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Womanly Wedding Gowns For Mature Brides-to-be

Recently, 55-year old Shannon Tweed finally wed her long-time love, Gene Simmons (of the rock band, Kiss). The wedding, which was televised on Shannon and Gene’s popular reality TV show, Family Jewels, featured a lavish night-time ceremony, which was attended by a host of glittering celebs.

 At her wedding, Shannon (shown above) chose to highlight her more mature beauty with a feminine, off-the-shoulder wedding dress – one that still showed plenty of discreet cleavage!

Brides-to-be come in all shapes and sizes, and they also come in all ages.

If you’re a little older than the typical blushing bride, you may want a more womanly wedding gown that shows off your curves – without letting it all hang out. Finding an appropriate bridal dress that still makes you feel romantic and special will be easier once you know what to look for.

In general, white wedding dresses for more mature brides-to-be will feature lots of supportive design elements, and they may offer a little more coverage than wedding gowns designed mostly for younger women.

However, as Shannon Tweed proved, you need not sacrifice glamor or the “wow factor” to get the grown-up look you really want!

The idea that older women can’t be sexy and stylish is an outdated concept – after all, beauties in their forties, fifties and sixties (Helen Mirren being a shining example) are in better shape than ever before, and they deserve wedding dresses that do justice to their confidence, wisdom, and regal bearing…

Here are some ideal choices for more mature brides-to-be:

An Elegant Neckline and Tons of Drama…

wedding gown

The pretty and elegant neckline on this show-stopping gown is quite similar to Shannon Tweed’s own wedding design. The womanly draped bodice of this spectacular frock is the perfect complement to a mature figure. Below the waist, at mid-thigh level, a profusion of airy ruffles offer all of the fairytale magic you secretly crave.

As you can see, this white wedding dress offers the best of both worlds to more mature brides-to-be. For an appealing silhouette, wear supportive undergarments, such as a long-line shaper that adds sleekness to the waist, hips and thighs – this piece will hold you in place and streamline your figure.

Spanx make lots of great body-wear for special occasions. Of course, you can always choose a few spicier articles of lingerie to change into on your wedding night.

For this look, hair should be whatever you’re comfortable with – Shannon Tweed wore her blond tresses in loose, romantic curls, and she opted for a long veil. Anything goes on your wedding day – just choose a look that makes you feel most comfortable with yourself.

Makeup should be understated and feminine – rosy mauve or soft berry lips will always flatter mature women.  Dark lipstick makes the lips look thinner – however, for some women, this look still works best.

In general, look at your everyday makeup and stay pretty close to what you normally wear. By now, you’ve learned what is right for your features and coloring. However, you should always avoid glittery or shiny makeup that is filled with shimmer – this type of makeup settles in fine lines and exaggerates their appearance.

Pure Old Hollywood Glamour…

bridal dress

Lush, satiny softness and a deep-V neckline will offer more mature brides-to-be a little taste of classic Old Hollywood glamour. The screen sirens of yesteryear knew how to work it, whether they were young or old. These screen sirens, such as Joan Crawford and Lauren Bacall, balanced dramatic penciled brows, strong lips, and elegantly powdered faces with luxurious full-length evening dresses that hugged their curves without being too tight.

The lovely bridal dress shown above is a traditional choice for any mature bride-to-be – it’s beautiful, sweeping hemline will make all your movements into pure poetry…

A professional blowout, followed by a few large hot rollers , can give you soft, groomed waves that recall Hollywood’s Golden Age – this look is probably better without a veil. Be sure to wear a classic lip color, such as plum-brown, reddish-brown, or dark pinkish-brown. A little brown in a lip color adds elegance – it tones things down for a refined look.

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How To Save Money While Planning Your Wedding

wedding dresses

Most brides and grooms-to-be must consider their wedding budgets when they plan their nuptials. Weddings can get very expensive, and it’s a rare couple that doesn’t have to worry about the cost of catering, alcohol, music, renting a venue, etc. For many brides, one of the most important parts of wedding planning is choosing the right bridal gown. In most cases, this white wedding dress is incredibly meaningful for the bride-to-be – therefore, it should probably not be a budget item.

In fact, brides-to-be tend to regret buying cheap wedding dresses after the ceremony and reception are finished. Of course, there are exceptions, but quality does show in wedding photos and videos. So, in general, it’s smart to save on other aspects of the wedding, so that you can enjoy getting the dress you really want. It still doesn’t have to cost a fortune, but it should fulfill your fairytale dreams for your special day – you deserve to feel like a queen when you walk down the aisle.

Luckily, there are lots of ways to economize if you’re smart and organized. Planning well in advance can be key – give yourself time to comparison shop on everything from catering to wedding flowers to wedding favors – if you’re rushed and under pressure, you’ll end up buying overpriced items out of desperation. Instead, use the months before your wedding to research deals and plan your strategy.

You’ll be glad you didn’t move too fast when you consider the overall cost of your ceremony and reception. By putting some energy into finding lower-priced items and services, you’ll be able to enjoy your wedding more – after all, no one wants to return from the honeymoon to be confronted with a mountain of debt. Debt creates stress, and it take a lot of romance out of the blissful newlywed state.

Here are some practical tips on saving money at your wedding:


Rent His Tux – Unless you have a lot to spend, you should consider tuxedo rental for your groom-to-be. Most men don’t really care too much about whether or not they actually own their tuxedo. If he’s not particularly obsessed with fashion, he’ll probably be glad to rent something nice and return it afterwards. You can outfit him in style when you choose to rent instead of buying. Good tuxedos are actually incredibly expensive.

Make Your Own Invitations And Wedding Favours – Many women enjoy making crafts – they watch Martha Stewart and other skilled crafters and feel inspired. Today, there are ways to get a completely charming and polished result when you make wedding invites, place cards, menus, and wedding favours yourself.

Scrap booking stores will usually have everything you need to do the job yourself. You can use stencils, pretty colored card paper, and stick-on embellishments, such as tiny “crystals”, to make your work look really special. If you’re seriously into crafting, consider investing in a die cast personal cutting machine, such as a Cricut. This type of computerized device can be loaded with cartridges that include pretty borders, letters, hearts, flowers, or whatever you can dream up! Then, you just feed in the paper and the machine creates perfect cutouts.

Choosing a cartridge with a wedding theme can be a great way to make your own decorations, wedding invitations and wedding favours, If you really like making crafts, a machine like this will pay for itself in terms of the pleasure it brings you through the years. It can definitely save you money as you prepare for your wedding.

Keep Things A Little Less Formal –

in general, the more formal and elaborate a wedding is, the more it will cost to plan it and to carry out that plan. By loosening up your wedding ceremony (or perhaps your reception) and keeping it more casual, you can be more creative with cost-saving techniques.

Food will be a huge expense at your wedding, so consider sharing some of the work with your caterer – perhaps the caterer could provide entrees, and you could prepare side dishes, salads, and other foodstuffs yourself. If you’re planning something fun like a beach wedding, consider outdoor grilling and buy great cuts of meat wholesale. Then, hire a cook or chef to take care of things while you celebrate. Look for recipes that are glamorous and high-impact, but don’t contain pricey ingredients. Be a frugal gourmet to save money as you feed your guests.


Brides-to-be who follow these smart tips and use their ingenuity to plan a cheaper wedding can reward themselves by choosing the wedding dresses they’ve always dreamed of wearing.