plan, and what type of lighting will be available indoors. Look at sample photos – does the photographer create the poignant, dreamy feel you want for your wedding photos. Pictures should be crisp, vibrant, but still romantic. Your bridal dress and bridal jewelry should be in the spotlight.

The skill of your photographer will have a great impact on whether or not you enjoy looking at your outdoor wedding photos. Ask a potential wedding photographer what tools and tricks he or she will use to get perfect results. Shop around and be sure to take any advice about doing your hair and makeup to get premium results while posing outside in your wedding gown.

You may want to find some nice props – such as a vintage garden bench or trellises. Your photographer may have some props he or she can bring along to get a variety of fun effects. Ask the wedding photographer to experiment with different backdrops that expose the beauty of your chosen locale.

Create an Atmosphere

Are you planning a wedding at a resort in the mountains? Time your ceremony to take advantage of the splendor that is all around you. There will be peak times each day (such as late afternoon or sunset) when the background will be at its most stunning. If you’re at the beach, consider the tides and plan accordingly. Once you’ve set a time for your wedding, add some fun elements to your wedding decor.

Wedding flowers that echo that environment should be chosen – wildflowers will work well for fields, parks, and mountain areas. Classic roses will be ideal for an ornamental garden or manicured park. If you’re in the country, rustic wooden chairs may work well for guest seating – daisies and grosgrain ribbons can be tied on for a touch of homespun beauty. Creating a mood and a special atmosphere can be easy when you know exactly what sort of ambiance you want to create.

Choose The Menu Carefully

wedding cake

When dining outdoors, certain foods and beverages can amp up the mood. Roasting meats will smell heavenly, and they are always easy to prepare outside. Side dishes can be served family-style at each table or stored in chafing dishes, buffet style. Fresh salads with homemade vinaigrette will add lightness to a heavier meat entree – these two dishes will give a menu proper balance.

Crisp, white wine, and cold champagne can be lovely on a warm spring or summer day. Seafood can spoil easily, as can side dishes with eggs or mayonnaise. Consider your refrigeration needs when you decide on a menu – the last thing you want is guests becoming ill from food spoilage. To make things pretty, line up picnic tables and cover them in white table linens – add good flatware and glasses, as well as floral centerpieces. You must still create a luxurious feel, even if your wedding feast is an old-fashioned barbecue.

Add spring or summer beauty to wedding cakes by choosing styles adorned with bright, cheerful flowers…

With these tips, you can begin to plan an exciting and memorable outdoor wedding. Once you’ve found a bridal boutique and chosen bridal rings and wedding dress, you can use their style and details to decide on the right mood and atmosphere for your outdoor wedding. Wedding dresses and wedding veils should be chosen with the climate and background in mind.  Your bridesmaids dresses should also be comfortable and appropriate for the time of year and expected temperature.